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  1. <cite> @galbeedi said:</cite> Like newspapers, some Sheekhs are manufacturing news to get more audience. The problem is no one will confront the Sheikh about ant thing they say. We all afraid " in ay xerada Islaamka Inaga Saaraan, Ilayn Awood ayey u Leeyihiine" Galbeedi, your right on this. This statement or "muxadaro" was done by a well known Somali cleric who is invited to religious conferences around the globe. He is also rich, during the middle 90-ties this man poor and now he is one of those rich wadaads you find in Nayroobi. I am not jealous but serious questions needs to be answerd when you see a man from the rags to the riches. As the reporter Abdul-Hafid said, his words will have a huge impact on on the Somali society. What I am asking my self is : why did not those 200+ attenders raise a critical or the simple question "dear shaykh, we are living in the UK, could you give us the address to the institute where 700 girls with HIV are treated!" To be honest galbeedi, I would not have the guts do raise that question because of what you mentioned. Since the out break of the civil war and the collapse of the academical "foundations" of Somalis its understandable that Somalis rely on "wadaads" or on our respected culomo, our culture teaches that. Culumo were those who did not indulge in tribal wars, they were the peacemakers who had a free-passport to freely roam in the somali peninsula between different feuding tribes. A tribe that was hostile to a tribe that the wadaad originated from would not be hurt. He would even be allowed to live their and open a "dugsi". Thats gone now, politicized Islam, aka Khomeneni style wadaads are the new warlords. This raises important questions really. What happened? Who did the peacefull wadaad, known by teaching the joyfull message of Allah and his prophet scw become the one with the gun and murdering people in the name of Allah and claiming power in his name?. I decided not to post the video of the muxadaro where the wadaad says girls with HIV but since it is a public recorded muxaadaro I will post here in SOL. For those who have diseases in their heart and become happy when they get the chance to bash religion are not welcome. Let's have a honest discussion. See the full muxaadaro with the comments by the reporter Abdul Hafid
  2. Sometime, news frenzy people like to know the local "buzz" or the warka by simply going to the local cafés. That's the somali way of getting gruesome "tabloid like" news. A a couple of months ago the buzz on every lip was "JUBBA JUBBA JUBBA". The Xalimos while preparing food were saying to each other "haye ma maqashay warka, JUBBA JUBBA JUBBA". The men were discussing it everywhere. Thats simply our habit. When we meet each other the local habit/costume of greeting is " iskaa WARan-an". (talk to me). Ponder about it, a a somali saying to another somali "talk about yourself", this schizophrenic phrase is what makes us wonderful and a very social group. I went to the local cafeteria in town and heard the latest buzz. While sitting with a friends, a friend with the nick name "bizarro" and who has a bad habit by saying bizarre news told us bluntly "700 girls are locked up somewhere in a institution in UK because of Aids". The fadhi-ku-dirir became silent and our ears and eyes turned to him. While some of us are trying to outsmart each other by talking about "sophisticated" topics like "peak oil and somalia" Mr bizarro gets the spotlight by droppings news that makes you choke on the local pastry! Reason comes after the shock. I asked to him "what are you saying". He replied back and said that a famous somali shaykh went to the UK and saw 700 girls between the age 14-19 in treatment for Aids. (I will not mention names) and that the shaykh has said this in a sermon-khutba Dhagawayne (big ears) known to us by dismissing facts quickly replied "war ma waalantahay! How can 700 be in the same hospital/institution for a single common disease, when did UK practise segregation of racial lines, and why would they be in a hospital when anti-viral drugs are free in the UK?. Mr bizarro looked to his left and right and answered " I dont know, I only come with the news" That was the buzz I heard. I later made some searches on the internet and found what Bizarro had known a week before. The brilliant Universal tv-reporter Abdi-Hafid asked UK's NHS about the institution and they dismissed the idea and said they they did now a hospital caring for 700 Somali girls with AIDS. In-conclusion, it's good to have an awareness about deadly diseases and as far as I know, Somalis are not immune to this disease but whats acceptable and whats not? We all add something to our speeches to make the message and point heard understood. The truth exposes something and not even the culumo are immune from this. By the way, I forgot to mention what dhagawayne said to Mr Bizarro before we left the cafeteria He said "what compelled the shaykh to see 700 teenage girls, what about the boys, for every girl their should statistically be boys, this HIV-AIDS is not limited to women". Bizarro simply replied back: "War ani miyaa iga shakisantahay in aan qabo cudurkaasi"
  3. Culture is not static, it's ever changing and we are today living in a globalized world, Bashir Goth is not a colonialist "lover" but he thinks that he is some kind of a cultural vanguard of what somali culture is and whats alien. Thats wrong. His nostalgic view about the dress of somali women as wearing dirac instead of the jilbaab (black shroud) as he calls it is a bit wrong. Most somali women in the liberal west choose to wear it by their free choice BUT lets talk a about the MEN. Look at the picture of the men. A guy is wearing a saudi arabian dress with the cigaal and everything. Why has he not mentioned him in his critique?. What has forced a guy to dress upp like Saudi prince when saudi-arabia is one of those countries who torture and "tatxiilo" somalis. Why take the dress of your opressor?. But I don't blame him, if the guy like the beduin najdi arabic clothing thats his choice. Ditoore kennedy. Your very quick to label people as secularists (some are indeed) but be more vigilant towards people who use religion as tool to gain power and oppress people. I have said before. The most dangerous people are those "wadaadnimada iska dhig" and who know nothing about Islam and use it to kill other Muslims. Bashir Goth has by the written a lot good articles defending Islam against vicious attacks from islamo-phobic racists in the west and from AL-QAEDA-ISIS takfirists. I respect him for that.
  4. Is the USA still the land of dreams as it were in the 1950-1970 or is it a nation crumbling within becouse of the debt and inequality, I would say that the truth is within the middle. Even if the USA is heading towards another meltdown that will seriously damage the social fabric of the society, it is still the nation where a half black/white man, with roots from Kenya and Indonesia and with a muslim name could get elected and have a nice nap in the White-House. Same story does not easily happen in other parts of the world. But one thing is un-deniable: The middle-class (mostly white) is today vanishing in the USA. What happens next is big qustion but one thing is for sure, the whites in America have seen how vulnerable they are. Enjoy the below linked documentary.
  5. We have a long way to go, what a honest based article. It's good that the diaspora is going to Somalia but as the article said taxi-firms and dry-cleaners -buisness created by the diaspora for the diaspora is not benefical to anyone. With no tax and electricity what can you do?
  6. <cite> @galbeedi said:</cite> l. Khadafi, the expectations of our generation is law. Although the military government has done a lot in terms of education, military strength , culture and social issue, that era could be probably considered the age of innocence. People gave the ruling class every support they demanded, during peace and war. In early and middle seventies progress was heavy and quick, but do not forget the civilian government of the sixties put down the foundations of the most of government initiatives. THe Kacaan had a lot of good will from the people. As soon as they took over there was euphoria and support for a change. They rode that support long enough to achieve some meaningful gains, but eventually, they not only abused the trust, but also , destroyed the system from within. By early 1982, greed, corruption, nepotism and others were gaining momentum. I remember in 1983 when I went to Halane training school, there wasn't any organizational structure in the school to train and teach those high school graduates. There wasn't even a military uniform to fit our sizes. We were told to go inside a room full of old uniforms wore by former cadets. We went inside and sifted through few pants until you find one that fits you. An organized state would have atleast made a uniform for it's cadets. Unqualified people were populating government ministries. The Somali shilling was declining , inflation was rampant. From 1981- 1988, Somalia received $2.billion dollars of debt and aid from the outside world. Most of that money went down the drain. Having said that the biggest difference between today's generation and the one between 1960- 1980, was, the expectation was greeter. While there were poverty and meagre resources, they grew up like first class citizen of a nation rising. They were self confident with their culture and way of life. They didn't fear no one, including their neighbors, in fact Somalis of that era were feared by their neighbors. They were sending officers to Africa to train liberation movements. Few years ago I was talking to a co-worker who was from Zimbabwe. He probably wasn't familiar with Somalis and their background. As we chatted, one day, he came to me and said, " Are you guys in some kind of exile like us which kept kept you guys from going back home, or how long this war is going on?. Well It was difficult to explain that we went through the overthrow the dictatorship, the collapse of the state, the Warlords, the Maxakamad, Al-shabaab and so on. The one thing I told him was that ," we may look to him as disorganized refugees who are scattered all over the place, but, in the seventies, we were those who liberated you from the White Rhodesian colonialism of Ian Smith, I sang the famous liberation song that we even composed for their sake. Ian Smith Ma muuqdeen, Rodisia ma ma maageen hadan midig la siinin Bortaqiis ma miidheen mana uu malaysteen Mozambique Angoola midiyihi qarsoonaa, Gini lagu miraayey south Africa ma mamoogin, Africay ismaqalo midam gumaysi diida. Traditionally Somalis and Africans in general do not build things. They think government means ministries and militaries and propaganda. Go figure how many hospitals , roads or water wells has Somaliland built for the last twenty years. Most of money is spent to look good and mislead. even in Somalia of seventies and eighties everything was built by others . stadio mogadishu, the national theatre, the universities some of the schools and all roads were built by others. How about the current government. THey put sophas in the palace, but didn't build one clinic or dag a water well any where. All the money will go to travels , hotels and crooks. While security and military is important, why not at least allocate few dollars for the poor. Khadaafi you right all we see is high rising buildings in Mogadishu. Probably on stolen money. Finally, the big difference was " waxaa lagu qanacsanaa dalka iyo waxa yaalla". People were told to be proud although they may have had nothing. You could have not said it better +1. It was not a golden age. I dislike nostalgism, it does not benefit anyone looking back. We should instead look forward and compare ourselves as DoctorKenney said with nations like Malaysia and Chile but sometimes we need a small dose medicine against the mass-psychosis that we are suffering from. Realism and hope is a recipe for success while denial and blatant fiction is failure. What I am saying is with all honesty is that for the 20+ years that we had Somaliland/Puntaland/Southern Somalia and the list goes on on, the newborn controversial baby Jubbaland. The basic infrastructure, the roads, the hospitals, the airports etc were all built by afweynes government. Doctorkenney was quick to point out that China and the eastern block gave us hand, yes thats true but what about those thousands of students that were sent to the bush to teach the nomads to read?. What about free general education? What about the campaigns against the desertfication of Somalia? Doctorkenney, No one is saying that it was golden age but for a nation to reach literacy rate of 80% in a few years and to introduce a new alphabet and implement it is a huge success, the foregin embassies were functioning and we were a nation among other fee the nations with functioning embassies. All of these campaigns were waged under a deep self-confident nation that had a conscious of a nation. Thousands of students were sent abroad and one of those who benefited is Ditoresa Hawa Abdi, a mother and a gyncologist. Thousands of Somali women benefited from her education. Galbeedi, I am deeply sorry, I guess you were one of those generations that were ready to serve the nation but only found chaos at the end of your maturity. DoctorKennney, How can a nation gain wealth while the basic necessities of life does not exist. No free education or general health campaign or even basic guidelines. No electricity. Let's face it. With Sierre-Leione and Uganda coming to our rescue were are the bottom of a list that we only are in. Ethiopia, a poor nation, with 80 millions mouths to feed has government with guidelines and are today building a major power plant. The political economical guidelines are their. The Capital flowing in from Somalia made it before to Nayroobi and not to Somalia. Your dreaming when your saying that "private funds" are much better then government ones? The basic guide-lines of a state economy is that efficancy is gainted when state-government built schools/docks etc are their to compete with private ones?. But your speaking as if Somalia is country that has these basic institutions that can compete with your fictional "private funds/schools". What schools are these when 80% of the somali population does not have financial means to go to school and 70% of them is suffering from malnutrition. Your equation work if a state with functioning institutions were in place, or do you expect the millionaire dollar that got rich from chark-coal dealer to open schools? Yaab! Go and buy a ticket to Somalia and see the reality. Wallahi you will be shocked. In conclusion fiction and big sophas will not change the reality on the ground. Once the Al-shabaab are finished, then what? Federalism based upon clan-states that never had borders before? We saw the pre-movie of is-qabsiga in Kismaayu and that movie has not ended.
  7. Runta iyo xaqiiqada aan isku sheegno, Godane was unknown mad extremist, his death will be anonymous as his identity was. What about Xasan Daahir Aweys? Why not try him in a military court? The legitimacy FGS depends on that. If that old shrewd man can escape justice by hiding behind his clan then so can other. The cycle continues and we are back at the day of warlordism. Celebrating the death of Godane while Hassan Dahir aweys even after in custody remains an extremist (according to anonymous sources) is a disgrace to our intellect.
  8. I said it another thread, the word does not exist in ancient islamic jurisprudence and it's currently being used by the gaalada as a way to extinguish Allah's light but they will fail as god promised. The sublime Prophet pbuh said in a famous hadith: "Their will come a group of nation, when you see their prayers you will think that your prayers are void, when they read the quran you will think that your quran is void and bad, but these people will go out from the fold of islam as a arrow goes out from its bow". Many of the early Culumada said that this hadith indicated the khariji-takfiri tendency. But Miskiinow, Why blame the kurds? Would you love former-ba'thi sunni-arabs who used mustard gas against you and named the military offensive as "anfal" after the sura anfal during the days of Saddam Husseyn. A kurd once told me in the mosque that he feels deeps sympathy for the chemical attack against the syrian arabs but he asked my that those killed by Bashar were 300-900, Saddam Husseyn wiped out the entire village of Halabja ( waa magaaladi oo ka soo jeedo sheekhi barzanjiga oo Soomaliya kitaabkiisa siirada nabiga khamiis walbo masaajidada lagu aqriyo). It was a village known for it's islamic conservatism. Women and children, everybody were killed. After the downfall of the sunni-arab elite a shadowly sunni-arab guy comes and proclaims a caliphate and himself as a caliphate and demands the ancient "oath of alllegiance" from kurds. Waa yaab. Ummada Islaamka jahwareer ayaa ku dhacay.
  9. <cite> @DoctorKenney said:</cite> Khadafi, when I say "Islamic State", my ideal version of one was the society of Umar bin Khattab, and the Caliphate which he governed. And the subsequent governments weren't perfect (the Ummayyads, Abbasids, Ottomans) but the Muslim world went through tremendous development, while the society was strongly Islamic. You can't pretend this is a myth. This is history saaxib. I really suggest you read Will Durant's book about the Story of Civilization and he even describes how superb the Islamic State was during the Middle Ages. Erdogan knows he's dealing with an extremely secular State, and he knows that half of the country is very secular. So he's limited in his actions. He's smart because he knows if he pushes too far, it might backfire on him. But he's slowly pushing his country in a more Islamic direction, and this has been going on for over a decade. We have to be realistic here, but the establishment of an Islamic State is something that's on the minds of many Muslims. And that's not something you should run away from, but you should embrace this. Here we go again. The fancy word is back but without definition and clarification. Instead of going forward your looking back at an ideal society. Sayyadina Cumar had karamas and reached a point in God eyes that he actually made a known Karama. But he too was killed and so was god promise fulfilled. But you ducked away from my question as if realism shocks you. Your princly boy Erdogan is currently waging a war on Fethullah Gulen for being an "islamic extremist" and Turkey is in Nato and the only muslim countrey where licker/alcohol stores are open freely even in Ramadan. So who is it going to be ditoore, Khamenei/Erdogan with the licker stores or why not Mullah Omar? Notice that no african is mentioned despite that Sayyadina Cisman iyo Ruqqiya Bintu Rasoolilah was actually amongst blacks in the first hijra. If all above options does not fit you well that no-body who proclaimed himself khalifa (unknown arabs choosing an arab) Abu-Bakr baghdadi might be starter for you. He claims to have an islamic state. Try s Mirqaanka ka soo kac,
  10. <cite> @DoctorKenney said:</cite> What we're looking for saaxib, is EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, not EQUAL RESULTS.. Agree with you on that but tell that to the black singe mom female cleaner with 3 kids to feed and how she with 16 hours working shifts five days a week will be able to afford higher education for her children. Higher education needs capital ama DOOLAR. Equal opportunity comes when those three children have the same opportunities to higher education. I do not know why But thats not a problem for a texas oil tycoon right? The statistic of 1% owning 90% is correct and valid. You even said so, ofcourse it will be the rich who owns the stockmarket. Why should the single mom even bother to look at wallstreet when she has 0 money before her salary. A person who works 16 hours and then has 0 money when the rent and food and etc are paid do not create and innovate wealth. They only join the system become the rat in the circle. Exactly as Marx said. Your argument "oh please do not use the race-card" is flawed. It's only 100 years ago when blacks were classified as property and when they were freed structural racism stopped them from accumulating wealth. Only after the 60-70 did they gain their fully rights. 50 years is a short time for a people with 0 wealth. Jews were classified as whites. They took "american names" and then became white people sectarian people, meaning that a jew helps a fellow jew, ilbaabka ey isku furaan. Thats something we agree upon but they are not a example to used to make your argument valid. Buufiska aad Marx ka qabtid ma ogi, might it be that you have a watched to much of crazy Adnan Oktar (Mustafa kemal loving crazy turk who thinks he is somekind of a messiah) movies? Maah maah ayaa jirto, GAALKA GARTIISA SII, classes in society does exists. Thats my point nothing else. I am not talking about state collectivization ONLY that different classes do exist.
  11. <cite> @DoctorKenney said:</cite> Khadafi, I hate Al Shabab more than you can imagine. I've said it before on this forum numerous times. And I agree that the term "Islamist" is outright silly and redundant. It doesn't really mean anything, and is a made-up term by the media and Western policymakers. But there has always been a difference of opinion in Islam. Even during the days of the Caliphate, you had differences of opinion between the earliest generations of Muslims. Scholars have engaged in dialogue with each other, as well as with Christians and Jews for centuries, and this is nothing new in our history. We've been doing this for centuries. Men such as Ahmed Godane and Mullah Omar go against the very spirit of our religion, and are autocratic Rulers who use the name of the religion for their own personal ambitions. But what we all can agree on, is that we should strive towards the establishment of an Islamic government, and to spread Islamic ideals throughout the world. Today you have groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, and within their ranks you have differences of opinion as well as differences in methodology. The least we can do is to leave our differences of opinion in our private lives. But when we engage the public, then we should strive to use Islamic principles as well as the principles of dialogue and compromise to govern the country. We even have a term for that in Islam and it's called Shura . The earliest generations of Muslims used it, as well as the subsequent Caliphs. And for hundreds of years, when we Muslims stuck to our principles, the Muslim World was at the forefront of the globe. Muslims in Somalia today should work on building their communities from the ground-up, infusing the communities with Islamic values and principles. Actions such as being a pious individual, standing against corruption, setting up charities and educating the people can go a long way. Muslims in Sudan and Nigeria and Pakistan can do the same thing, and then we can all slowly begin to create Islamic-style governments, which rule according to Islamic principles. When that happens, then we can start talking about establishing a common union between the many different Muslim nations, and by the Grace of Allah, it will eventually start coalescing into a Caliphate. This is a process which can take centuries, but we need to get the building blocks moving TODAY so that our great-grandchildren can reap the benefits of our actions today. Ditoore. I am happy to see that your far away from that murderous cult in Somalia but you still somehow need to smell the coffee of realism. In one of your thread you praise Erdogan yet you do not ask the foundation and the conditions that made him appear. Mustafa Kemal, like it or not, for those who love to romanticize and flirt with ottomans. Istanbul was captured by the british and the sultan and so called "caliph" of islam were technically puppets under the british/french/greeks. When the anatolian turks rebelled, the british forced the offical shaykhul Islam, meaning the mufti to utter a fatwa forbidding rebellion and the caliph himself said to his subjects not to take arms against the british/greeks/armenians. Mustafa Kemal and his assembly refused and with blood they became the only non-colonized Muslim nation. (Saudi-Arabia was allready a british puppet state). Without that war, those adaanka in Istanbul could today have been church bells. Mustafa Kemal was an extremist and I condemn his non-islamic actions but who can blame him for introducing the latin alphabet?. When he was a young corporal he saw the deceit of the arabs and that probably gave him cuqdad. 80 years of modernist thought and thinking made Turkey today what it is. A nation-state that functions. Shaheed.Sheekh Ramadan Saciid Bouti, a well known Islamic scholar, who was ironically blown up by fellow "muslims" while he was giving quranic tafsir in the famous ummayad mosque in damascus famously said that the muslim brotherhood was one of the dangerous "modernists" we had in our midst. Orthdox Islam is about worshipping God and preparing for the afterlife and making islam a unifying factor in society not a dividing one. The muslim-brotherhood with all it's fancy words are a bunch of people with radical different agenda but who all use religion as to gain power. You talk about islamic style governments yet the question remains un-answered. What do you mean by that? It's fancy word but you never answer despite that I have asked you several times in different threads. Do you mean Khomenis style of islamic government? Clergymen assigned by Allah or do you mean Mullah Omars pashtun-infused style of islamic government that forces people to grow beard? or do you mean Pakistan? The offical name of pakistan is actually "Islamic republic" or do you mean North Sudan, or why not Saudi-Arabia? Are all of these options to extreme for you? Do you want Erdogans way of system? You praised him, but Turkey is today the only muslim country where licker/alcohol stores are open in Ramadan! Hey even Khomenis Iran are better then him on this. You might up drinking methanol from an illegal black street-vendor and getting blind but no alcohol store is allowed to be open. Sayyadina Muhammad scw was sent to us a mercy and to teach us how to prepare us for the after-life not to abuse Islam all in the name of power. I 'am pretty sure that all above mentioned options will not suite you but clarify more instead of using a brushing word as islamic government? The basic fiq-manuals of the shafi'ite madhab does not even mention the word "islamic state". It does not exist and was created by modernists. If you want to be a good muslim be so by good virtue, establish strong spiritual ties with Allah, help the poor, make the haj and fast. Thats all it is to it.
  12. <cite> @DoctorKenney said:</cite> Khadafi, Marx and his ideas have LONG AGO been discredited saaxib. Marx's ideas have been responsible for nothing but stagnation, anemic growth, famines and a whole host of other disasters. Just read about what happened in Ukraine in 1932, when millions of Ukrainians starved to death because of the collectivization of agriculture. ? Doctor, I do not know if you have studied sociology or taken a course in political science but Marx's critique on capitalism and his way of identifying the classes in society is today more relevant than ever. The financial meltdown and the global chaos that non-bounded capitalism was one of the signs that the critique is valid. Society and it's division in classes is a must-be for political pundits and a scentific fact. Rich and POOR exists but the established relationship between them are for the sociologists to study. As for communism and dialectical philosophy your completely right, much it of mumbo jumbo and worthless (to me as a muslim) Some would argue that stalin-made famine was not the result of democratic socialists, it was the result of forced labour and stalinism. But that's the play game. Doctor, I guess that you live in the USA, the land of the so called "opportunities" where a nobody and fulfill his dreams and be rich. Those days are gone by the way but it's hard for you to understand the huge difference between democratic socialism and communism. Sweden and the Scandinavian model is far from Stalin's Russia with it's horrific human right's abuses. But for you to name a dictator man-made famine in Ukraine and dismiss the existence of the class struggle as a scientific field is a blunder to sociologists. It's a extreme example you chose, and if you want to play that game to make your point let's take the famine of 1977-79 in Somalia. During those days of pan-somalism in Siyaad Barre thousands of nomads who had never eaten a fish were AIRLIFTED to Baraawe and were forced to become fishermen. Some succeeded and are still today in Baraawe. I would not say that famine was man made but the state could have done more, should I say then because of that famine the whole notion of pan-somalism, the idea that somalis should have a state is flawed? ofcourse not. Cayaarta nagaa daa saaxibow! Take a deep look on the Somalis in Minnesota. Class/race are bound to each other,ask yourself why Somalis chose to live in the state of Minnesota and not in a warm state that resembles the weather of Africa? Generous "canadian like" benefits are attractive to poor somalis. Marx's said that racism is a result of the class struggle. 1% of US population owns 90% of the us WEALTH. Do you think that these white capitalists wants blacks to share their wealth? Of course not. Structural racism is created to keep them working class and nothing less. Why do you think that higher education is equal to having money in the US? Can a single mom with a 16 hours work-shift and with 3 children to feed, can she afford to send all of her children to university? Yaab, a somali black man denying the existence of classes while his own people are the bottom it.
  13. It's a fancy word "islamic revolutionism" but hijacking a religion peace that answers mans deepest existential questions is unfair. The word "islamist" does not exist in the literature of Islamic jurisprudence. It is a modern world created by modernists who wants to gain power by using religion Islam becouse of it's unifying factor. I have said my arguments before, but who can reject a politican who says that he has credentials from Allah to rule you? DoctorKenney, your a thoughtfull man. Why jump on a bandwagon that you can not define? To make it easier for the readers let them ask themselves "what is an islamist". Is it the islamism of Turkeys Erdogan with suit and tie, or is it the persian clergy-rule Khomenism from Iran or is it pashtun-rooted Mullah Omars taliban? Or is it Boko-Haram of Nigeriga the kidnappers of girls in the name of Allah? Let be honest, God says in the quran "Inallah la yastaxii minal xaq" (indeed god does not shy away from saying the truth". One of the name of Allah is -al-Haq (The Truth). Ah! Lets not forget our little saviour and right to kill licence by god Abdi-Godane Imagine this: What would happen if we assembled all of these people who use "the term "islamist" in one room. Khomeni would be killed for his shii'i thoughts, Mullah Omar would ex-communicate Erdogan and Mursi. Abdi-Godane and Mullah omar would not agree with each other. Godane is salafi-wahabi while Mullah Omar is from the maturidi thoughts. What about the Nigerians? The Egyptian Mursi and Godane would probably chuckle within themselves and say "these blacks do they think they can rule us". Let's stop using the term "Islamist". The sublime Prophet (scw) did not use this term. He came with mercy and a answer to mans deepest spiritual questions. A revolution is defined as: "a change of regime, then a complete ideology change that ultimately changes the societies culture. A regime change that we can somehow define as a revolution is by my definition Iran. In 1979, a persian cleric said in his manifesto that he and his clergy (those with him, not against him like Ayatullah Burujedi) had the supreme right to rule the people and that right came from God. What happened? Please do correct me if I am wrong but the largest people leaving Islam today are Iranians. Why? Before the Islamic revolution the persian stuents were religous and one of those people who always established mosques or Islamic associations. I had the privilege to speak to a Persian friend of mine who remained a muslim and asked him. Why are your people like this?. He answered in a very thoughtful way: XXXX what will happen if a dictatorship that in-prions people and does horrible crimes does this in the name of Islam? The ignorant one will blame Islam and will identify Islam with the regime. He also said, we are diffirent, we in Iran have a clergy type system (meaning that the clergy takes 25 % yearly of the shi'i persian. He said you somalis do not have this. DoctorKenney, If Abdi-Godane exectuted the American convert, who outwardly (zahiri) left all he knew and went to Somalia to fight with al-Shabaab, do you not think that he will not execute you? We have seen this before, in 1200 century chaos raged in the muslim world. As God promised, he sent as a mujadid (renewer). Abu Hamid al Ghazali, simply known by somali clergy "Shaykul Akbar" (Shiikhi weynaa). He refuted the Hellenistic philosophy and successfully made Sufism into orthodox Islam. The ex-communications stopped and a period of pan-islama existed. With new technology comes new questions. Devious sects emerge all claiming to be the savior of the world. One man surrounded by unknown people has the audacity to claim the title "caliph of islam" as if it would change the reality. Lets stop using fancy words and stick to realism. All that Allah wants from you is prayer and fasting and piousness, helping the poor and fighting for the truth. While muslims today are dying from thirst in Somalia, some somali youngsters are dying for an unknown arab man claiming to be caliph while they could have dug up a ceel and saved the lives of thousands! Fancy word is it not? "ISLAMIST" ? But when you ask what do you mean everyone remains silent. No one knows but everyone barks it. Islam is far away from evil people. It's a religion of peace and mercy. A unifying factor in society rather then what al shabaab wants it to become, a dividing factor (sufis fighting itixaadis). Yaaab!
  14. Weather we like it or not Marx's critique on capitalism and the class-struggle, it's still relevant. His dialectical philosophy is mumbo jumbo but khayr a recent study conducted in Sweden showed that the average year of a man sinks with 10 years if you travel from the posh all-white all-rich areas to the poorer areas. Your living in the USA, a big nation but the travel I am speaking about is by train 20 minutes. All it takes to live 10 more years is to live in a area 4 km away or 15-20 minutes bus or train. Your article somehow proved it. class&race are connected by the values set by society. In America those values are somehow enshrined. It's only 100 years ago the blacks were slaves with no capital and the whites had all the capital and I do not think that one will share his wealth by "philanthropy". Whats more horrible is that the white man we knew (male, white in his 40) are no longer middle class, 1% of Americas population owns 90% of the countreys wealth. The system of mass deceit changed when we saw the financial collapse of Wallstreet but what surprised is that we did not see the mass rise social-liberalism and unionship. Wacko tea-party supported by the established upper-class with a hidden "rascist" overtone took to the streets. Obama, when he realized that his own people were those most suffering from the mass-decist decided to do something in his last 4 years. Obama-care was bitterly fought and will probably be slashed into something un-recognizable after his presidency. Same thing is happening in Europe. Ghettos long abandoned in the early 1990 middle class whites with no education is today being rent out to over-worked poor sick same whites, After living in the same house for more then 14 years I know see that my lebanese neighbors have moved out and I dearly hoped for a somali family (not a immigrant flight 13 somali refugees). Xaasid ma ahi, laakin newly arrived somalis will give migraine. After the salams comes the door knocking in the night and then a court full request for translation of a letter from the government. I simply do not have the time and the energy. So I hoped for a established somali family, maybe one of the guys whom I have known since the early 90-ties. I instead saw young white couple moving in. Waa yaabay wallaahi! The difference in the structural discrimination in the USA and Europe is massive, no one cares what your last name is in the USA. You probably know it's a immigrant nation, no one can claim it. But things are different here. I hope that nomad-swedes like Johnny and "Hilowle maandhow" responds to my critique. If you apply for a house and the renter sees your last name "mohamed" the apply is automatically rejected by the capitalist (owner) and given to a swede. This has led to a enormous segregation. Even the so called socialists politicians with their crocodile tears do not live in the ghettos. Hey! Even I would move if I got the slightest opportunity. Coming back to the story, after the usal "hi" for months I chatted with young beautiful blonde neighbor. Her husband or my wife would not have approved of my staring but I got what I wanted. She told me that they had been deeply hit by the financial crisis. Her husband got sacked and they could not afford to live in the villa. They sold it (probably not with profit). I slowly excused my self and gave her some shushumow and sambusa that my wife made (This was in Ramadan) as a neighborly gesture. Gaaal maxaa ka sugeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol! I did not even get some food back as gesture!. But one thing made me happy, 2014 in september this month is election times. When I came home after a long day I saw something odd hanging on their door. "INGEN SD REKLAM TACK". They had hung up a little note saying that they did not want commercial from the far right racist swedish party "the swedish-democrats". I told my wife lat in the night "gaaladi cuntadi bakhiilay waaba dad fiicanc". My pious beloved wife told me can you quit calling them "gaaaladi", sida oday gaboobay aa u hadaashaa ee iga aamus, they are our neighbors and gaal-or not they have rights upon us". I agreed but was so curious to know their leanings. One day while taking my child from the daycare we entered the Swedish taboo subject. Red lines in this country is RELIGION,POLITICS AND YOUR WEALTH" blue lines to talk about is the weather. I diplomatically told her husband that I appreciated the solidarity note rejecting racism and as if racists wants my vote but for the sake of talking I told him if he had a extra nore. He smiled and said sure I do gave me one. He quietly told that the decade of the right in power has slowly shredded the country into pieces and that the Swedish-model of democratic-socialism and socialist-liberalism was threatened. He then told me "plz tell the Somali community to vote for my wife". I have a appetite for discussion. I went home and said to my wife "war gaaladi waa shuuciyaal" lol. She smiled and answered plz can you stop calling them gaaladi. They womans name is XXXX. In conclusion, khayr. That man smiling and shedding his crocodile tears would move out if he had the slightest opportunity to do so. Hey! I as a black muslim man, in the bottom of the never ending class-struggle with it's structural discrimination would move out. Gaalkaani intoo jooga marka!
  15. "> This statement is based upon hateews and a call upon Somalis to engage in vicious tribal wars that we have seen before. It's shameful to see a elderly man, a man who claims to represent a clan to make these hateful statements. All Somali community organisations in the diaspora and within Somalia should stand up to this and condemn this utterly hateful incitement to clan wars. I do not want to believe that Diriye represents any community based upon his hateful comments, it's time that his community comes out in in full force and exposes him! The FGS has given his people a homeland in his ancestral land. Why is he threatening the ehoobley-people as if the 20 years of occupation and illegal beero-xoog justifies his vendetta. The FGS should arrest these nabad-diid people. Many peoople are not aware of that heavy fighting is occurring in Qoryoolay and the surrounding areas. The water-carrier clan who fought against the Italians are finally fed up with these people. The inhabitants of Marka and Baraawe are known, it's a shame that he uses one of the banadiri clans in Xamarwayne as a example of the horrific crimes he has inflicted upon them in order to scare the alliance between the water-carrier clans and other indigenous clans living in Marka.
  16. Ditoore Kennedy, Your a smart man who sees wisdom in every argument, meaning that your reply posts are not for tit-and tat just for the case of "winning" and argument in a anonymous forum. While your argument sounds reasonable your proposal in tantamount to defeat and a clear message to the racist Zionist movement that it has fulfilled it is message. I love to make complex issues to clear frank easy examples. Imagine Doctor Kennedy that you as Somali, living happily in your nation. European/Russian/Arab jews with solid support driving you out from your homeland. When you are astonished and humiliated you ask them why are you doing this? They answer God told me 3000 years ago that this land was mine. Well if God have them that countrey indeed my God gave Somalia to me. You see how foolish and un-reasonable religous extemists are. A more relevant example is South Africa, the whites before the fall of Apart-Heid proposed to the South Africas Nelson mandela to partion South Africa into African bantunistan lands/white lands. He said bravely why should my land be divided when it was you who came late by the boat. Their is also a religious dimension to the issue, our sayyid, the noble and mercyfull prophet made his journey miraculously from mecka to jerusalem (israa). He sprituality meant all the messenger and then saw the divine (micraaj) the hidden (ghayb) meaning what we are not able to see with our materialistic measurements, That land is holy and must be taken into if future negations happen. The third most holiest site after Medina and Mecka is Al-Aqsa mosque. Your proposal is defeat and un-acceptable. Your proposal is today boomed by the zionists saying that palestinians are arabs, why can not they live among the other 300 million arabs. The only solution to the palestine/Israel conflict is that Israel abandons it's racist-apartheid ideology. One man, one vote, regardless of creed or sex or ethnicity. A israel for all but the zionists know that palestinians are demographically more and will not accept that solution. But believe, we will once see the transformation of Israel into a democratic jewish/arab state. But no defeat. No Sinai or Jordan. Resistance to ockupation and racism is the only solution. Plenty of leftist Israelis and lefist Palestinians see this solution. Only those religous extremists, weather they are from AL-qaeda or extemists jews are a dangeour to peace.
  17. Tallaabo, As I said, I am not intrested in tat for tat. Weather Somaali-land or hebeloo Land thats for a thing for the politcal analysts, but you raised some important issues. 1-The Kacaan government, if I am not mistaken, Silaanyo was a minister under did it. That government engagd in huge infrastructural projects, and they did this of course with the aid/technical support from the Warsaw-pact. That was the geo-political fact that no one can deny. The current geo-political situation is that USA/West is firmly behind the huge mega-dam construction in Ethiopia. The building is of course is not done by illiterate oromo-farmers but technicians from the west/China. Tallaabo, try to think out of the box. But the important question that I raised was since these 22 or something years of civil wars Have you seen a solid somali government/somaliland/puntland, hebelooland undergoing those developments and please do not take as a example of dirt road opening by now-body minister. I was even chocked to see government minister attending the opening a luxurious mall as if it is "true development" Who will buy those luxurious items? I might be mistaken, correct please, I am not expect in Somalilands energy consumption but I do belive that they as all somalis use expensive generators. Not a singe power-station exists. The truth is, weather it is Silaanyo, or Qoslaayo, or Abdi-Wali, They attend a monthly meeting hosted by tigray puppet wolde-mariam. I love to infuse personal stories and experiences into my posts, A friend of mine, a staunch mudug style man (il-jeex) went to mudug. I as a Banaadiri love the guy, we have huge cultural gap between us and that makes our friendship more fun. He visited mudug close to the border areas of Ethiopia with help of a local NGO-group. He came back from Africa two days ago and I picked him up from the airport and we chatted. He told me frankly that he was disgusted by what he saw. He said: "when I as 12 year old boy and grew up in those areas, we would cross the border, their were no "ethiopian"influence. He said 30 years later when I returned to the same area an incident happened. By ignorance an Iljeex- was killed Afweynes people living on the other side of the brorder. The Iljeec contacted Ethiopian authorities in Guri-ceel and some twelve men, innocent or not were rounded up. I dont feel pity for them, But my friend was utterly disguisted In his words he said: "What happend, how can ethiopians (mainly somali paid troops with a tigayran offical) have such an enormous influence in a Somali town. I jokingly said, saaxib, what did you expect when your own president is protected by African troops. 2. Talaabo, once again, no tit-for-that arguement, saaxibkaay, see and ponder about what you wrote. The burst of defending your clan-enclave comes to existence when you make this contradictory statement: Although many school age children do not yet have the right to free education in Somaliland , all the public primary schools are free. A great man once said: If you want to solve a problem, you need to see the problem. 22 years has gone, Instead of criticizing your own leaders, Somaliland/Puntland/Somalia or what ever you immediately puff and buff with clan bursts when I only highlighted the condition of the poor. Weather they are in Hargeysaa or in Mogadishu.! Talaabo while your comfortably sitting in Europe go and tell the shoe-shiner boy in Hargeysaa why he can not afford free education in his town but that he could have done so under the Kacaan government. I am not nostalgic for a brutal military regime that at the end drove us to this viscous civil war but facts always withers downs fiction. Have lost people who think out of the box?
  18. Our brother Libax-Sanka-Taabke showed us a glamours new shopping mall in Hargeisa,in all honesty that shopping mall was extravagant and a delightful view for the sight. Hey! Who wants to see children with popping bellies due malnutrition. The same is with Mogadishu, where the super-rich buy cheap lands and then turn it to the typical somali show off building "I'am rich and I own a horel/restaurant". Retail can never be productive as it only makes the mega-rich richer and poor, poorer. Glowing pictures of buildings does not and will not show the truth that Somaliland/Somalia are in a deep coma. Many would dis-agree with me, but think about these following points: a) Weather Somaliland/Somalia has functioning government regimes are for the political analysts. I am not here to turn this thread into a political tit-for-tat arguements but facts will wither down the fiction. Since 1991 all of the infrastructure that Somalia/Somaliland uses, the roads, the ports were build a solid government that relied upon self-reliance, love it or not, the regime of awweyne greatlt consolidated his efforts to the infrastructure even if mostly of it went to the open yaxaasyo of the regime. 95% of all the current transport roads that puntland/somaliland or other lands use the that infrastructure, built by 1969-1991. Even those hailing from the north, the elite were ministers and benefited. (Note, this is not a thread to defend a dictatorship and a military regime) A great example is that a nation of Somalia, with its many waterfalls does not have a single power station to bring electricity to its population. If those mega-rich-capitalists were interested in the welfare of their respective state weather they are in Mogadishu or in Hargeysa why have we not seen the pay tax?, will we Soomalis be forced to buy electricty from Ethiopians mega-power fall. Geo-politically that would not be a wise decision. b) Free education, what happend it? The former regime with it's socialist fabric (even tough with it's enormous corruption) offered free education to it's population, weather you were jileec or the opposite. Pre-Universaty schools were sent to the roaming nomads to make the literate, Can we today the education in Somaliland/Somalia/Jubaland, are free, are those un-recognized amharic in scripted universities.( for the amharic inscripted somali universaty in Somali please read the following article. target="_blank"> To make the rant more personal one of my most vivid memories that I made to mogadishu a couple of years ago was seeing the state of a mine relatives neighbor. The neighbor had 3 six grown sons and made living on a small "somali style tobaako shop". He reluctantly invited me to a dinner, I turned it down fearing the traditional shaxaat but my relative told me that the man you feared who had saxaad you was actually had a master degree in agriculture. He was not one of those you would expect shaxaat from. I made it to the dinner and met him and his delightfull wife. He was a chatty happy man, after the traditional salams and courtesy my curiosity overcame me. I asked him about the current state of agriculture and to my suprise he snubbed at me and said that "why do you ask me when FGM-seeds" are imported in this god-for saken land. He told me about the desertification and the destruction that the chark-coal industry had on Somalia. The chatty happy mans face turned into anger. He then said why dont you link me one of those ngo's who work with these stuff. I suddenly changed the topic when I understood that this man was not the usal "I am 40 + therefore I am a DITOORE. We have full of them in Somalia, people who in the 1980 used to engage in crime have now strange looking XXL costumes and are adment to be called "Ditoore". The chatty agronomist told me that he had 3 sons and only 1 was studying in Mogadishu University. He even said the standard of education is not what we had (I suppose he meant his kacaan generation) but that was the best he could do. I asked about the 2 other sons, with mumbling tone he said they were buisness men working in the local "tabakaayada". Arrogant as I am, I blame it on my swedish side of culture, I asked why do you not give education to the other kids. My relative interrupted the conversation and steered into politics, anyways it was a a delightful night!. After we left, my relative rudely told me "It is not from our culture ask those questions". Do you know how much it costs to take a child to school/universaty? I said probably something. He answered thousands of dollars. This man who had 3 sons could not afford to take all of his children to school, so he choose one. Reflecting on that I can only imagine how the 2 working brother feel. In summary, as the president of Puntland said in a speech I listened here on SOL, I could only agree with him one thing. He said "Since the 55 years since we took our freedom, it's ironic and astonishing that troops from sierre-leione is coming to our rescue". Let us save us the fiction, one glamorous super-mall will certainly not benefit, the roaming nomad, who has no political education who he is (nationally/etthnically ) and how the dynamics of clanism is the opposite to the countries of Tahriib he desperately wants to live in. I'am not a communist, but the rich-in Somalia/Somaliland are getting richer while the poor and getting poorer. This will have a destructive impact.
  19. (Sorry for the mispelleing this post was written in hasty way) Doctorkennedy I love how you defend our beautiful religion against those whose intentions are evil but sometimes we need a honest debate. Coofle you seem to be astonished how we came here and how far we are from the values of the koran (mercy, kindness and answer to existentialist questions" Please see my previous post in the Islam section regarding Sufism in Islam and how great the influence was then. The xerta (those who were inclined by heart to learn islam) made their own settlements and qaadariya wadaads were only those who roamed the somali peninsula across clans by only reciting their spiritual chain of abtiris (see islamic ijaaza system). Sufism unified the somalis and had its potent force to settle disputes and make a clear distinction between politics and spirituality. The first pam-somali non-clan settlements in Somalia occured in the fertile regions of Somalia and those settlements were made by uwayi-qadari barawi shaykhs. The settlement of Baardheere has today people whose ancestry is from "puntland". If you asked the poor sufi dervices of their clan they would say "xerti fulaan". The Somali nomads had redline to donate food for spritual blessing and health. The Xerta were busy with worshipping Allah and learning the islamic jurisprudence, infact the only intellectual textual records of Somali written history we have today is from Somali sufi shaykhs as Shaykh Uways al Barawi who wrote poetry in praise of the prophet in Somali with arabic letters and the banaadiri Sheekh Cabdirxmaan Suufi, and let us not forget the enermous influence of Sh.Cabdirxman Saylaci whose poetry of love to God and the prophet is still recitred in the Somali peninsuala from raaskambooni to Raas casayr. In summary, the Somali nomad belonged to one of the sufi-sunni daariqas and the wadaads who had no income and were mostly poor lived upon donations (sadaqah) and the poor Somalis would everyday have a free meal in the mosques. The Arabs for example use the mosque only for worship, I dont know if you guys have been to Saudi Arabia or Libya but after the ritual prayers are done the mosques are closed while we somalis have tendency to stay inside and chat. This cultural habit orginates the enemours socio-economical status that the sufi-mosques enjoyed. Another red-line and absolutely forbidden one was to see a wadaad engaging in clan-warfare or even engaging in clan-affairs. Those issues were for the "waranle" warriors and non-religous inclined people (those who didnt live in xer-communities. It's absolutely astonishing that no one has even brought up the enermous influence Sufism had in spreading islam. Shakh Uweys al Barawis poetry and Islam spread to kenya and so far to Malawi. Shaykh Cabdirxman Al-Saylaci spread Islam to the oromos from jigjiga and hargeisa and Harar. For more information please see Professor Said S. Samatar book on sufism in Somalia. The question I am asking myself is: So what happend?. Even if we are seeing a surge in Sufism in Somalia we have witnessed more then 40 years of active -saudi-salafism (wahabism) missionary in Somalia. For the good or the bad, wahabism taught that all those who were not commited to them were non muslims. The petro-dollars from Saudi-Arabia changed dramatically the dynamics of Islam in the somali society. With Wahabism came also the cultural habits of Saudi Arabia. While the wadaads were poor, we today see the opposite. Many of those super-rich in Somalia are from the salafi-wahabi movement. From Salafism arised extreme movements like Shabaab, who today consider everyone to be a infidel if they do not obey them. 40 years of active defaming sufis as (mushriks, deviants, devils) have even alienated some somalis from the sprirituality of Sufism, mainly that the outer apperance is nothing, the inner (worship and faith) is important. It's hypocrisy to discuss the faults of shabaab without discussing the enormous shift in popular Islamic movements and their ideology. I will later post a detailed post with sources regarding the history of popular somali islamic movements and how it has influenced the somali society.
  20. I am totally in shock, Ilaahay ha u naxaariso Ustaada Saado Cali. She was and will allways be an icon for pan-somalism. She always stood up for the good and spoke the truth with her beautiful voice.. Her song 'landkruuser" made the old mad man (Siyaad Barre) more mad and he exiled the poor singer. Saadi Cali became famous for that. She was one of those few somali musicians who dared to stand up against the corruption. Sabar iyo imaan eheladeeda alle ha siiyo. What MMA said is true, a close relative of mine is an official within the FGS and every time someone enters the officials house a search is done upon guests. Their is no trust between fellow friends or relatives. If my memory is not short sighted, It was not long ago when a a former minister was blown up by his OWN NIECE!. Gabar oo adeer laxmi oo u ahaay. Remember that foreign armies can not carry out police-duties and counter-intelligence. The Somali police force is either to old (23 years of civil war) or heavily under equipped and under trained. The Amison mandate , the cash cow for Musoveni and his henchmen do not have the legal UN-mandate to carry out policiary duties. Security lies upon the FGS. Hassan Sheekh & Prime minister needs to man up themselves and do something!.
  21. <cite> @Wiil Cusub said:</cite> Tell both sides view point not warqad tV laga soo taago wax ku qorana aanad ogayn. What's pathetic and a real tragedy is that a somali doctor is denied the ability to treat other somalis while somalis, weather they are in the north/south are deseparate need educated physicians. Another twist to the story is how we add old clan rivalries with false news. Dr Cali Macow identity is known and he hails certaintly not from the O-community. Xaaji said it and he is correct, he is from a lesser known clan within the "Banadiiri" clan-family (note the native "banadiris".
  22. Sometimes when are facing a problem or having doubts in something it's simply more easier to deny the reality on the ground then face life with it's harsh and unfair challenges. Even Hitler´and his close associates chose to deny the un-deniable fact that allied troops, mainly Russians were closing in to Berlin. Despite his delusions of hysteria and mad speaches the reality on the ground ultimately caught up with him. Those close to him slipped out of the bunker in fear for their safety When the odor of the russians finally reached the bunker. Hitler himself found that his wife, Eva Braun was the only person left whom he could perform his charades of hysteria grand delusions. He finally killed himself. Delusions are not limited to Europeans. In 2006-2007 a friend of mine invited me for lunch. He had during the week been hired by a NGO group and was in a celebratory mood. We also wanted to discuss those dramatic events happening in Somalia. The ICU were openly exchanging threats with Ethiopia and the TFG was preparing for the Ethiopian peace-keepers. Clouds of war that Somalia is all to well acquainted with was approaching fast. Their was a newly opened Somali restaurant (ofcourse a black permit) in the neighborhood so we went their. We had a delicious meal but our conversation was disturbed by people hailing "takbiir, allaahu akbar" from a small room near our table. My friend I tried to ignore the noise but we simply could not. I went their to see what the fuss was about, Approximately 20 men were glued to the BBC digital radio in the small fadhi-ku-dirir room. All of a sudden some one broke the news to me. A ICU top-man (I dont remember who it was) said that ICU had declared war on Ethiopia and that they would within 6 months pray Id-prayers in Addis Ababa and so was the beginning of the sickness of grand delusions. Thousands of mogadishu students died in the dusty semy arid plains plans of Daynuunay and sacrificed themselves for the sake of Somalia. But in a bizarre twist to the story the leaders of the ICU disappeared and if I remember it correctly, one of them made Hajj pilgrimage after he had declared war. Yaab! nin aanan yaabin wuxuu dhahay waa yaabay. Instead of prayers in Addis Mogadishu fell in less then a week. More pain was inflicted upon Somalis, years of war and starvation yet the delusions continues and are now more dangerous. Even the players of war became more and more sophisticated. During the 80-90-ties we hid behind the names of different organisations all with the name"somali" in it. (USC, SNU, SNM SNA). What everyone knew but did not want hear was that they were keywords for clanism. Clanism was the pink elephant that you immediately noticed in a small room but to your surprise find everyone else in the room ignoring the elephant. you Then came the 2000, our religion of peace were hijacked by various jihadi organisations. People then rallied behind them, when you would confront one and say: Hang on a minute, did you say Jihad?, Who are you going to wage a jihad on,? Fellow muslims? The supporter would simply look at the sky as if doing so would make him invisible. Yaaab! once again, nin aanan yaabin wuu yaabay! The delusion of today must be the word and mantra federalism & maamul goboleed. It has entered every corner of our society. From the addicted khat eater and chain smooking Faarax with the bulging eyes to the single mother Xaliimo, what they have in common is repeating the mantra of federalism and maamul goboleed. As if federalism was the magic fix to Soomalia. What seems to be trendy today is the creation of bizarre maamul goboleedyo with toung twisting names as Mid-land &Azania. The 20+ war&chaos that we have experienced have made us in to chaotic orchs. No one wants to face the reality and smell the coffe. I remember 1,5 years ago that another mamuul goboleed was created with name Azania, a friend of mine told me that a reporter In Nayroobi asked Prof. Ghandi why he chose the name "Azania" as the letter "Z" does not exist in the Somali alphabet. Prof Ghandhi simply answered in a abrupt but honest way that he did not think that "z". in the name would be problematic. I wonder why no one pointedly addressed this issue to Prof. Ghandi during the conferance in Nayroobi. The trend with Heblayo-land and it's tongue twisting names continues while people are dying out of starvation. Men with delusional thoughts meet in dim rooms and proclaim clan-states on the internet while the reality on the ground is completely different. While we yesterday hid behind the names acronyms of organisations like U-Somali-C Somali NM and Somali-SSDF Somali-NU we now have the toung twisting lands. I wonder how much has really changed from those old days. Not much I guess but thats for you all to discuss.
  23. I dont know why some people seem to be "chocked" hearing that someone has become a gaal. We somalis have allways had gaalos in our community and even atheist communists. But Allah tell's us a beutifull verse in the Quran. Allah says "antomol fuqara, wa huwal ghaniyul xamid". (it is you who are poor and he is the one who sustains. Acording to Mufasarinta: This means that it is we (humans) who need god, not vica verse, Marka gabadhaan iyada ayaa Ilaahay u baahan. Ilaahayna ha so hanuuniyo. Remember that even during the time of the sayidka, nabigeena muxammad scw we had non-belivers and hypocties. So let' just pray for gabadhan.
  24. Blackflash;992202 wrote: That looks more like an M14 rifle than a Kalashnikov. Black-flash, oh well you get the message:D
  25. The fruits of 20 years of ockupation is coming to an end. What Al-shabaab taught the locals is to arm themselves and not accept clan-ockupation. Wakhtigii dadka baraawe iyo marka iyo baardheere dagan biyaha laga gadaayay wey dhamaatay. Every somali is welcome to live in shabelle regions but not with force and clan supremacy. As sooner the brothers from "goboloda dhexe" understands this, the better it is. During 2000, from Gaalkacayo to Kismaayo, nothing seemed to stop the orchs, but I guess that they have understood that numbers do mater. They are, after all a minority in the south. The FGS should stop clan warfare then fanning it. The locals of the south should be supported rather then thoose who want to cling on to xaaran-property.