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  1. Another self inflicted damage, unless secessionists gave up completely dismembering Somalia and want to emulate Taiwan. Just like Hong Kong is being swallowed by China, Taiwan will eventually become part of China.
  2. 1. He does not deny he is gaal, why?. Let him state he is a muslim believer and then I will admit I am wrong. Otherwise he is free to be gaal, it is between him and Allah. 2. You are new here so you don't know much of secessionsts insults. Stick around and you will see the mother of insults from your neck of the woods. Pot meet kettle.
  3. Apophis is an ancient Egyptian diety, is that a clue that he is proud of being gaal. He hijacked this threat by insulting the Somali language Af-may as a rebuke to MMA thread. He has nothing to contribute in SOL expect one liner insults of entire people that makes discussion impossible. I suggest don't help him in his constant denigration of SOL discussions.
  4. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has earned the gratitude of all Somalis for helping Somalia in its darkest moment. The UN admitted that Turkey has done more to develop Mogadishu in one year than 25 years of UN ,presence in Somalia. The only people who will be against Turkey are either secessionists or self hated Somalis. It is our tribal divisions, incompetent leadership and the khawarij shabaab that has retarded our progress. With Turkish support, Somalia today could have been success story. It is nonsense to claim Turkey is not a rising power because 5 countries are trying to make an alliance against it. Just the fact that France, Greece, Cyprus, Eygpt and UAE have to make alliance to oppose Turkey shows the power of Turkey. Turkey has defeated these countries in Libya because they are supporting democratic forces of the legitimate Libyan government. Turkey is reliable alley and Erdogan ,as a devot Muslim, is a man of his word. Somalis should stick with Turkey and kick out UAE from Somalia.
  5. Almost all Muslim Scholars use calculation for negation, meaning if it is impossible to see the moon according to astronomical data, they would not accept a reported sighting. There is no arrogance in informing our Somali scholars to consult with astronomers on moon sighting so that they can avoid accepting false sighting. Those Somali scholars in the west specially bear responsibility to understand birth of the moon and location of possible sighting using astronomical data calculations.
  6. Maakhiri1 I heard one Somali scholar based in Mnpls was warned that the sighting of the crescent was wrong astronomically and he kept telling the non-Somali scholar that he talked to people in Somalia and 40 people saw the new moon. These Somali scholars based in the west should investigate for themselves this matter and if they come to the conclusion that the sighting information they received was wrong, they should admit their mistake.
  7. New moon is April 22-23, 2020 | Moon Phases | EarthSky EARTHSKY.ORG New moons generally can't be seen. They cross the sky with the sun during the day. This month's new moon happens on May 22 at 17:40 UTC. Galbeedi the actual time of the birth of the moon is 17:40 UTC which is equivalent to 8:40 PM Mogadishu time. This is the reason why the moon was impossible to see on Friday May 22, 2020.
  8. Gabeedi, Yes as Fiq Council in North America published below, It was impossible to see the moon anywhere in the world at sunset. The new moon was born at 5:40pm before sunset and therefore impossible to see. The Astronomical New Moon is on Friday, May 22, 2020 at 17:40 Universal Time. On that day there is no place on earth where at sunset the elongation is 8 degrees and moon is 5 degrees above the sun. Therefore Shawwal 1441 cannot start the next day. Hence first day of Shawwal is on Sunday, May 24, 2020, insha’Allah. This shows that Somali Ulama lack any understanding of crescent astronomy and unfortunately including those who are in the west who blindly followed Somali Scholars in the Horn of Africa. They should be advised that they declared Eid on fasting day and must advice people to make up that day.
  9. According to astronomical data, the moon was impossible to be see on Friday any where in the world, let alone Somalia there for, the month of Ramadan is to be completed and Eid is Sunday. Any Somali who celebrated Eid on Saturday should fast one day to make up for breaking fast on Saturday.
  10. There is unconfirmed news that Sissi runaway and took his family to New York. If true this will be game changer in the middle east. We will find out tomorrow.
  11. Is Halane Galbeedi. I can't tell any difference what Halane is saying and what Galbeedi writes. Even if that is not the case, this is the opinion of Farmaajo supporter who overlooks the failure of making the fight against shabaab the number one priority of the Federal government which will have, eventually. lead to the removal of Amisom from the south of Somalia.
  12. Galbeedi the problem for strong national is not because of Kenya/UAE/Saudi Arabia as you claim and regional governments who are not following the federal government. The problem is Farmaajo & Khayre have forgotten their core mission which is get rid of shabaab and ultimately Amisom. They are creating enemies of regional governments who have, like Puntland, more effective governance and security. The effective power of the federal government will follow once they show their demonstration in fighting shabaab, defeating them and ultimately removing Amisom troops from the country. They have no business getting in the midst of useless Gulf Arab quarrels.
  13. Secession is not a serious option for Puntland because that will not work as Somaliland demonstrated. Even the rich Emirates united to form United ARAB Emirates. Most Puntlanders are against secession and want to see the federal system to succeed. Unfortunately the rest of Somalis want to go back to one city Mogadishu rule which has been disaster for Somalia. What Puntland leaders need to do is be patient and continue to push for decentralized federal system where all Somalis are stakeholders in order to establish effective home rule in the interest for all Somalis.
  14. kuwa federaalka kasoo horjeeda ayaa jahawareer wada, mana hayaan wax dhaama. Somalidu way aragtay burburka kaligii talisnimo keentay markii Somali oo dhan hal magaalo laga maamulo.