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  1. There is a lot of killing for this to be just a failed coup. Ethiopia may be headed for civil war.
  2. Tallaabo "You are just encouraging him to be even more obsessive in trolling. I don't think anyone cares about the bullsh!t he fills on these pages" Duh. You do and comment. Somaliland should quietly seek the licenses from Mogadishu as they do on many other international issues. This affects the economic well being of the Somali people and should be allowed.
  3. It is more like reality hitting Xaaf. He claimed that he had two years remaining even though he was elected for the two year remaining from the term of Guuleed/Arabay. The vice president and the speaker wanted to hold elections on time as well. In this case the Feds were insisting the election to be held on time with no 2 year extension. This is not a victory for Farmaajo/Khayre but a miscalculation by Xaaf.
  4. How much does the hotel cost and who financed it, Ali Mahdi alone or his partners and where did the money came from?. It is good investment but it will be better to invest in manufacturing, fishing and agriculture.
  5. Galbeedi this makes more sense. Farmaajo and Khayre have demonstrated better handling of corruption but they failed so far their main mission which is to defeat Al-shabaab and remove foreign troops. With regional autonomy, their job is made easier to concentrate on Mogadishu security but if their agenda as you say is to dismantle the federal system, then they will utterly fail. They won't be able to dismantle the federal system because Somalis don't trust central government of one city rule Mogadishu again.
  6. This is the result of legitimacy coming from the barrel of the gun rather than thru the ballot box. Somalia with all it problems has turned the corner. It is time Ethiopians change the culture of military rule.
  7. Somaliland poet jailed for three years in crackdown on writers | World news | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Naima Abwaan Qorane sentenced for ‘anti-national activity’ in former British protectorate
  8. An independent inquiry is warranted in the death of former president Morsi but the dictator Sissi with support from Washington and European capitals will not allow. So much for democracy and the rule of law. Old_Observer Egypt is a great country and always supporting Somalia. Sissi will go one day but you should wish good for the people of Egypt.
  9. AUN President Mohamed Mursi, Sissi, the butcher of Egypt killed him slowly in 6 years of solitary confinement with no visitors. Even his family was allowed to visit him only 3 times in 6 years. Torture, solitary confinement, Lack of proper food and medicine for his diabetes & liver disease prematurely caused his death if not outright killing. They buried him 5 am secretly and will not allow his family to bury him in his birth place as he wished. Sissi and the military junta are afraid of Mursi otherwise they would have allowed public funeral. In death Mursi is free and in living Sissi waits for much worse faith in this world and certainly in the hereafter.
  10. Waa Ramadan and the secessionist continue their fitna of murder and destruction for their fellow Somalis. The worst are the keyboard warriors here in SOL who are always in the front line for killing and mayhem in the comfort of their home in the west sipping latte. These indeed are the true cowards.
  11. I am surprised by the childish behavior of the Kenyan government. Who is advising Uhuru? They will be forced to back bedel their ill advised actions against Somalia because ultimately it will hurt them.
  12. Amal. Taaj are all working as well in Kenya, they are too big to stop. We are in the last 10 days of Ramadan, go easy on propaganda.
  13. Xaaf and Madoobe should realize that Somalis prefer their leaders to stay for only one term and there is should never be extension. Otherwise there may be civil war. It is shameful that these two leaders should be the cause of the collapse of the Growe meeting. Instead of trying to come to consensus on outstanding issues between the Federal government and regional administrations, they disrespected the president, the prime minister and other regional administration leaders and left the meeting prematurely for personal reasons.
  14. what do you expect from a lawless jeegaant rule by warlord Biixi.