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  1. Alpha You truly have no manners ciyaal suuq waxid..waayelka afkaga uuraya ka leexy..
  2. hahahahahhahaha horta magaca AZANIA iska daa ... Its sounds like hutu name.. second did you really think that Kenyans would put a fight?
  3. one of the reasons why i register with somaliaonline was somalina, She brought unity and somalinimo to this fourm. Who ever banned her did her no justice..
  4. good plus the sand is beautiful i bet there is oil there too..
  5. No we could tell your parent ENGLAND (ingris caadow) that all somalia is the same..that somaliland is no special case...
  6. although this bad news good can come out of it as well .. no longer you could the southies as anrchist. its not big deal when war happens in hargaisa but its big deal when bosasso or muqadisho have simliar skirmishies you called people of war... they are no better then muqadisho as far am concerned.
  7. Who cares what faroole thinks.. Somalia is much bigger then that as far as we are concerned he is spoiler and will be dealt as such...
  8. Somalia;829851 wrote: This city is gone unless taken back by force. Even demographically you are outnumbered, that's how they've taken a lot of the land in the past 21 years in either Sool and Sanaag. While there was too much sii socod soo socod, these ones kept "socod-ing". i dont understand your somali
  9. ^ there was an open land called SOMALI-Land where hereders openly roamed....there was consititution called (xeer)and regional adminstrations.
  10. Somali gov should play hard ball and demand that peace keeping troops should come from within somalis. all the fund that goes to these Africons should be used to build Somalia National Army... plus lift the Damnn weapons embargo already...
  11. Xaaji Xunjuf;829972 wrote: ^^ Waryaa only Koonfurians can speak about unity because they have shown what unity really stands for. Maybe they need to learn and understand how to win ppl over.. plus i dont think southies understand what unity really is.
  12. Mukulaalow;829948 wrote: two secessionists lecturing us unity. waa dawacadii la yiri hilibka inoo qaybi. Dont you think people could have a change of heart ? Somaliaonline has become a place like ciaaya xaafad point their fingers ..... Why do yall always rub on xx and others who came to realisation. that unity is the only way..
  13. Showqi;829888 wrote: :D Xiimaay, where is it? what did you do with Somaliland.....? ''Kaaboom" i made them disapear off the face of earth..
  14. Any european countries? u know outside the usual suspect Kenya and Ethiopia.
  15. http://hiiraan.com/news4/2012/May/24092/u_s_trains_african_soldiers_for_somalia_mission.aspx If someone can repost
  16. ???? if anyone could produce evidence and facts or atleast express opinions on this matter... As we all know somalis have been anarchy for 21yrs weapons were never in short supply.. Question where does somaliland , Puntland get their weapons from?
  17. We will retake this city back.. Weaponisations of maakhir has began ..
  18. looool Amin amir nevers says anything bad about Abdiwali gaas for some reason...The guy carrying the dasturka should have been abdiwali.