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  1. Interesting read. The middle eastern despots are panicking because they will keep losing control as they witness history being made by Congresswomen Ilham and Rashida. They are even more angry because their masters have allowed free and fair elections in their countries and the "slaves in their eyes" are now their new masters.
  2. Peace Action

    Shariifka's shenanigans II

    These are not real opposition, they are looking for pay out, unfortunately they miscalculated. Farmaajo needs to reach out to all stakeholders and focus on real problems of al shabaab and pacifying the south.
  3. Peace Action

    SOLers knew . Saudi King invites back Qatar to GCC meeting

    With Qatar blockade still in place, it will be foolish for Qatar to attend the GCC. In addition, MBS Mr. Bone Saw is crazy and wounded enough to detain the Qatari Emir. Qatar should publicly humiliate Saudi Arabia by rejecting the invitation and demand the blockade lifted.
  4. Peace Action

    Dahabshiil Group, IPO for Somtel Somalia

    Somtel faces a lot of competition and they are burning a lot of cash from their money transfer business. It is obvious why they are raising cash from investors because they are unable to sustain the telecom business by themselves. They were too late in getting into the telecom business by buying one of the least performing telecom companies Somtel. This is very risky investment. You should invest money only if you can afford to loose it or wait for a longtime for a return on the investment.
  5. Secessionists are getting desperate. Turkey leadership is not vindictive and childish like the current Arab leaders. Their relationship with Somalia is solid and strategic and Turkey will continue to help Somalia.
  6. Peace Action

    Erdogan inaugurates World's largest airport

    Well done and congratulations to Turkish people. Turkey has been transformed since AK party came to power from sick man of Europe to the 13th largest GDP by PPP (purchasing power parity) in the world.
  7. Peace Action

    Postpone Puntland elections?

    Puntland had civil war because of 6 month delay by former president A. Yusuf Yey. It is not going to happen. Dr. Gas should be wise and intelligent enough not fall this so called delay. Former president Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke said it best during the war with Ethiopia "we will fight with one hand and hold the elections with the other".
  8. Mr. Bone Saw (MBS) committed unforced error resulting in the most heinous crime ever committed in the sanctuary of Consulate against his own subject. All the oppression he committed to become king will ultimately cause his downfall and he alone is responsible. The only question is if his father is well enough and wise enough to remove this renegade kid and replace him with an acceptable crown prince. Mr. Bone Saw may not leave quietly and may cause civil war which will be disaster for the holy land.
  9. The great cover up has began. Turkey hopefully will blow this cover up as they have forced the Saudis to admit to the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, May Allah have mercy on his soul. Until they produce the mutilated body, so the man can get proper burial, this story will not end. What a shame, Mister Bone Saw (abu minshar) should not get away with a murder inside Saudi consulate in Istanbul.
  10. It doe not look like he will survive. He made too many enemies inside Saudi Arabia with his cousins jailing and taking their wealth while he was buying luxury boat, Leonardo De Vince Salvator Mundi Paint and a Castle in France for total price of 1.2 billion dollars. He also jailed thousand of business people, Muslim Scholars, Journalists, economists, women etc. He is so arrogant that he send some of his personal guard to murder Jamal Khashoggi in the most gruesome way inside Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. His western admirers now changed his name from MBS to Mister Bone Saw - Abu minshar in arabic.
  11. Peace Action

    Saudis: Jamal Khashoggi's Death is Interrogration Gone Wrong

    This issue is not finished yet, Ina Salman at least may not survive. if Turkey shares the details of the gruesome murder of Khashoggi, the crown prince may be removed from the line of succession and that will be good for Saudi Arabia. Ina Salman wanted to get rid of Jamal Khashoggi in the most brutal way and there are reports that he directed the killing and dismembering of his body. This is madman, like Qaddaffi will surely destroy the country if not stopped now.
  12. "waxkasta galbeed baa loo wadaa, gobolkan waa lanacay wuuna go'ayaa wuuna iska tegayaa hadaan wax laga qaban" Guulwadayaasha Somailand here are not listening. Somalidu waxay dhedaa "Nin kuu digay kuma dilin"
  13. Only secessionists think British empire is still alive and well. However this has nothing to do with either the British or Farmaajo. Al-Shabaab is only good at killing Somalis and these so called spies are all Somalis. Since when Shabaab propaganda is believable. They are being hunted day and night from the skies and their response is to kill more Somalis.
  14. Old_Observer it seems you have no idea the reality of how things work in politics. This is like the straw that broke the camels back. With so much oppression inside Saudi Arabia by the crown price no one wanted to confront him until he went too far. Now he is very likely to lose power for this brazen act of savagery.
  15. Unfortunately Ina Salman is already heading that way with the jailing and killing the opposition, his cousins, the ulamta, liberals, and women activists. This 32 year old crown prince started a war with Yemen which is going badly for Saudis and Yemens, helped the coup Sissi of Egypt, boycotted their sister country Qatar, clashed with Germany and Canada in a simple twitter humans rights advocacy. He has mortgaged Saudi Arabia wealth to Trump and Trump is asking for more with insults every other day. If the crown prince is responsible for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, then he needs to be removed as future King of the Saudi Arabia otherwise he will destroy Saudi Arabia. Turkey should expose him so that he is removed from power and thus save Saudi Arabia.