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  1. Spot on. Ghuelleh is shrewd calculator waiting for the opportunity to spit on his enemies.
  2. Oodweyne, the speech was a direct attack on the current occupant of that office, Mr. Gaas. It was joy to watch Mr Camey holding nothing back. Gaas is a failure in my opinion.
  3. I am beginning to imagine Abtigiis is playing games with our SOL diplomat Oodweyne who is close with Mr. Bihi's inner circle. Abtigiis must be reading all of Oodweyne's posts and criticism. This is more than fascinating.
  4. This is probably the most difficult period for Somaliland as far as diplomatic outreach/recognition is concerned? I don't think Somaliland ever experienced this before. The Horn is changing.
  5. Yaab. They were playing their Arab games and then Trump surprises them last minute.
  6. Holac

    RIP Awil Dahir Salad

    Who was he?
  7. Gobweyn, Jubbada Hoose, Somalia.
  8. The Qataris invested billions in Turkey. MBS is trying to take pressure off himself after that Khashogi murder fiasco. The two leaders are also close ideologically. MBS's tricks are obvious but will never work.
  9. I totally believe that Kenya is not leaving without a fight.
  10. Holac

    The original guulwade

    Suldaanka, that is a weird picture. Is that his child? What was the context he was getting cozy with the girl?
  11. Clan elder/rep voting system is the closest thing to perfection in Somali doorasho system at this time. No one dies on election day and there is no dispute about walagu shubtay and other nonsense that leads to years of strive and instability. If it is not broken, don't fix it.
  12. Nabad iyo Nolol is trying to play ball with Gaas I think.
  13. Mr. Bihi is clearly not happy and he seems to have gained weight, probably due to stress.
  14. Barwaaqo is a Somali supremacist who is deeply pragmatic. If someone can show her something that will greatly benefit the people of Somaliland, she will take it. Unfortunate, there is very little to see on the other side, but we are getting there.
  15. Holac

    Siyaasiinta xanaaqsan

    The great thing is that they are battling fairly without bullets flying. It is a huge progress for the country. We need more of this.
  16. Who is this candidate by the way? What is his name?
  17. Soon every Somali politician will copy Kim Jung-Un Hala kala barto.
  18. Oodweyne, you told us a secret about Caare coming onboard "soon". How is the peace process going? What would settlement look like? What are the grievances of Caarre and the people of Sanaag?
  19. Holac

    Somaliland Tigray list by Ali xaraare

    Abiy and Oromos are unpatriotic. They are slowly exposing all the secrets of their country.
  20. Gesi Park protest was instigated and organized by Gullen movement.
  21. Holac

    Of Mice and Men

    A shiny star among a gazillion of dwarfs
  22. Glorious Tayip. This Soros creature is being blamed for everything.