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  1. I thought it was the state that issued visas yaa ditoore osman;) But hey if the state doesnt have the resources do its job why stop the middle on the ground setting up an office and" issuing legal visas" to foreginers.
  2. Cambuulo iyo bun;962798 wrote: several explosions in the capital right now near the airport still going on im skyping with a family member right now who saw the first explosion, this all the information we got for now the media will report within the next hour cambuulo xaa nogu nixinee? meeshaas 2 week kadib aan u socona, mana rabo in lii qarxiyo:D
  3. Naxar Nugaaleed;962520 wrote: never mind, this is completely garbage, they use things like "political terror scale". If they some how thing Syria with all its deaths is better off then Somalia, its obvious bs Naxar, if you had a big bag of millions of dollars and everyone knew it would you be safe walking without guards in Mogadishu? No, of-course not But you could do so in Britain, California and Sweden without being shot or kidnapped. This might be a bad example but it showes the reality in Somalia. We need to smell the fresh coffe. Somalia is a dangerous place and thats bad for the investors. Chimera probably turned out of anger when he saw those statistics, Who on earth would try to invest in one of the worlds dangerous place. Marksman You said it well " (Peace) is also about lasting development of societies and well being of its citizens. No khat addicted warlords are fighting in Somalia nor religious talibans but yet we dont have peace.
  4. (Peace) is also about lasting development of societies and well being of its citizens. 1+
  5. So this is yet again a film that shows how cruel and miserable situation that somalis are in? Yes... It's horrible and shocking. Everyone will should watch the documentary, specially those chat addicted arm-chair debators that leaches on blood and discord amongst Somalis " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
  6. Xaaji Xunjuf;962049 wrote: They are being honest all they need to be honest now about is reconciliation it shows there is huge distrust its shows people cannot share a land or an administration. I mean back in the days they were all singing Somaliya tooso , but it had a weak foundation. The moment you create clan federalism is the moment Somalis will go mad. I think this clan federalism will be another major challenge for Somalida. Even though qurbajoogta are more tribalists than the normal people back home. But still they play a major role in preparing their communities. Xaaji no one is saying that we want a nation built upon lies... meaning that the days of afweyne and his clanist policy is gone. We should be open and discuss the past in order to prepare for the future. The past influences the present, while the present control's the future. That the key saaxib. Reconciliation comes with discussion and justice But Universal TV and other medias have a responsibility. They should wisely choose it's debaters. We dont need a hate propoganda channel, we dont want a horrible version of Rawandas genocide radio. The only guy who made sense in the debate was the light skillenned old man., He posed a question that no one answerd or brotherd to reflect on. He said Kismaaayu with its large forest land can encompasses everyone. He also said that we are arguing over a city that today needs our help and not more war.
  7. Nin-Yaaban;961987 wrote: Walle Somalia u dhamaatay. Nin yaaban, wax hadaan la yaabo waxaan dhaahaa "nin aan yaabin ayaa yaabay". It is truly something to be disgusted by, Seeing grown men calling openly for wars and destruction while their own children are living in comfort in the West. Universal TV has an ethical responsibility to wisely choose it's it's debaters. It is fast becoming a horrible version of Rawanda-1994 radiostation that spreads hate. Whats worse or depressing to see how quickly the hatred from the past comes to the surface. Soomaaliya has long bumpy way to go.
  8. Things are really heating up in the region. Carabta have finally waken up and seen the reality on the ground. We Somalis havenothing in our interest to join some crazy Egyptians in their plan against Ethiopia. Chimera why would we somalis see some benefit in the collapse of Ethiopia? Could you imagine the huge impacts it could have on Somalia? Oromo refugees, Ethiopian weaponry falling in to the hands of the general population in the horn is a recipe for chaos and destruction. Look at what happend in Libya. Khaddafis huge weapon arsenal became available to all crazy jabhado in that region. The whole sahel region is in flames. Weather we like it or not the reality on the ground is that Ethiopia is today some what "stabile" and a power-broker in the horn. Though some like Cafataat would say that Ethiopia is doomed because of the difference ethnicity the reality is what I stated above. Lets trade with them. and rebuild or nation. Lets us give piece a chance. That dam is also in our intrest. Why not see the energy need for Somalia?. Though If i am going to be honest I do have some concern if the xabashida have any plans of diverting the Jubba river as it originates from Ethiopia,. Carab waalan xadda hurdo ka soo kacay maxaa ka rabtiin yaakhay
  9. N.O.R.F;956860 wrote: Somalia should do this and Somalis should do that naga daaya baliis. The Ethiopians are doing well in all aspects of their development and Somalis are fighting over dusty towns instead of coming to an agreement. Somali leaders know their tuulo. Ethiopian leaders attended posh private schools in the west (and have good relations with the west). They are true nationalists and work towards bringing Ethiopia up out of poverty (yes they also brutalise in the process). This is issue won't go away. Egypt will bide it's time but a compromise will be reached. You could not have said it better. Beenta lisku sheegaayo niyada maa lisku dhisaa! Ethiopia is today making a yearly 10% BNP development while somalis are fighting of rusty desert towns with clan vendettas. Even though Ethiopia is a artificial state with a tiny tigray minority it made a peaceful transition when Meles died. What about Somalia then ?, By god it is a state built upon cards with testosterone of the Uganda army
  10. Great news and one that will probably shock the Egyptians! The nile-talks and the conspiracy stories behind it have been going on and on for more then 30 years. But now it seems that the Ethiopians have finally decided to what to do. The Egyptians in their post-mubarak politics are confused and divided. They dont see the serious threat to their livelihood when the Nile will be diverted. As for us Somalis I think that we should see the positive aspects of this divertion. Why not hook up with that electric dam and clear it to Somalia though the kilil 5. Most of the Somalis electricity problems will be solved. Cheap and clean electricity!
  11. xiinfaniin;954101 wrote: That is the strategy forward ... Xiin what happend to the peace bandwagon ?. Never expected that you would say that the doors of dialogue should be shut. Those behind the Jubba project should sit and discuss with the recognized Somali government and find a peaceful solution.
  12. Couldnt we get better candidates? Barre Hiiraale a former warlord and Adan madoobe a former shababist neo-warlord. I have said it before, Why not push forward candidates like Farmaajo and Nurudin Farah (the famous author). Both these men are educated and respected.
  13. And finally Fuad Shangole, THE FRAUDSTER a fake so called Islamic scholar that had his residense in Stockholm, Sweden. He had several times said that certain somali clans are "gaalo" and their killing them is justified. Giving fatwas killing other fellow somalis is gig now, but while residing in Sweden he collected seperate aid from Swedish governemnt but did not tell them that he was married. He did so in order fraud himself more money,. Please good the scandal that Fuad caused in Sweden when a certain newspaper found about the fraud. Now this vicious fraudster and killer is hiding somewhere in Somalia while his own family lives in relativly safety in Stockholm. I wish he could show the samemercy he has for his children then what he shows the Somali children.
  14. And finally, The demon amongst these terrorists, master mind behind the bombing of hotel Shaamow that claimed the lives of 30 somali medical students at their examination day. Abdi Godane has eluded justice for a long time. His vicous killings of somalis and muslims typical for a double agent. Godane
  15. malistar2012;951872 wrote: He is on opportunistic and clannish , Dawladiid who is nothing but a trouble ..... he is becoming a obstacle to the FG That doesnt make you a nabad-diid, galayr is a respected politican that does not roam the street with armed technicals or took part in isbaaros. Lets come up with other names.... Abu Mansur Amriki---- A deranged syrian-american who thought islam was about killing fellow muslims. Infact this terrorist far from Islam. The government has failed to capture him and put him on trial for crimes against somalis, He is a suspect of the Shaamo qarax,
  16. That safferz interview contained many errors safferz. The BBC team will probably correct it. Before SYL, the organisation was called Hamar Youth Club and the chair man was Maxamed Cismaan maayow. The interviewed, the doctor says that the chair man of HYC was Garad Makhtal. I think he made a mistake here, HYC later changed it name to SYL and nationalism spread on to all corners of Somalia, including the british controlled Soomali-Galbeed. Garad Makhtal daahir (alle ha u naxaaristo) was the first to open a office their in jiggjiga and become its chairman...
  17. Thanks Che for reminding us, I actually attended an event honoring this day. It's incredible that nationalistic youth aging 18-30 engaged fascist italians and defeated them----- They attained independence SYL are the beacons of light and proud of Somalism. It had offices/xaafisyo in all somali-parts of geeska Afika, It was active soomali-galbeed northeast and deep south. Ilaahay ha u naxariisto halgamayaashaas.
  18. malistar2012;951855 wrote: cali khaliif galaydh Mali star, come on, Cali Khalif galaydh did not take part in the somali civil war (though he stole money during Siyaads rule and fled to USA). He graps politics and is educated and knows diplomacy. Simply he is BEYZAAANI. He should not be confused with those former SNA colonels or taxi drivers that engaged in the war.
  19. oba hiloowlow;951848 wrote: I agree mowlanaa Khadafi These are my rants, and I think that i spoke the truth lool, oba look at this ghaddafi speach when he says that he will be hanged by the west lool the irony The truth is that everyone joined the bandwagon, all of those mentioned in my original post are criminals and the irony is that we are all falling in the trap again. My warlord is my hero
  20. The weird political rants of Khaddafi The weather in Sweden is moving towards summer times. The cold grip of winter has finally left us. Khaddafi and Oba Jonny B hava all probably chilling out in outer cafe ´s. With swedes looking at us as odd people when we say we need the sunto remind us of Somalia. Who knows, Johhny B has probably been caught while entering a solarium. A swede asked him; why on earth are you entering a solarium when you are black as the night? Their has has also been much change in the air these days. The Somali president in a formal meeting with his European counter-parts. I only believed the blowing and the puffing in the air by some when the great USA formally officially recognized the state of Somalia. That un-deniable fact, that dazed my pessimistic view into a more positive outlook. It probably also gave sanity back to those northerners like Xaaji who thought Why would not Somalia and its people not be able to rebuild their state after so manyyears? So much has changed. The World community has finally realized that peace in Somalia is in their interest. Why would it not be so? Why would not the USA, the Europeans who all rely on oil consumption want skinny pirates capturing saudi oil-tanks, Nearly 80% of the worlds oil-tanks destined for the capitalist driven cars of the gaalo runs through the red-sea of Somalia. The turbulence and the violence and the killing in Somalia in the 90-ties were limited only to Somalis. Blacks killing blacks. Why would they care about that, yet when those skinny violent desperate gunmen captured one of the greatest oil-tanks destined for USA it raised headlines. The cadaan, even our "peace-loving" swedes sent out a force and combined billions of dollars for that operation. The picture got more ugly when we get those blood loving al-shabaab that actually showed mor loyalty to an arab terrorist then to the somalis. These scum and some acording to the islamic theology "takfiris" were defeated. I am from a humble sunni sufi typical to all somalis was horrified by these beasts who defecated even tombs of religious leaders of spread islam in Somalia. Nevertheless the change came Their were some who cheered the late Cabdullaahi Yuusuf (aun) when he entered Mogadishu with tanks from Addis and 8 years later some are cheering the tanks from Kampala. So where are we all heading? Never trust my Khaddafi rants but I do believe that we are heading for a change. But what the Somalis want and what the world l wants are completely two different things. A dazy southern port town raised clan fascists and their heeds for war. The Somali government showed restraint and said reconciliation and dialogue was the way. Oday Xassan Culusuw showed political skillness even though Xiin would not agree with this. Oday Xassan biggest challenge now is that he has to show that his government functions. Oday Cabdullahi (ilaahay u naxariisto) failed to that. His sucessor oday Shariifow the quranic school teacher from Jowhar who had never before seen an airplance was probably happy when he finaly in his lifetime got a change to a fly plane Oday Hassan is diffirent. He is edcuated and hails from those who started to rebuild the somali educational instututions in 195 when warlords were starving and looting property. He is not himself a warlord. The clan system protects its filthiest members. That's the change that awaits oday Xassan Culusuw. If his government is to succeed he need to show that rule of of law is far superior then to nabad-diids. We need saddam-style courts. Xassan Daahir Aweeys (the arch leader of the nabad-diids, the leader of a faction within the al-Shabaab, He is an expert of switching allegiances and using clan as his vehicle for murder. If captured his beard is to be shaved. Abu Mansoor ibnu Fulaan. The man who is suspcted of being the murder of the Shaamo medical students. If captured his beard is to be shaved and his deviant non-islamic deviant wahabist ideology is to be exposed. A skillfull political, he switches his allegiance as he want. Yet he has committed grave atrocities to the bravenese communites of Brawa. He needs to return looted property. Gabbal and Zack, No comment but no kenyan tanks or clan armies gives viable peace or adminstration. More dialogue is needed and more talks. A former Al-shababist and a former warlord are not good candinates for peace. I totally support the creation of adminstration for Jubba-land but these murky leaders makes their credentials low. Why not Farmaajo or even the OG-famous author Nurudin Farah then those two candidates. He hides behind his nomination has a clan-leader. But the state needs to action against those who spread hatred in the name of a clan. Hate propaganda against other clans must be made un-legal. Another vicous self-nominated clan leader. That instead of promoting peace lives himself in a looted house ( I know this for a fact) _________________ The title is changed as requested by Khadaafi, the thread starter.
  21. Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar;949387 wrote: . There were some evictions in Islii, Nayroobi, after some renters painted their flats those monstrous colours without getting permits from the owners. They didn't know it would be extremely hard to repaint it again in mild white/cream, the standard colours. Waa runtaa, I extremely dislike this myself, including the primary colour-painting of the walls as well. That made me laugh maskiin, I think i saw those buildings, it was surely bizarre to see that. I was thinking for myself, who was the genious who thought of these colors? Xaasidnimo mee ka ahayd? Was it on porpuse to make the houses ugly?
  22. Great news indeed nuunow... But what about badda soomaliya ? If the looting of air-space have been stopped I hope the government does the ssame with our beutifull blue waters.
  23. Nin Yaab, let me say this bro, Khamriga or alcohol is never a good thing. Sure it makes you happy, and sometimes biirta makes everyone happy. Xaflad with a touch of whiskey with music banging alout is trempting, laakin brother, I am not going to preach to you,. From a pharmaeceutucal pespective alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs out theire. Becouse of its acidty and fatty-lipd destying mechanisms it is the only drug as enters all cells of the body and then poisons it. The next drug that does this is heroin and nicotine. Some would have said if the knew the effects of alcohol in the society they would have banned you. To aknowlidge a person that he has problem is the first step to a solution. If you had alcohol consumpton and abrubpty stops I could recommend some medeicine for you that totaly free the pains of withdrawal,. 1-First pray to God and ask god sinciersly forgiveness and that he gives you the strenth to stop the consumotion., 2- Go to the doctor and explain your problems.. Ask for medicine that relives anxiety -- suggestion from me would be alprazolam or sobril. 3--- Abstain from friends who consume alcohol. If you not the wadaad type atleast dont drink from monday to friday... saturday sunday jinnigaada la dheel:D
  24. Maah maah umaahay isticmaasho waxaa waaye; "Canjeeri sii ee u kulu horeeyso lee loo kala la cunna
  25. This poor kid is no CIA-agent, He dreamed of a romantacised world of Jihad where he would be white knight fighting the "godless". Instead of doing that, He ended up in a place where God knowes, killing fellow muslims and maiming others. I checked his twitteraccount. The guy sounds delusional . One of his posts are even quite funny, He writes: thank God each time u have a nice hot steamy shower without getting the water from a donkey &boiling it 1st. egypt was my last semi-proper 1 Hours later he is shot in the neck by his fellow comrades in arms. He have become a liability for the godless al-shabaab now, probably becouse of his bizarre rants. The Kebabs made one big mistake, they boosted his ego-filled heart when it was in their intrest to do so a couple years ago.