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  1. Baydan

    SOLers on Facebook

    I lost contact with my best girl Indhadeeq, if anybody knows her facebook name please let me know. Thanks
  2. Liberation ofcourse, the west are seeing that in their own eyes nowadays. Have you all noticed it is actually more women that are reverting to Islam then men?if I remember correctly I believe the stats had said something along the lines of 1-4, man-woman ratio. Brown-Sugga Look at it from the broader prespective view. It isnt about whether the women that dont cover are all bad but rather what these women are subjugated to and proving the point of whose the oppressed. Incomparison it shows that the uncovered women come out as the burdened ones in terms of meeting up the ever fluxuating of the society's expectation on what an ideal beautiful woman should look like e.g the hassle the emotional strain women undergo to loose/gain wieght in order to look pleasing to the male eye; western women are always being exploited as sex objects. Plain to see that not the hijabis but the uncovered (in this context uncovered is used as a term to identify the western women or the unbelievers) who are the oppressed.
  3. So in plain street language if one marries a qat chewer one has a higher chance of producing HANDICAPED children. I knew I didnt just shiver with revoltion for no reason..this explains everything. The more research that is done on qat the more it's effects resembles that of a Marijuana :eek: It plain to see that qat is stimulant does not matter how small the effect (apperently scientists disagree on this)What amazes me is the audacity of the chewer's in their claim that "qat is not haram" When they know Allah said in the Qur'aan anything that stimulates the mind be it even MILK for this matter, is forbidden!! Why can't they admit? Another thing I liked is the message in the last paragraph..quote "Furthermore, as the tolerance of drug use among employers drops to zero, khat users will find themselves closed off to many best jobs. Thus, because of unemployment and low-paying jobs, khat use will damage the financial status of individuals, families, and communities" Thanks Libaax, this is good information. Good articles you got here ..keep them coming.
  4. First of all Yusuf wlc back to Sol. Second, instead of privating dont you guys think that it is helluva easier if brotha Yusuf opened a page that contains the detailed plan of the project? That way the nomads alike will be informed, can contribute and Yusuf might even get the recruits he wants. I'm curious about the project myself. Jus' an Idea..
  5. Looooooooool!! Methinks people think too much of IT Thanks for the laugh P->D
  6. I fell more so inlove (if that's even possible) with my religion when I hear/read about the stories of the true convertes. AbdulMalik you're gem for bringing out this feeling in us, JazaakaLaah.
  7. Looooool Lakkad, I'll never say SAMBUUSI infront of gaalada ..will take that as a warning lol
  8. Lool@nuune's list @cali falaax! are there females that wear that 4reals? Guys we, the women, were not half as mean you are in Surxun's topic.
  9. Last poster..not funny. Indeed Macruufie she's gorgeous. But is another thing to incourage her I'm not gonna give her props and pretend like she is on the right..I guess the thing to say is..Allaha soo hanuuniyo! To all of ya that said she was ugly, shame on you dont you think if we all had choices (I'm not saying this because I'm ugly) we'll all be beauties and hondsomes?
  10. Loool Ilmatic can't stop laughing.. The poor geezer was close to dying anyway. Lool@ OG I think what you have is somali-woman phobia. Listen get some meat on them skinny bones you keep on mentioning so you could defend yourself against situations like this..waadba waalatayee bismilah! :eek:
  11. I just finished the 5th paragraph, dont have time but will come back to it ...this takes way more than 5min Sophist Lol. Excellent narration so far. Love the language, I think you're gifted. Socrates hmm was into soo much analaysing, defining, insearch for the truth and self discovery, I'll say Ludlum like Izmail had mentioned.
  12. Loooooooooooooooooool Ismah that was off daaa hook sista. I cant believe I didnt come across this one
  13. The moral of the story? dont make fun of ppl dont belittle them because you dont know what they're capable of as proved by asshole Nice one
  14. Jazaka Laah fiih sister. There are alot out there I didnt know before ..
  15. Well I for one do not share Belefont's sentiments. Colin Powel is with the Bush administration that he is here to begin with means he shares atleast major part of this political party's ideology and what it stands for if not everything. Besides what voice against the president does a secratery of the state has? This is not matter of master and slave but rather being in the same level in the same boat.