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  1. Can anyone explain me what is going on in Somalia region? Will ONLF renounce self-determination?
  2. This is an interesting video about Ogaden War. I dont understand somali and perhaps someone could tell me something about the conversation.
  3. cubano

    Somalia defeat in 1978

    I would like to watch a movie about Ogaden War.
  4. This topic is about 1982 war. Why are you talking about other issues?
  5. Cuba has never defeated United States. Cuba has never defeated South Africa. South Africa Border war ended in a stalemate. I want to talk about Somalia-Ethiopia Border War in 1982
  6. Why do you change the issue of the topic? This topic is not about me but Ethiopian-Somali war in 1982. Just do me favour if you have information about this issue you are welcome, but if you dont know anything about the issue, it is not for you. Do you understand my words?
  7. This is a topic about Ethiopian-Somalia war in 1982. Do you have any information about the issue?
  8. Siad Barre troops pushed back Ethiopian/SSDF attack, but Mengistu captured two Somali towns. HORN OF AFRICA: CONTINUED TENSIONS IN 1983
  9. But an interview with Cuban POW did not change the outcome of 1977 war. Did it change it?
  10. This is a somali video: Could anyone tell me what he is talking about?
  11. I understand you, Mr Old Observer. I just want to know the history of WSLF, his battles against Ethiopia and SNM and his decline after 1989. After the war, the WSLF had remained as the main armed opposition organization in the Somali region, but during the course of the early 1980s it lost much of its strength and by 1989 it was largely defunct.
  12. I want to know the history of WSLF insurgency. Is there any problem with my request? I think many somalis would like to know more about their history.
  13. What I am trying to say is WSLF rebels were crushed by Ethiopia after 1978 debacle. The same happened to SALF (Somali Abbo Liberation Front).
  14. WSLF was an somali insurgency in Ogaden. This movement was defeated by Ethiopia. UWSLF signed a peace agreement with Ethiopia in 2010.
  15. Tallabo: I think Fidel Castro's communist manifesto is a more suitable book for you. Please leave our warlords alone Thank you for the advice, but I prefer Yusuf book. If you are not useful, dont be a problem.