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  1. Guulwade Suldaanka thought the Hajj story of Somaliland officials a noble endeavor as a propaganda coup but this pictures tells a different story.
  2. Galbeedi this is beautiful and factual take down. Thank you.
  3. Allaha u naxariisto, waa shahiid xaqdaro loogu dilay isagoo shaqadiisa gudanaya. The resident of Mogadishu should wake up and start exposing shabaab elements in their midst.
  4. This is not good investment, it will just take hard earned money to South Korea. This may become white elephant business if they can not sell enough new cars to justify this huge investment. The company is in trouble in the telephone business and is under performing in their money transfer business inside Somalia. Somali businessman are basically traders and middle man. Instead of building hotels or importing luxury items, they could invest in agriculture, fishing, small scale manufacturing etc.
  5. Why secessionist hate Somalis - a self hate. Ilhan will not be in Congress if she committed visa fraud. Under Trump, the US is a lawless country where corruption, misogyny, insults and bullying is encouraged at the white house. Trump himself committed so many crimes but is protected because he is the president.
  6. AUN our dear sister May Allah shower her with mercy and forgiveness. She is indeed shahiid who died while uplifting Somalis especially the diaspora not to lose hope in their home country.
  7. Agreed. This Apophis needs to be disciplined by SOL moderator MMA. This site is moderated and has rules which needs to be adhered to.
  8. Usheega the wannabe secessionist coward. A better course is to work for Somali unity rather than unrealistic clan independence.
  9. We have a dictator in the making. As they say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  10. As usual you are wrong. All politicians have their price. Ahmed Madobe went from ICU to shabaab Hiz Islam to TFG. The people of Jubba will decide their next regional leader. Current rule in effect for the last 30 year is one term of 4 years for any Somali leader unless they cheat or stay by force.
  11. secessionist cry babies. Haters will always be haters until they get cured.
  12. Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house.
  13. Finally Farmaajo shows spine against Uhuru. Somaliland is irrelevant in the fight for Somali territorial waters near Kenya.
  14. There is a lot of killing for this to be just a failed coup. Ethiopia may be headed for civil war.
  15. Tallaabo "You are just encouraging him to be even more obsessive in trolling. I don't think anyone cares about the bullsh!t he fills on these pages" Duh. You do and comment. Somaliland should quietly seek the licenses from Mogadishu as they do on many other international issues. This affects the economic well being of the Somali people and should be allowed.