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  1. Rud should be banned he gets away with it more then anybody i dont knw why? if somalina can get banned why not this dude? we need fair practice here..
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INeP88OP6a0
  3. camel herding in sweden:cool:
  4. Nin-Yaaban;822260 wrote: Su'aal......have they found any OIL or NOT? Saxib there is rules and regulations which safe guards contracts random company cant drill in same land where rights were given to another. There is oil and am sure they have found it but will abstain from announcing it..
  5. Nin-Yaaban;822252 wrote: So there is no oil there? That's what i thought..... just read what i said adeer. There is no doubt oil is there but no one is allowed extracting except the mighty US. Companies would go to somalia up their Value and shares but thats about it... this is all somalia wether south or North...
  6. somali xaasidnimo baay meel laagari laadhay. With the being said the company is with holding the oil find because of the American pressure. America has invested more then 300 million in the late 80s which is about a billion or so in todays money do you think they would let go that easy? the answer is no ... So there would be a major annoucement from this fraud company announcing that they had not find the oil and would take the rig to another country because they are on tight schedule and would bring back the rig when they have more time... which is probably never...No one is allowed to dig there except chavron,exxon iyo the original stake holders...
  7. ^ who told you puntland represent Maakhir? No puntland offical resides in Maakhir region.
  8. Siilaanyo has better office then Abdulrahman Faroole.lol I just noticed that
  9. This topic is pathetic... Haragisa is number one in somalia followed by Muqadisho
  10. its already too late.. what else can you do? you dont have army you dont have genuine politicans nor do you citizens clean of triblaism. IF you cant do anything with this land you might as well give to people who can utilize this land...
  11. or somalia would be used again for dumbing ground of nuclear waste..
  12. Jacaylbaro;769606 wrote: I've even once seen a Iman telling people "Waar Ilaahay ka baqda aabihiiin wasee" ..... weird people i bet he was reer waqoyee:D
  13. this is a thread a girl would post "help me name my new cat":D