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  1. WSLF was destroyed by Ethiopia. This is a fact.
  2. Insurgency in Ethnically Divided Authoritarian-led Societies: A Comparative Study of Rebel Movements in Ethiopia, 1974-2014 PAG 236
  3. Why nobody speak about WSLF history in Ethiopia? People should know more about this insurgency and its fate. WSLF and SALF were crushed by Mengistu.
  4. I think WSLF was crushed by Ethiopia in 1984. Siad Barre resigned Ogaden in 1988.
  5. Did Siad Barre resign Ogaden claims in 1988? Was WSLF destroyed by Ethiopia?
  6. This music reminds me Cuba. I want to visit Somalia and watch with my own eyes the glorious battlefields of 1977.
  7. Somalia lost 1977 because cuban troops helpd Ethiopia. Most somalis accept this opinion.
  8. I like this music. Soviet Union and Cuba in Ogaden.
  9. Ogaden will never be free. I will travel to Ethiopia very soon. You will see me near this monument in Addis Ababa.
  10. This dream will never come true. If somalis try to attack Ethiopia, Cuban troops crush Somalia again.
  11. Cuba is finished . Your era is over with the soviet . just keep away from Africa affairs. Somalia Giant will come back again . Sooner or later . inshalla . I dont see any somali giant now. Somalia lost 1977 war and nobody can change this fact.
  12. You forget to add other Arab countries. Soviet is dead now . Somalia will wake up again. Somalia ha nolato. Cuban troops and Soviet aid destroyed Somalia soul in 1978. If you invade Ethiopia again, Cuba crushes Somalia.
  13. That land is what lots of Somalis of all walks died for in 1977 war. Don't piss on their graves ungrateful kid. If they dont like the deal They can try to invade Ethiopia again. Cubans and Russians will be ready for another fight.
  14. Al Shabab is very brave with harmless Cuban doctors, but they ran like rabbits in 1977 war. Be careful somalis, because Cuban troops could return to Ethiopia and this time we will not stop on Somalia-Ethiopia border.