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  1. Holac are you getting delusional as well? Advocating and conspiring with foes and friends day night does not lead to unity. Those who advocate such evil ideas do not deserve to lead Somalia. Somalis will choose who will lead them whether they are from the South, North or Central. You are wrong the haters are not in Mogadishu. Despite its current difficulties, Mogadishu is melting pot compared to other cities. What is needed is either try to help or at least refrain from causing discord.
  2. Galbeedi I just realized you are as delusional as the secessionst whose sole raison d'etre is the breakup of Somalia and supremacy of jeegaanta in a barren clan fiedom constant at war in Sool and now another clan war in Sanag. Their supporters even here in SOL support the wicked and evil shabaab causing destruction and mayhem in the south. No group of Somalis other than the jeegaanta ever harbored so much hatred for their fellow citizens. They enjoy every shabaab bombing in Mogadishu as if that will help them. The current politicians in the north identified as jeegaanta are weak and unable to compete for high office in Somalia so the fall back is to rule clan fiedom which will never become a country. Qabiil Qaran Ma Noqdo.
  3. What a fest between secessionists and anarchists. Both of these groups have one thing in come. Their aim is the destruction of Somalia but that is not going to happen as long as Somalis are united. General Caare is defending his own people from the wrecked jeegaanta and there is no military solution. We know warlord menace Biixi is incapable of coming up with peace resolution to the conflict, so the only solution is bloodshed. I am expecting a bad ending for this new project.
  4. Peace Action

    Cheeseman's thugs vs Somali Bantu in Xamarweyne

    Suldaanku Farmaajo ayuu ku waa waashay "hubsiimo halbaa lasiistaa"
  5. Peace Action

    No deal yet in Kenya-Somalia maritime row

    Where is Sudaanka and other secessionist who just believe the worst of the Somali government without waiting for confirmation. We told you this is bigger than Farmaajo and Khayre and it is proven that the case is still at ICJ and will be decided there. Don't be fooled by the necessary diplomatic niceties, Kenya took back their over reaction by spinning it as a win..
  6. Peace Action

    Waa digan sal liita leexadu ku sidato...

    Actually you are blinded by secession and hate that you are not able to separate fact from fiction. Your record of spreading fake news is legendary here in SOL but I doubt if you will admit your error when you are proven wrong.
  7. Peace Action

    Waa digan sal liita leexadu ku sidato...

    Farmaajo has his short comings but this is not one of them. Mostly likely the powers that be don't want more trouble in the horn of Africa region. Kenya overplayed their hand and made their case weaker. Since the case is at the world court, not even Farmaajo dare withdraw it which is main demand of Uhuru The secessionist always cry fire when there no fire, when the real fire starts no one will listen to you.
  8. Dad loo qabqabtay dilka Xildhibaan Boqorre • Horseed Media HORSEEDMEDIA.NET Jeneral C/llaahi Xasan Bariise oo ah taliyaha hogaanka ilaalinta canshuuraha ciidanka booliiska Soomaaliya ayaa xaqiijiyay in ciidamada ammaanku ay gacanta ku hayaan shaqsiyaad lala xiriirinayo in ay… Galbeedi Alshabaab's aim is the destruction of the elite Somalis regardless if they are from the south or the north. You do acknowledge that the city of Mogadishu have suffered the most ifrom Alshabaab or anarchist mayhem. The people in the capital city should rise up against these senseless killings and should work with police to apprehend these killers.
  9. Secessionist beg Abiy, Somaliland is becoming like Kurdistan always begging despotic foreign powers instead of reaching out to their fellow Somalis. So sad.
  10. Apparently you have not read what you posted. See the last paragraph on norther Somalia - Nogal Dharoor, Oodweyne. We welcome gas and oil discovery anywhere in Somalia and that will benefit all Somalis.
  11. They realized finally Somaliland is going nowhere from Somalia so why not seek work in Mogadishu.
  12. Peace Action

    The London conference and Puntland state of Somalia

    Galbeedi in the end all these companies lost huge amount of money however Somalis in Puntland benefited. That is the risk these companies take and it becomes hit and miss in the oil exploration business. With the current price of oil, there may not be many companies willing to take this risk. It is better to allow oil exploration which is very expensive and worry about the windfall later. I am not worried about current deals. What is more important is whether there is a company willing to put millions of dollars in Somalia at the present time.
  13. Peace Action

    The London conference and Puntland state of Somalia

    When the price of oil was $150 per barrel, Puntland under Ade Muse was able to find an oil company who will take a chance to look for oil. The company Horn Petroleum owned by Canadian African oil 45% was able to drill in Dharoor valley and did not oil. However they spend millions of dollars for workers and services. Once the price of oil collapsed it became more risk for the company to continue. I think it is better to allow companies to prospect for oil in Somalia rather than mindless opposition. At least during oil exploration whole areas nearby will become boom towns.
  14. Peace Action

    Alshabab operatives kill Head of P&O Ports Bosaso

    Suldaanka are you supporting Alshabaab? Why are you parroting their propaganda. I bet you will not be posting if the head of Berbera port was killed.
  15. Peace Action

    Alshabab operatives kill Head of P&O Ports Bosaso

    This could be a test by AlShabaab on the new administration of Deni. The young man who did the killing is only 20 years old also died later after being shot by port security. Puntland needs to come with new strategy to deter young men from being brain washed by the militant khawarij alshabaab. DEG-DEG:Ninkii Dilay Paol Farmosa oo u Geeriyooday Dhaawacii Soo Gaaray [DAAWO] • Horseed Media HORSEEDMEDIA.NET Waxaa caawa cusbitaalka magaalada Bosaso ku geeriyooday ninkii saakaa subaxii hore toogashada ku dilay maamulihii dekeda Bosaso ee shirkadda P&O Port ee dalkaasi Imaraadka Carabta Paol Farmosa.