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  1. I'm gettin sick of this oil thing... its for the better not extract it.
  2. LANDER;806096 wrote: When you say make 'our' day I have no clue who your reffering to. Dude I'm on that march madness tip right now sitting on my love seat, no appetite for 'invasions' georgetown just put messed up my bracket and that is my main concern at the moment, but you are more than welcome to fly yourself to these front line villages and fight. You must be rather young let me tell you how 'lander' came about, I was 19-20 when I first joined this site and people reffering to themselves as Somalilanders were few and far in between, I saw some like minded opponents of SL belittling my country and decided to jump into the fray. I know you like the name though, you sound like you're a disgruntled Somalilander, I can choose a different name and give you this one if you like. Saas baa laga rabaa and im glad you agree that your name selection is ridiclously immature well thats when you were kid so your off the hook.. since you agree to change iska badel marka.
  3. Lander make our day and try to invade. Liyo police are eradicating your populous in kilinga shanaad . worry about that for now.. and what sort of name is "lander" lmao
  4. Why would anybody post Furniture store opening news in politcs section?? Somalida politcs qalad baay ka fahmaain Waar isku xishooda
  5. Trust this will not work. No banadir land ...
  6. i agree education is primary but lets make food supply sustainable first.Sax or qalad?
  7. Somalia;806033 wrote: Hi, it's me, The Confrontation Man, I just thought I'd let you know that it is 100 km. you are back to ur historical land size..
  8. Just another guys with ak 47 in blue labour uniform:D i will reserve my compliment when i see real weaponry and technological advancement.
  9. Does anybody really care for this mindi guy?:cool:
  10. Taleexi;806013 wrote: Ximaaya: The way you framed the question is unjust and has an ill intention behind. Go figure why Some Khaatumo lands are occupied. its not for me to figure out.. Its your problem and for your own good to take your own advice.
  11. xiimaaya;806032 wrote: Xuddedi some body got tell the truth..You have to be frank with your brothers so the could take informed decisions.. NASSIR;806030 wrote: Xiimaaye, You indeed framed the question rather deceptively and narrowly. First the region of Maakhir which spans from Ceerigaabo to Boosaaso does not have lesser population centers. Maakhiris reside in major cities in Badhan, Ceerigaabo, Dhahar, Boosaaso, etc. 2nd, SL militia incursion took place on a number of times in the recent past and they were defeated and pushed back. Chief among these clashes was one in which a large contingent of heavily armed militia led by their defense minister was defeated near the city of Dhahar. The late defense minister was immediately fired by his chief Riyaale and the decision was interpreted as humiliating to him and the clan from which he failed from. A flurry of protests ensued which questioned Mr. Riyaale's loyalty and reminded secessionists of his NSS background. See to it Mr. Xiimaaye, there's is no need to take shots at reer Maakhir, for they are peace loving and independent from tendencies that violate the rights of other people. Nassir they were defeated saxib. They have tried and failed. look here my only question is why this is not the case for Khatumites?
  12. Xuddedi some body got tell the truth..You have to be frank with your brothers so the could take informed decisions..
  13. Wallahi SOMALIA has no hope so long that one qabil wants to dominate the other there is going to be always endless conflicts. Why cant people live side by side just like they were prior to the civil war? waar isku xishooda you cant be responsible for qabil when they can govern themselfs. What gives anyone right?
  14. kingofkings;805979 wrote: what nationality do you have in mind if PL does not find OIL :confused: I dont recognise something thats called PUNTLAND which is maamul xaafadeed .. I believe in centralized unified somalia.
  15. Taleexi;806011 wrote: Xiimaaya: Bal horta soo dhowow ... aflagaado sheekow ku bilow meelna kuma gaadhsiinayso. its the truth... Invade the god damn Laascaanod and who ever stands in your way make them history .. How hard is that?lol
  16. AsadSL;806002 wrote: Because Sanaag is the land of majority pro somaliland tribes even though the east is majority not duriyaad but they are peaceful people and not big in numbers. Lascanood is strategic for us and thats why we are there. Really? Calmadow has oil potential and rig would be brought soon there to drill.. Please spare me that non sense "non strategic" Laasqoary one of the oldest ports in somalia and has a thriving fishing industry... You know maakhirs would fight tooth and nail unlike khatuumos that you divide and conqure.. We have histroy of defending our land against puntland and Somaliland... saxib no dispute.. Its a matter of Principle WE CANT BE BOUGHT OR CONQUERED.
  17. b-boy;805998 wrote: Well a better question will be is khatumo or sool really occupied?? Remember the people doing all the killing and jailing are natives who support Somaliland! are we kidding here? Majorty of Khatummo people are pro union... but why are they targeted constantly? in 2007 when laascaando was captured they blamed Puntlanders for not defendin them.. why would anybody die for you:confused: they are a clan that are equal to you i would be ashmed to blame someone else for my weakness. Sorry guys.
  18. b-boy;805993 wrote: good question! Wallahi i often asked myself this question for long time but i cant keep it anymore i have put it out there..
  19. i mean whats going on ? how can maakhir with less people are mor fierce against any intrusion into their land while khaatumites elders and and childern are being arrested and humiliated? Also often Somalilanders would wage wars and but dare not invade maakhir land:confused::confused::confused:
  20. where did you copy and paste this non sense?