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  2. its time that Khatumo admin asks all the help it can get to crush this separist movement .. They should ask Maakhir state to help them win this... 1991 all over again.
  3. I want 1991 all over again in the north if thats what it takes to defeat reer bini somaliland.
  4. whats your source ? horseed media <.... pirate media outlet:)
  5. i hope maddey is going to jail im going to make :)dua after friday prayer.
  6. I dont know who she is but she is hot ...
  7. The Zack;812787 wrote: Waxaan la yaabanahay Qandalaawi iyo Jacphar. Adeerkiin waad jeceshihiin waan ognahay but you can't hide his crimes. Specially Jacphar, come out and tell us that Yey didn't commit crimes in Somalia gaar ahaan in 2006 when he brought the infamous Xabashis to the motherland as he did in the 80's. Bal taas noo sheeg. Tan xukunka diiniga ah, Sh. Cumar Faruq was very clear, I will look for his response and post it in your face, markaas waxaad dhahdaan baan arkeynaa. it was military strategy ... We the country SOMALIA will not fight and sacrafice our country in war with the west and Ethiopia ever again. Zack your people are on their own we had helped you in 77/78 look where it has got us.. Saxib when YEY brought Ethiopia a neigobooring country that he knew very well so he was using them for military strategy because the TFG alone was not able to fight warlords and Islamic terrorist groups inside somalia. The enemy of your enemy is ur friend until you get rid of them..
  8. The Zack;812799 wrote: Because it is politics, these are pirates People are becoming more absurd by the day... BREAKIN NEWS 40 Puntland students are graduating from HIGH SCHOOL waar dadka waye washeen
  9. How old were you at time Maskin iyo macruf does make time make you depressed?
  10. Why is this in politics section? mods are not doing their jobs time to replace them i say...
  11. This^ message will come up on google search engine and someone will notice this .
  12. I ask all American and international counter terrorism agencies to take direct and swift action to stop Alshabab recruiters online.... Maddeey is terrorist alshabab recruiter please track his I.P address and take him where he belongs..
  13. loool what the hell is this .. this sucks as hell.
  14. Maaddeey is Alshbab Terrorist Orgnization mouth piece. He speaks for them by glorifying their views.
  15. the kid kept raising his hands he must have been so afraid this is cruel.
  16. kingofkings;812345 wrote: how is this person still allowed to be on SOL after all the ridiculous remakes he/she makes on each thread:confused: if i didn't know any better, i say either he/she is blackmailing the admin of SOL, or is involved in some sort of romantic relationship. either way, i call for a petition to ban the infamous troll commonly know here as Rudy. it's high time the SOL community send this Jabroni on her way out. ------------------------------sign the petition--------------------------------- kingofkings Too much calacal saxib.
  17. A_Khadar;812047 wrote: Carafaat is nothing but confussed both unionist and seccussionist. BTW Khatumites are not hater unionists but they love all somalis wherever they might be.. Make that correction to you baaaaaaaac waryaa .. lool Carafat is awesome but he has issues against puntland for Known stealthy qabil mentality under the guise federalism. And i share his view..