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  1. Apparently you have not read what you posted. See the last paragraph on norther Somalia - Nogal Dharoor, Oodweyne. We welcome gas and oil discovery anywhere in Somalia and that will benefit all Somalis.
  2. They realized finally Somaliland is going nowhere from Somalia so why not seek work in Mogadishu.
  3. Peace Action

    The London conference and Puntland state of Somalia

    Galbeedi in the end all these companies lost huge amount of money however Somalis in Puntland benefited. That is the risk these companies take and it becomes hit and miss in the oil exploration business. With the current price of oil, there may not be many companies willing to take this risk. It is better to allow oil exploration which is very expensive and worry about the windfall later. I am not worried about current deals. What is more important is whether there is a company willing to put millions of dollars in Somalia at the present time.
  4. Peace Action

    The London conference and Puntland state of Somalia

    When the price of oil was $150 per barrel, Puntland under Ade Muse was able to find an oil company who will take a chance to look for oil. The company Horn Petroleum owned by Canadian African oil 45% was able to drill in Dharoor valley and did not oil. However they spend millions of dollars for workers and services. Once the price of oil collapsed it became more risk for the company to continue. I think it is better to allow companies to prospect for oil in Somalia rather than mindless opposition. At least during oil exploration whole areas nearby will become boom towns.
  5. Peace Action

    Alshabab operatives kill Head of P&O Ports Bosaso

    Suldaanka are you supporting Alshabaab? Why are you parroting their propaganda. I bet you will not be posting if the head of Berbera port was killed.
  6. Peace Action

    Alshabab operatives kill Head of P&O Ports Bosaso

    This could be a test by AlShabaab on the new administration of Deni. The young man who did the killing is only 20 years old also died later after being shot by port security. Puntland needs to come with new strategy to deter young men from being brain washed by the militant khawarij alshabaab. DEG-DEG:Ninkii Dilay Paol Farmosa oo u Geeriyooday Dhaawacii Soo Gaaray [DAAWO] • Horseed Media HORSEEDMEDIA.NET Waxaa caawa cusbitaalka magaalada Bosaso ku geeriyooday ninkii saakaa subaxii hore toogashada ku dilay maamulihii dekeda Bosaso ee shirkadda P&O Port ee dalkaasi Imaraadka Carabta Paol Farmosa.
  7. Peace Action

    Farmaajo with his Somali body guards

    Nothing just the shame of the Somali president protected by Amisom personal guards rather than the capable Somali solders.
  8. Now we know Talaabo is Quranist. When you don't believe in authentic Hadith, you create your own religion based on your desires. If you believe in the Quran then you must believe in the Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) because he explained the Quran: "Whoever obeys the Messenger has obeyed Allah ... " [Al-Qur'an 4:79] "That what the Messenger brings you take it and leave what he forbids you ... "[Al-Qur'an 59:7] "Whoever obeys Allah and the Messenger is with those whom Allah has blessed." [Al-Qur'an 4:68] "We did not send any Messenger but for him to be obeyed by the permission of Allah." [Al-Qur'an 4:63]
  9. Typical Somali political leaders described by the famous Somali adage " Qowda maqashii waxna how qaban"
  10. Peace Action

    Farmaajo with his Somali body guards

    MMA These are the sad pictures. Is this still happening in Mogadishu at least?
  11. Peace Action

    Farmaajo with his Somali body guards

  12. Peace Action

    Lafta-Gareen: Don't Just Rent, integrate

    Good points. Specially "Wasiiro aqoon iyo tayo leh oo kooban". Deni must be having tough time fulfilling his promises regarding his cabinet hence the request for delay.
  13. Why we are in this predicament is because of 21 years military dictatorship. Museveni is sure on his way after 30 years of one man rule on making Uganda a failed state.
  14. Secessionist folishley gloat about current state of Somalia when in the eyes of the international community, the UN, African Union, EU and Arab all recognize Somalia which includes Somaliland as a failed state. Instead of working together as Somalis to improve the lives of Somali people, the geeljire in them whispers our clan is not part of the failure.