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  1. Ditoore Kennedy, Your a smart man who sees wisdom in every argument, meaning that your reply posts are not for tit-and tat just for the case of "winning" and argument in a anonymous forum. While your argument sounds reasonable your proposal in tantamount to defeat and a clear message to the racist Zionist movement that it has fulfilled it is message. I love to make complex issues to clear frank easy examples. Imagine Doctor Kennedy that you as Somali, living happily in your nation. European/Russian/Arab jews with solid support driving you out from your homeland. When you are astonished and humiliated you ask them why are you doing this? They answer God told me 3000 years ago that this land was mine. Well if God have them that countrey indeed my God gave Somalia to me. You see how foolish and un-reasonable religous extemists are. A more relevant example is South Africa, the whites before the fall of Apart-Heid proposed to the South Africas Nelson mandela to partion South Africa into African bantunistan lands/white lands. He said bravely why should my land be divided when it was you who came late by the boat. Their is also a religious dimension to the issue, our sayyid, the noble and mercyfull prophet made his journey miraculously from mecka to jerusalem (israa). He sprituality meant all the messenger and then saw the divine (micraaj) the hidden (ghayb) meaning what we are not able to see with our materialistic measurements, That land is holy and must be taken into if future negations happen. The third most holiest site after Medina and Mecka is Al-Aqsa mosque. Your proposal is defeat and un-acceptable. Your proposal is today boomed by the zionists saying that palestinians are arabs, why can not they live among the other 300 million arabs. The only solution to the palestine/Israel conflict is that Israel abandons it's racist-apartheid ideology. One man, one vote, regardless of creed or sex or ethnicity. A israel for all but the zionists know that palestinians are demographically more and will not accept that solution. But believe, we will once see the transformation of Israel into a democratic jewish/arab state. But no defeat. No Sinai or Jordan. Resistance to ockupation and racism is the only solution. Plenty of leftist Israelis and lefist Palestinians see this solution. Only those religous extremists, weather they are from AL-qaeda or extemists jews are a dangeour to peace.
  2. Tallaabo, As I said, I am not intrested in tat for tat. Weather Somaali-land or hebeloo Land thats for a thing for the politcal analysts, but you raised some important issues. 1-The Kacaan government, if I am not mistaken, Silaanyo was a minister under did it. That government engagd in huge infrastructural projects, and they did this of course with the aid/technical support from the Warsaw-pact. That was the geo-political fact that no one can deny. The current geo-political situation is that USA/West is firmly behind the huge mega-dam construction in Ethiopia. The building is of course is not done by illiterate oromo-farmers but technicians from the west/China. Tallaabo, try to think out of the box. But the important question that I raised was since these 22 or something years of civil wars Have you seen a solid somali government/somaliland/puntland, hebelooland undergoing those developments and please do not take as a example of dirt road opening by now-body minister. I was even chocked to see government minister attending the opening a luxurious mall as if it is "true development" Who will buy those luxurious items? I might be mistaken, correct please, I am not expect in Somalilands energy consumption but I do belive that they as all somalis use expensive generators. Not a singe power-station exists. The truth is, weather it is Silaanyo, or Qoslaayo, or Abdi-Wali, They attend a monthly meeting hosted by tigray puppet wolde-mariam. I love to infuse personal stories and experiences into my posts, A friend of mine, a staunch mudug style man (il-jeex) went to mudug. I as a Banaadiri love the guy, we have huge cultural gap between us and that makes our friendship more fun. He visited mudug close to the border areas of Ethiopia with help of a local NGO-group. He came back from Africa two days ago and I picked him up from the airport and we chatted. He told me frankly that he was disgusted by what he saw. He said: "when I as 12 year old boy and grew up in those areas, we would cross the border, their were no "ethiopian"influence. He said 30 years later when I returned to the same area an incident happened. By ignorance an Iljeex- was killed Afweynes people living on the other side of the brorder. The Iljeec contacted Ethiopian authorities in Guri-ceel and some twelve men, innocent or not were rounded up. I dont feel pity for them, But my friend was utterly disguisted In his words he said: "What happend, how can ethiopians (mainly somali paid troops with a tigayran offical) have such an enormous influence in a Somali town. I jokingly said, saaxib, what did you expect when your own president is protected by African troops. 2. Talaabo, once again, no tit-for-that arguement, saaxibkaay, see and ponder about what you wrote. The burst of defending your clan-enclave comes to existence when you make this contradictory statement: Although many school age children do not yet have the right to free education in Somaliland , all the public primary schools are free. A great man once said: If you want to solve a problem, you need to see the problem. 22 years has gone, Instead of criticizing your own leaders, Somaliland/Puntland/Somalia or what ever you immediately puff and buff with clan bursts when I only highlighted the condition of the poor. Weather they are in Hargeysaa or in Mogadishu.! Talaabo while your comfortably sitting in Europe go and tell the shoe-shiner boy in Hargeysaa why he can not afford free education in his town but that he could have done so under the Kacaan government. I am not nostalgic for a brutal military regime that at the end drove us to this viscous civil war but facts always withers downs fiction. Have lost people who think out of the box?
  3. Our brother Libax-Sanka-Taabke showed us a glamours new shopping mall in Hargeisa,in all honesty that shopping mall was extravagant and a delightful view for the sight. Hey! Who wants to see children with popping bellies due malnutrition. The same is with Mogadishu, where the super-rich buy cheap lands and then turn it to the typical somali show off building "I'am rich and I own a horel/restaurant". Retail can never be productive as it only makes the mega-rich richer and poor, poorer. Glowing pictures of buildings does not and will not show the truth that Somaliland/Somalia are in a deep coma. Many would dis-agree with me, but think about these following points: a) Weather Somaliland/Somalia has functioning government regimes are for the political analysts. I am not here to turn this thread into a political tit-for-tat arguements but facts will wither down the fiction. Since 1991 all of the infrastructure that Somalia/Somaliland uses, the roads, the ports were build a solid government that relied upon self-reliance, love it or not, the regime of awweyne greatlt consolidated his efforts to the infrastructure even if mostly of it went to the open yaxaasyo of the regime. 95% of all the current transport roads that puntland/somaliland or other lands use the that infrastructure, built by 1969-1991. Even those hailing from the north, the elite were ministers and benefited. (Note, this is not a thread to defend a dictatorship and a military regime) A great example is that a nation of Somalia, with its many waterfalls does not have a single power station to bring electricity to its population. If those mega-rich-capitalists were interested in the welfare of their respective state weather they are in Mogadishu or in Hargeysa why have we not seen the pay tax?, will we Soomalis be forced to buy electricty from Ethiopians mega-power fall. Geo-politically that would not be a wise decision. b) Free education, what happend it? The former regime with it's socialist fabric (even tough with it's enormous corruption) offered free education to it's population, weather you were jileec or the opposite. Pre-Universaty schools were sent to the roaming nomads to make the literate, Can we today the education in Somaliland/Somalia/Jubaland, are free, are those un-recognized amharic in scripted universities.( for the amharic inscripted somali universaty in Somali please read the following article. target="_blank"> To make the rant more personal one of my most vivid memories that I made to mogadishu a couple of years ago was seeing the state of a mine relatives neighbor. The neighbor had 3 six grown sons and made living on a small "somali style tobaako shop". He reluctantly invited me to a dinner, I turned it down fearing the traditional shaxaat but my relative told me that the man you feared who had saxaad you was actually had a master degree in agriculture. He was not one of those you would expect shaxaat from. I made it to the dinner and met him and his delightfull wife. He was a chatty happy man, after the traditional salams and courtesy my curiosity overcame me. I asked him about the current state of agriculture and to my suprise he snubbed at me and said that "why do you ask me when FGM-seeds" are imported in this god-for saken land. He told me about the desertification and the destruction that the chark-coal industry had on Somalia. The chatty happy mans face turned into anger. He then said why dont you link me one of those ngo's who work with these stuff. I suddenly changed the topic when I understood that this man was not the usal "I am 40 + therefore I am a DITOORE. We have full of them in Somalia, people who in the 1980 used to engage in crime have now strange looking XXL costumes and are adment to be called "Ditoore". The chatty agronomist told me that he had 3 sons and only 1 was studying in Mogadishu University. He even said the standard of education is not what we had (I suppose he meant his kacaan generation) but that was the best he could do. I asked about the 2 other sons, with mumbling tone he said they were buisness men working in the local "tabakaayada". Arrogant as I am, I blame it on my swedish side of culture, I asked why do you not give education to the other kids. My relative interrupted the conversation and steered into politics, anyways it was a a delightful night!. After we left, my relative rudely told me "It is not from our culture ask those questions". Do you know how much it costs to take a child to school/universaty? I said probably something. He answered thousands of dollars. This man who had 3 sons could not afford to take all of his children to school, so he choose one. Reflecting on that I can only imagine how the 2 working brother feel. In summary, as the president of Puntland said in a speech I listened here on SOL, I could only agree with him one thing. He said "Since the 55 years since we took our freedom, it's ironic and astonishing that troops from sierre-leione is coming to our rescue". Let us save us the fiction, one glamorous super-mall will certainly not benefit, the roaming nomad, who has no political education who he is (nationally/etthnically ) and how the dynamics of clanism is the opposite to the countries of Tahriib he desperately wants to live in. I'am not a communist, but the rich-in Somalia/Somaliland are getting richer while the poor and getting poorer. This will have a destructive impact.
  4. (Sorry for the mispelleing this post was written in hasty way) Doctorkennedy I love how you defend our beautiful religion against those whose intentions are evil but sometimes we need a honest debate. Coofle you seem to be astonished how we came here and how far we are from the values of the koran (mercy, kindness and answer to existentialist questions" Please see my previous post in the Islam section regarding Sufism in Islam and how great the influence was then. The xerta (those who were inclined by heart to learn islam) made their own settlements and qaadariya wadaads were only those who roamed the somali peninsula across clans by only reciting their spiritual chain of abtiris (see islamic ijaaza system). Sufism unified the somalis and had its potent force to settle disputes and make a clear distinction between politics and spirituality. The first pam-somali non-clan settlements in Somalia occured in the fertile regions of Somalia and those settlements were made by uwayi-qadari barawi shaykhs. The settlement of Baardheere has today people whose ancestry is from "puntland". If you asked the poor sufi dervices of their clan they would say "xerti fulaan". The Somali nomads had redline to donate food for spritual blessing and health. The Xerta were busy with worshipping Allah and learning the islamic jurisprudence, infact the only intellectual textual records of Somali written history we have today is from Somali sufi shaykhs as Shaykh Uways al Barawi who wrote poetry in praise of the prophet in Somali with arabic letters and the banaadiri Sheekh Cabdirxmaan Suufi, and let us not forget the enermous influence of Sh.Cabdirxman Saylaci whose poetry of love to God and the prophet is still recitred in the Somali peninsuala from raaskambooni to Raas casayr. In summary, the Somali nomad belonged to one of the sufi-sunni daariqas and the wadaads who had no income and were mostly poor lived upon donations (sadaqah) and the poor Somalis would everyday have a free meal in the mosques. The Arabs for example use the mosque only for worship, I dont know if you guys have been to Saudi Arabia or Libya but after the ritual prayers are done the mosques are closed while we somalis have tendency to stay inside and chat. This cultural habit orginates the enemours socio-economical status that the sufi-mosques enjoyed. Another red-line and absolutely forbidden one was to see a wadaad engaging in clan-warfare or even engaging in clan-affairs. Those issues were for the "waranle" warriors and non-religous inclined people (those who didnt live in xer-communities. It's absolutely astonishing that no one has even brought up the enermous influence Sufism had in spreading islam. Shakh Uweys al Barawis poetry and Islam spread to kenya and so far to Malawi. Shaykh Cabdirxman Al-Saylaci spread Islam to the oromos from jigjiga and hargeisa and Harar. For more information please see Professor Said S. Samatar book on sufism in Somalia. The question I am asking myself is: So what happend?. Even if we are seeing a surge in Sufism in Somalia we have witnessed more then 40 years of active -saudi-salafism (wahabism) missionary in Somalia. For the good or the bad, wahabism taught that all those who were not commited to them were non muslims. The petro-dollars from Saudi-Arabia changed dramatically the dynamics of Islam in the somali society. With Wahabism came also the cultural habits of Saudi Arabia. While the wadaads were poor, we today see the opposite. Many of those super-rich in Somalia are from the salafi-wahabi movement. From Salafism arised extreme movements like Shabaab, who today consider everyone to be a infidel if they do not obey them. 40 years of active defaming sufis as (mushriks, deviants, devils) have even alienated some somalis from the sprirituality of Sufism, mainly that the outer apperance is nothing, the inner (worship and faith) is important. It's hypocrisy to discuss the faults of shabaab without discussing the enormous shift in popular Islamic movements and their ideology. I will later post a detailed post with sources regarding the history of popular somali islamic movements and how it has influenced the somali society.
  5. I am totally in shock, Ilaahay ha u naxaariso Ustaada Saado Cali. She was and will allways be an icon for pan-somalism. She always stood up for the good and spoke the truth with her beautiful voice.. Her song 'landkruuser" made the old mad man (Siyaad Barre) more mad and he exiled the poor singer. Saadi Cali became famous for that. She was one of those few somali musicians who dared to stand up against the corruption. Sabar iyo imaan eheladeeda alle ha siiyo. What MMA said is true, a close relative of mine is an official within the FGS and every time someone enters the officials house a search is done upon guests. Their is no trust between fellow friends or relatives. If my memory is not short sighted, It was not long ago when a a former minister was blown up by his OWN NIECE!. Gabar oo adeer laxmi oo u ahaay. Remember that foreign armies can not carry out police-duties and counter-intelligence. The Somali police force is either to old (23 years of civil war) or heavily under equipped and under trained. The Amison mandate , the cash cow for Musoveni and his henchmen do not have the legal UN-mandate to carry out policiary duties. Security lies upon the FGS. Hassan Sheekh & Prime minister needs to man up themselves and do something!.
  6. <cite> @Wiil Cusub said:</cite> Tell both sides view point not warqad tV laga soo taago wax ku qorana aanad ogayn. What's pathetic and a real tragedy is that a somali doctor is denied the ability to treat other somalis while somalis, weather they are in the north/south are deseparate need educated physicians. Another twist to the story is how we add old clan rivalries with false news. Dr Cali Macow identity is known and he hails certaintly not from the O-community. Xaaji said it and he is correct, he is from a lesser known clan within the "Banadiiri" clan-family (note the native "banadiris".
  7. Sometimes when are facing a problem or having doubts in something it's simply more easier to deny the reality on the ground then face life with it's harsh and unfair challenges. Even Hitler´and his close associates chose to deny the un-deniable fact that allied troops, mainly Russians were closing in to Berlin. Despite his delusions of hysteria and mad speaches the reality on the ground ultimately caught up with him. Those close to him slipped out of the bunker in fear for their safety When the odor of the russians finally reached the bunker. Hitler himself found that his wife, Eva Braun was the only person left whom he could perform his charades of hysteria grand delusions. He finally killed himself. Delusions are not limited to Europeans. In 2006-2007 a friend of mine invited me for lunch. He had during the week been hired by a NGO group and was in a celebratory mood. We also wanted to discuss those dramatic events happening in Somalia. The ICU were openly exchanging threats with Ethiopia and the TFG was preparing for the Ethiopian peace-keepers. Clouds of war that Somalia is all to well acquainted with was approaching fast. Their was a newly opened Somali restaurant (ofcourse a black permit) in the neighborhood so we went their. We had a delicious meal but our conversation was disturbed by people hailing "takbiir, allaahu akbar" from a small room near our table. My friend I tried to ignore the noise but we simply could not. I went their to see what the fuss was about, Approximately 20 men were glued to the BBC digital radio in the small fadhi-ku-dirir room. All of a sudden some one broke the news to me. A ICU top-man (I dont remember who it was) said that ICU had declared war on Ethiopia and that they would within 6 months pray Id-prayers in Addis Ababa and so was the beginning of the sickness of grand delusions. Thousands of mogadishu students died in the dusty semy arid plains plans of Daynuunay and sacrificed themselves for the sake of Somalia. But in a bizarre twist to the story the leaders of the ICU disappeared and if I remember it correctly, one of them made Hajj pilgrimage after he had declared war. Yaab! nin aanan yaabin wuxuu dhahay waa yaabay. Instead of prayers in Addis Mogadishu fell in less then a week. More pain was inflicted upon Somalis, years of war and starvation yet the delusions continues and are now more dangerous. Even the players of war became more and more sophisticated. During the 80-90-ties we hid behind the names of different organisations all with the name"somali" in it. (USC, SNU, SNM SNA). What everyone knew but did not want hear was that they were keywords for clanism. Clanism was the pink elephant that you immediately noticed in a small room but to your surprise find everyone else in the room ignoring the elephant. you Then came the 2000, our religion of peace were hijacked by various jihadi organisations. People then rallied behind them, when you would confront one and say: Hang on a minute, did you say Jihad?, Who are you going to wage a jihad on,? Fellow muslims? The supporter would simply look at the sky as if doing so would make him invisible. Yaaab! once again, nin aanan yaabin wuu yaabay! The delusion of today must be the word and mantra federalism & maamul goboleed. It has entered every corner of our society. From the addicted khat eater and chain smooking Faarax with the bulging eyes to the single mother Xaliimo, what they have in common is repeating the mantra of federalism and maamul goboleed. As if federalism was the magic fix to Soomalia. What seems to be trendy today is the creation of bizarre maamul goboleedyo with toung twisting names as Mid-land &Azania. The 20+ war&chaos that we have experienced have made us in to chaotic orchs. No one wants to face the reality and smell the coffe. I remember 1,5 years ago that another mamuul goboleed was created with name Azania, a friend of mine told me that a reporter In Nayroobi asked Prof. Ghandi why he chose the name "Azania" as the letter "Z" does not exist in the Somali alphabet. Prof Ghandhi simply answered in a abrupt but honest way that he did not think that "z". in the name would be problematic. I wonder why no one pointedly addressed this issue to Prof. Ghandi during the conferance in Nayroobi. The trend with Heblayo-land and it's tongue twisting names continues while people are dying out of starvation. Men with delusional thoughts meet in dim rooms and proclaim clan-states on the internet while the reality on the ground is completely different. While we yesterday hid behind the names acronyms of organisations like U-Somali-C Somali NM and Somali-SSDF Somali-NU we now have the toung twisting lands. I wonder how much has really changed from those old days. Not much I guess but thats for you all to discuss.
  8. I dont know why some people seem to be "chocked" hearing that someone has become a gaal. We somalis have allways had gaalos in our community and even atheist communists. But Allah tell's us a beutifull verse in the Quran. Allah says "antomol fuqara, wa huwal ghaniyul xamid". (it is you who are poor and he is the one who sustains. Acording to Mufasarinta: This means that it is we (humans) who need god, not vica verse, Marka gabadhaan iyada ayaa Ilaahay u baahan. Ilaahayna ha so hanuuniyo. Remember that even during the time of the sayidka, nabigeena muxammad scw we had non-belivers and hypocties. So let' just pray for gabadhan.
  9. Blackflash;992202 wrote: That looks more like an M14 rifle than a Kalashnikov. Black-flash, oh well you get the message:D
  10. The fruits of 20 years of ockupation is coming to an end. What Al-shabaab taught the locals is to arm themselves and not accept clan-ockupation. Wakhtigii dadka baraawe iyo marka iyo baardheere dagan biyaha laga gadaayay wey dhamaatay. Every somali is welcome to live in shabelle regions but not with force and clan supremacy. As sooner the brothers from "goboloda dhexe" understands this, the better it is. During 2000, from Gaalkacayo to Kismaayo, nothing seemed to stop the orchs, but I guess that they have understood that numbers do mater. They are, after all a minority in the south. The FGS should stop clan warfare then fanning it. The locals of the south should be supported rather then thoose who want to cling on to xaaran-property.
  11. That rifle liberated many colonies from the hands of imperialism, in other words, the kalash balanced the art of war, the poor african could easily the former superior technology of the west. The Kalash is a magnificent invention, you could bury it and fire it without a problem 10 years later. A picture tells more then a thousands words Below is a viatnamese female FNL soldier holding the gun to a 2 meter tall american soldier.
  12. The struggle of the classes and how capital rules the life of many is allways relevant. I do not agree with him in his materialistic assertion on religion. The guy influenced me in his explanation why some are opressed and some not. I
  13. The Latin alphabet is good and international. We have to remember that Somalia was very poor during the 70-ties when it adopted the latin alphabet, if they would have taken the arabic alphabet think about the how many new "arab" keyboard type writes they would be forced to buy. The Somali linguists had good to reasons to why they did not the Arab alphabet
  14. What ever he was, He was a man of opinion. During his time, the rule of law meant that white people were superior to the blacks. This was even the norm in Europe. The man refused to abide the norms and begun a revolutionary struggle. For all of you here in SOL picking on Madiba should ask yourselves what you would have doe if you were a young blackman in South-Africa during the 1950-60. Would you follow norms and live a quite life or would you begin a revolutionary struggle that would put you in prison for 25 years. Even I disagree with Madiba on many things (who does rally agree 100% of things), He will always be my hero, and AFRICAN HERO! The black man who broke and destroyed the regime of apartheid. Noolow Madiba!
  15. This is an upright biliqo of houses belonging to the banaidiri-community and the d-block who fled from Mogadishu. Who is Tarzan to legitimize un-lawful take-over over houses beongning to those who fled from the civil war. Why does not he instead call for the ******** to return the the looted houses to it's rightful owners. Taarzan needs to go and needs to do it quickly.
  16. Saferz you wrote a interesting essay., I see that nation state has no "muqadissnimo" for you as you chop it down in your marxist analysis, a good thing though is that your not ruled by "dogmas". I have to commend for that. As for the thread I do believe that "somali-ness" is a religious-ethnic identity. Why on earth should we abandon or dismantle one of the most precious things that our parents gave us--- mainly IDENTITY. Even the Xaaji Xunjuf, the afro-hashemite does not deny somali-ness. As for politics, that's another topic, Somalia as a nation state was not invented, remember that Somalis existed before the arrival of the whites. History did not begin when the whites came or when the whites gave us our hard fought freedom, therefore per logic "Somalia" was not invented. The same could be said about Britain, the days when queens and kings ruled in Britain can not be compared to these days when men/women from working class are shaping the countries future. Does this mean that Britain became invented? We needs to read Edward Said We have yet freed ourselves from the chains of orientalism. Anyways that's what I could muster to refute! Ogowna waad iga xanaaqsiisid. Soomaliya xaaladeeda waad u jeeda, soomalinimadana hadaa CHOP CHOP la gareeya maxaa soo haray lol! But I do agree with you on one thing, Somalia is a nation mixed in it's different life-styles, Orientalists as I. Lewis have contributed to the false idea of Somalis only compromising of pastoral nomads. Their is unique mixture of a sedimentary-pastoral life style in southern Somalia. The cultural exchange and influence between these very different lifestyles has given Somalis a unique culture. Maybe we need further information how these inter-cultural influence is making itself present today`? The Only Somali intellectual that has smashed this false history must be the savannah based Professor Mukhtar Omar Mukhtar. His influence is being felt today and I belive many more will understand him in the future.
  17. SomaliPhilosopher;926485 wrote: Being "nomads" is something we take great pride in as Somalis. Though it appears it is a lifestyle and culture that is slowly coming to an end as we emulate this "reer magaal" lifestyle. Perhaps it is in Somalia's best interest to reinstate this nomadic culture as it is an integral part of the Somali identity. I am hereby proposing a national service program geared towards requiring city dwellers to serve 1-2 as a true Nomad. The participant shall be provided with a geel and sent to a certain region, very similar to the national service teaching program. One of the outcomes of this program is to eliminate this social stratification of "reer magaal" and "reer miyi" and place people on a similar social status. Thoughts? Additions? Criticisms? Please share Somali Philsopher, you made an intresting point but I think we need the opposite!. In order to have a nation-state we we need is more urbanization and class-awareness rather then the opposite "tribal-awareness". Nomadic culture nourishes tribalism because of the harsh life-style and lack of resources. Kinship in its form of a clanism becomes the absolute dogma of survival. I dont see the point of returning to that yaa Faylusuufi. Let's be urbanized and sedimentary, by doing so the natural process of class-identity will triumph of Clanism, Marx is right on this despite being wrong on many other things. Let's have the opposite of a 2 years program of urbanization, during the socialist policy of Siyaad Barre, he introduced farmers from Soomali-Galbeed to the somali-bravaneese community. Many of the nomads who fled from the great famine of 1974 became successful fishermen and abonded the tribal mentality of the social fabric in the society. The urbanised community intermarried with the local population and still to this day live their.
  18. Wadani;987948 wrote: If you don't want us to condemn Arabs, Wadani, simply because of I do not believe in racist remarks towards an entire race. The only reason that I posted it was to highlight the plight of those workers. Nothing wrong condemning the gross human right abuses towards those people but not everyone in the gulf is evil. I think you understand my point Wadani.
  19. Khadafi

    Somali Bantu

    Cadale;987966 wrote: Adigana your not an ethnic somali go back to cumaan inaar. J/k LOL cadale, I suppose you prepared the boat? Buraha itoobiya markaad adi ku noqotid aan doonta qaadana
  20. SomaliPhilosopher;987814 wrote: I hope there are more psychologist than physicists
  21. Khadafi

    Somali Bantu

    Ridwaan;987943 wrote: No offense to anyone when I say this, I speak from lack of knowledge in Somali clans, but what is a bantu? They don't look like the average Somali. I don't mind having diversity in the horn. They seem quite interesting. The Somali Bantu are Somalis with a history in Somalia. They are hard workers and their region is the bread basket of Somalia. This is not directed towards you Ridwaan but this thread has seen a scene of xenophobia and racism that's horrible. I wonder how we Somalis in the west who face discrimination everyday can have the audacity to be xenophobic.
  22. I never claimed that people are forbidden to pray at the mosque. And no, Saudi Arabia is not based on anything; just because someone is claiming it, doesn't make it true. Saudi Arabia deserves to be criticized as do all the other countries I've mentioned. just because someone is claiming it, doesn't make it true. Saudi Arabia deserves to be criticized as do all the other countries I've mentioned. Ditoore, Your man of ideal's and I love that but sometimes you need to smell the fresh coffee of realism. I have always loved ideals but sometimes they don't add up to reality. What I am trying to say ditoore is that islamic ideals with justice and piety is always good and ever lasting ideals but man is always doomed to fail by his temptations. It's a catchy phrase to say that Islam is the solution but when you ask that person further questions like "what do you exactly mean by that statement?, the answer becomes subjective, meaning that you can understand it in the way you want For a example, a Turkish AKP-supporter would probably also say your cathcy phrase but his way of understanding it, is far from Al-qaedas, or Taliban, or even the muslim brotherhood. outlook on the phrase. The turkish AKP islamists are far far away from the islamists of Al-shabaab. Do you see my point? Regarding Saudia Arabia, the only reason that I mentioned it was to make you understand how easy it is to use the beautiful name of Islam in order to boost up your credentials or even your politics. Did you know that Morrocos kings formal title is "Amiirul Mu'minin" (Commander of the Belivers). He legitimizes his rule by his claim by the formal "bayca" that take place in Morocco every year. You would probably object to his claims. Islaam, and faith in Allah is far above from the dirty realms of politics but it's ideals of justice and piety is everlasting. I have a firm belief that it is these ideals that will be a solution to our problems. So where do I stand in these issues? Well to begin with as I have said I have firm belif that the ideals of Islam is always needed in our society. We are lacking in education but we have a few countries that are a role model. Malaysia is a muslim countrey and are dynamic well functioning society. They were in the league of Africa in the 1960 but are now a high tech countrey that could be compared to the US or Europe. Let's find their recipe and how they did it. And Sheikh Qaradawi gave the answer. It's because of laziness and ineptitude, and because they turned away from their religion. I agree with you on this point, maybe we have failed the religious obligation to seek knowledge? I'am not an expert to say why arabs or even africans in general are in stagnation but quick answers would be apologetical factors like colonialism?. But so many years has gone since we attained our freedom, we cant simply always blame colonialism. And Egypt was not even 30% perfect during the time of Nasser and Sadat. Their countries were still poor, they still never produced anything, and they were whipped by the Israelis in several wars. They had nothing to boast about, and the reason why you may think this is because Nasser was a charismatic leader. But charisma doesn't mean results. And he got no results Your 100% correct, he failed in a sense regarding Israel but have you forgotten the suez crisis and how he managed to fight back imperialist aspirations? Another thing historically is that FNL in Algeria successfully one the war in 1963 at the cost of 2 millions dead Algerians. Nasser's anti-imperialist support and rhetoric was needed to ignite the Algerians, remember that France thought that Algeria was not a colony because of the 2 million french settlers. to sum it up, What I meant to say that Egypt's cultural influence is minimal in comparison to the 70-ties. I know you agree with me and Haatu here I probably agree with you in most issues but Haatu is another story. But this is so seriously off-topic. This is way too off-topic I agree but hey that is a discussion forum, marka ha la hadlo
  23. I firmly believe that the reason why the Egyptians and the rest of the Arabs are in the state they're because they turned away from their religion and they sought to establish secular states, burying Islam so as to make it irrelevant. You've seen them establish their secular political parties (such as the infamous Ba'ath Party of Iraq and Syria) and look at what these policies have achieved in the region! Nothing but instability, poor economic performance, wars and the like. . Ditoore, I dont know if you have ever been to Egypt but nobody forbids you to pray in the mosque, Though if your trying to get power, weather your an islamist, secular or communist whats certain that you will rot in some prison cell. If Sheikhs were the answer then Saudia Arabia would be answer right? The constitution of Saudia Arabia is as they say 100% based upon Sharia. Just as your video of Qaradawi, I do agree with him that we have not seen even a needle being produced by the gulf. Nassers Egypt was not 100% perfect but during his time the arabs could draw some inspiration from it. They (Egyptians) have gone from inspiration to zero influence. Remember that Egypt is the bread basket and cultural capital of the arab World.
  24. I was not chocked to see this, these horrible human rights violations do happen everywhere in the world, from the west to the east, but what's horrible is that a high ranking crown prince is directly involved in torture, and please. I wonder how these arabs are going to be when the oil runs dry. Another thing that struck me was that I was reminded of the investment-frenzy (DUBAAY) that struck the somalis in 2003-2006. Somali families were jumping on the plane and buying houses in Dubai. I dont know, but guessing by that video, an individual does not have so much legal rights in that countrey or less human rights. One thing is sure, I would not buy a house their. PS Please, No Violent racist remarks against carabtaani iThousands of Somalis do work and live in the Khaliij and sent very needed remittance money to their relatives in Soomaliya.