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  1. Che it does not. Is Deni beholden to Abu Dhabi? The street talk in Puntland is that Deni is hard headed "waa madax adagyahay" and does not take advice from anyone.
  2. Deni has shown his lack of political experience. Just because he was successful in business, people assumed he will be good at politics. Instead of acting as statsman, he is aligning himself with the hapless opposition. I wonder if the driving force behind all the opposition including Somaliland is being engineered in Abu Dhabi by the shaydan Al-Arab to kick Turkey out of Somalia. It is ironic that Mogadisho based opposition will go against Turkey when Turkey gave so much help to rebuild Mogadisho.
  3. Even though Farmaajo is a failed president who is unwilling to hold elections on time, the opposition has completely miscalculated by starting a war in Mogadisho. Sharif and Hassan Shaikh have destroyed their reputation as former presidents and will never be trusted to lead Somalia again. It is better to keep talking even if that takes few months to hold the elections.
  4. It is a sign that the policy as client state has to adjust to their new overlords in Washington.
  5. This is the faith that awaits breakaway republics. Azberbiajan recovers it's territory by force after thirty year of occupation by Armenia. Once again Turkey projects power to help its friends and deter it's enemies with decisive home grown military hardware specially advanced Bayraktar TB2 and newer TB3 drones.
  6. "1 Doorasho dadban oo ay dooran doonaan xildhibaanada ergo u dhexeysa 101-1000 ergo kuwaasoo ay soo xulayaan Odayaasha dhaqanka,bulshada rayidka,waxayna doorashadan dhici kartaa kahor Febraayo 2021." This is completely new and not clear how it is going to be implemented. Is it 101 , 501 , 1000 etc and who will do the selection. We undderstand "Oday dhaqameed" but who are the "bulshada rayidka ah". The ideal system will be one man one vote but since this goverment failed to prepare for it, it is better to used the same system that produced the current government. This how the old system worked: For example a subclan gets 3 MPs. This subclan has 9 jufo, therefore each jufo will have 1 MP in one 4 year term. The Jufos are free to decide who will represent them and may elect someone to serve more than one term. The seletion is certified by the subclan chief, the clan chief and the regional government. This is simple and more difficult to manipulate. The question is why Farmaajo and his hand picked regional governments are pushing for this new system? The regional governments are being side lined from the selection process so why are these regional governments supporting it?
  7. "1 Doorasho dadban oo ay dooran doonaan xildhibaanada ergo u dhexeysa 101-1000 ergo kuwaasoo ay soo xulayaan Odayaasha dhaqanka,bulshada rayidka,waxayna doorashadan dhici kartaa kahor Febraayo 2021. 2- Nooca labaad ee doorashada la soo bandhigay ayaa ah mid isku jir ah Qof iyo Cod ah iyo Mid Dadban, doorashadan ayaa waxaa codeyn kara dad ka badan hal malyan oo ruux iyadoo ka dhacaysa gobolada dalka,doorashadan ayaa waxa ay dhici kartaa illaa July 2021. 3- Nooca saddexaad ee la soo bandhigay ayaa ah mid ay codeyn karaan illaa saddex milyan oo ruux waana doorasho Biometric ah taasoo ah muddo 13 bilood waana doorashadii ay soo bandhigeen guddiga doorashooyin qaran. 4- Sidoo kale nooca afaraad ee la soo bandhigay ayaa ah doorasho hal maalin dhacaysa oo isla maalintaas la diiwaangelinayo codeeyayaasha balse waxaa ay doorashadan qaadanaysaa muddo u dhexeysa 9- 12 bilood." Doorasha waxa ka haray dhowr bilood, ilaa hadda magaranayaan habka doorashadu u dhacayso. This is pure incompetence or crude delaying tactics.
  8. It is had to believe the above machiavellian treachury, but Farmaajo has shown complete dishonest in implementing the DM agreement with state governers.Sadly this will not work and he will not be able to extend his term. He had enough time of 4 years to make major accomplishment such as defeat of Shabaab and removing foreign troops from Somalia and he utterly failed .The elections will and should be held on time.
  9. A monumental miscalculation by bin Zayed for the benefit of Trump and Netanyahoo. Already the Palestinian leaders are calling it "Great betrayel" "Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he "rejects and denounces the surprising announcement by Israel, the United States and the UAE," and called it a "betrayal of Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinian cause." A senior adviser to Abbas read the statement from outside the PA president's Ramallah headquarters." No wonder people were calling bin Sayid "Shataan Al Carab". What is the benefit for UAE?
  10. Congratulations to all 3 Somali born winners. MN Somalis are lucky to have their own Somalis as advocates for their interests. Hopefully they will be advocates for Somalis everywhere.
  11. Wow, you are intoxicated with clanish supremacy ideology. Take a moment to contemplate this true statement. You were born alone, you will die alone and you will be resurected alone so your clan will be no help to you when you will be judged by the Almighty. You are angry because your clan secessionst's dreams will never be fulfilled because all honorable Somalis will never accept the breakup of thier beloved country.
  12. May be we can find Somali singer who can add his\her voice to this song. What singer can we draft for this song. What do you think?
  13. MMA ishaad ka tuurtay. Oodwayne you are always lashing out because you are suffering from jeegaanta domination after being loyal foot soldier for SNM. I am sure one day you will see the light as your cousin Saalax did and join Somaliwayne. With Turkey training Somali army, it is not far fetched when Amison will be removed from Somalia and alshabaab defeated.
  14. It is impossible to arrest the idea of Somaliwayn, sooner or later Somalia will be united, strong and prosporose insha'allah. Let us open GoFund for the Somali lady arrested in Hargaysa.