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  1. Kissmayo the most beautiful City in Somali wayne..
  2. Abdi cawar the tribalist intellectual warlord has finnaly recognised the truth .
  3. puntlanders are crazy like arab sheiks.
  4. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool:D
  5. IF somaliland doesnt stop meddling in other countries terroritory severe actions will be taken..
  6. Knowing the nature of maakhiries thats not going to go anywhere..
  7. SOmaliana the most positve person on this website. wadaniyed
  8. Speak English,Arabic,cant write somali but can speak well
  9. K.O.W;806697 wrote: How many faces do you have? In one post, you condemn ONLF and support the capture and handover of alleged ONLF members to Ethiopia by the SNM administration in Hergeisa. In another post, you cheerlead for the same organization/movement you condemned? lol he is defending ethnic somalilanders at any cost dee. wax fahan . Somalilanders should not interfere in the internal afairs of region five of ethiopia by aiding this criminal gang or seriously there would be consquence. xaji take the heat or get out of the kitchen:D
  10. Then again i knew the International community was never serious about Somalia.. Brit wanted to attention for the sake of atten.. I never heard countries fighting on behalf of country..I mean why would a foreign solider die for a foreign land? The world doesnt want to see Somalia have peace atlast, if thats what they wanted the would have built their national defence force. If i was sheik shariff why would not rely so much on African Union and the west.. ONLY TURKEY ONLY TURKEY ONLY TURKEY..
  11. Khatumites must not welcome this guy back and should put him on trial..
  12. Lyio police are fighting terrorist orgnization other wise why would civilians have heavy weapons? arent they doing policing by wanting to disarm this gashamo trouble makers?
  13. i like how xaji is feeling like a victim here when his people are getting annhiliated unjustly by group of thugs... Now you xaji atleast now you have sense how the Khatumites are feeling about Somaliland.
  14. Explain that to the narrow minded SOMALILANDERS:)
  15. This shows lack of leadership quality from Sillanyo..... Riyalle was way ahead in politcs.
  16. aar amm:Duo shuban ku haye dee yaa somalia