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  1. Che why do you always lick seccessionist azz? dont try to defend them this is trend for you saxib we know that. THIS IRRiR thing they dont even recognize themselfs..
  2. She is so eloquent .. SOL grown ppl need learn from this young lady and do something productive instead of dailyfaadhi ku dirar..
  3. this woman alone boils some ppls blood :cool:
  4. chimera loool never thought of that although am guilty about the same thing when Eedo Saado caali came to perform a show in columbus
  5. Abdul;831802 wrote: He needs oil to marry a rer waqoyi chick??Lool apperantly the kid has low self esteem he thinks that he needs sheik money to impress reer waqoy chik.. Waar you dont need all that just be confident or by her Shiisha doble apple that would do it.
  6. one tribe state Somaliland has too much ego for their own good.. If they dont stop this non sense its wise for all somalis to disarm all states wether puntland or somaliland.. The arms should be in Central Goverments hands..
  7. Happy qashin gur day khatumoo