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  1. Puntland wants The somali constitution to be changed and ratified in foreign land like Addis,Ethiopia to appease their demands. well thats ******.... Had they said Moqadisho or garowe that would have been the right thing...GTFOH
  2. I cant believe a teen ager girl has changed your heart:D its funny when i remember all that huff and puff
  3. Your infatuation with puntland is quite amazing yaa carafat...
  4. i have better idea why dont everyone post their pictures?
  5. DissidentNation is not credible news source marka this blog sxib is not journalism wax kaale mesha keen.. So many times they have lied...
  6. ^ ofcourse man...Every region should seek indpendence thats the new trend..:cool:
  7. In case the talks fail and i cant trust southies to have intellectual political no know how to negotiate with Somalilanders... So every rigion should threaten to secede from Somalia.. can you imagine somalia map without Northwest?:mad:
  8. it was just killing.. When someone downs your diginity the one has right to uphold his diginity by retaliating... GESSI GESSI DHALAY INDEED
  9. hahahhahahahah you dont ^%^*%& with somali .. Hell i would have done the same no doubt...wouldnt even think about it..
  10. the best thing that happen to him. Man my hero too.. yaa waxas oo kalay helaa
  11. thoes planting in puntland are majorty southies..fact
  12. And if your not lying about your age i think you are sickkkkkkkkk. nigga go play basketball and chase girls.. Enough about puntland and somalia this is for old people worry about gurls butts size and bobbs. .
  13. Somalia only support and wishes success for his tribe only.. its quite sad to be consumed by tribalism at this age..
  14. This is why we cant be part of Puntland...They use our business men to boost their economy and take all the investment in their enclave.. Reerkan wax lama qaibsado .. Somalilanders are better option if i had to choose between the two...