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  1. There is unconfirmed news that Sissi runaway and took his family to New York. If true this will be game changer in the middle east. We will find out tomorrow.
  2. Is Halane Galbeedi. I can't tell any difference what Halane is saying and what Galbeedi writes. Even if that is not the case, this is the opinion of Farmaajo supporter who overlooks the failure of making the fight against shabaab the number one priority of the Federal government which will have, eventually. lead to the removal of Amisom from the south of Somalia.
  3. Galbeedi the problem for strong national is not because of Kenya/UAE/Saudi Arabia as you claim and regional governments who are not following the federal government. The problem is Farmaajo & Khayre have forgotten their core mission which is get rid of shabaab and ultimately Amisom. They are creating enemies of regional governments who have, like Puntland, more effective governance and security. The effective power of the federal government will follow once they show their demonstration in fighting shabaab, defeating them and ultimately removing Amisom troops from the country. They have no business getting in the midst of useless Gulf Arab quarrels.
  4. Secession is not a serious option for Puntland because that will not work as Somaliland demonstrated. Even the rich Emirates united to form United ARAB Emirates. Most Puntlanders are against secession and want to see the federal system to succeed. Unfortunately the rest of Somalis want to go back to one city Mogadishu rule which has been disaster for Somalia. What Puntland leaders need to do is be patient and continue to push for decentralized federal system where all Somalis are stakeholders in order to establish effective home rule in the interest for all Somalis.
  5. kuwa federaalka kasoo horjeeda ayaa jahawareer wada, mana hayaan wax dhaama. Somalidu way aragtay burburka kaligii talisnimo keentay markii Somali oo dhan hal magaalo laga maamulo.
  6. Gooni cay iyo aflagaado miyaa ku dambaysay. Reer puntland oo dhan baad cayday iyo weliba dumarka shaftra badan. Hubsiimo hal baa lasiistaa. Marka arintan u malaymaayo in wax ka jiraan. Waayo Puntland waa hooyaddii midnimadda Somalia oo way hortaagan tahay go'itaanka Somaliland.
  7. Guulwade Suldaanka thought the Hajj story of Somaliland officials a noble endeavor as a propaganda coup but this pictures tells a different story.
  8. Galbeedi this is beautiful and factual take down. Thank you.
  9. Allaha u naxariisto, waa shahiid xaqdaro loogu dilay isagoo shaqadiisa gudanaya. The resident of Mogadishu should wake up and start exposing shabaab elements in their midst.
  10. This is not good investment, it will just take hard earned money to South Korea. This may become white elephant business if they can not sell enough new cars to justify this huge investment. The company is in trouble in the telephone business and is under performing in their money transfer business inside Somalia. Somali businessman are basically traders and middle man. Instead of building hotels or importing luxury items, they could invest in agriculture, fishing, small scale manufacturing etc.
  11. Why secessionist hate Somalis - a self hate. Ilhan will not be in Congress if she committed visa fraud. Under Trump, the US is a lawless country where corruption, misogyny, insults and bullying is encouraged at the white house. Trump himself committed so many crimes but is protected because he is the president.
  12. AUN our dear sister May Allah shower her with mercy and forgiveness. She is indeed shahiid who died while uplifting Somalis especially the diaspora not to lose hope in their home country.
  13. Agreed. This Apophis needs to be disciplined by SOL moderator MMA. This site is moderated and has rules which needs to be adhered to.
  14. Usheega the wannabe secessionist coward. A better course is to work for Somali unity rather than unrealistic clan independence.
  15. We have a dictator in the making. As they say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.