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  1. Well done to this Somali woman. More Somalis with skills would be sponsored if the region was stable. Too bad Somalia does not exist.
  2. Look at all the Somalia idiots drooling for the collapse of Ethiopia and hopes an Ethiopian "Aideed" to tear the country apart. Sorry Southern Clansmen the Ethiopians are far too civilised to go down the Somalia route of a failed state.
  3. If the manifesto group had any balls they would have shot Barre in the face when they met him in person. Barre showed his true colours when he aerial bombarded the civilian populations and indiscriminate killings of various clans in Mogadishu. Do you know how sick and evil Barre was? After feeling Mogadishu in late January 1991 he came back serval times in 1992 to try and reclaim power from the USC. This caused a huge famine in a fertile region of Somalia (Jubba and Shabelle) and triggered a massive U.N food aid emergency. Not to mention the USC and other southern rebel outfits destroying what little Somalia had in term of reputation and currency. I am thankful that Somaliland cut ties with the crazy and barbaric south.
  4. Thank god I am from Somaliland.
  5. He was anti-Somaliland and choose to represent Somalia in 2000 and 2001 as its PM. He started a bullshit state called khaatumo.
  6. This asshole should be rotting in the ICC for the crimes against the people of Mogadishu.
  7. Cretin what do you call Puntland? Somaliland has at least other clans within it.
  8. Yes I meant the clan militias that fought each other in 1993/1994.
  9. The difference with Somaliland is that we took our land back from an oppressive man who though he could rule Somalis in the north like a king. Our clans have made peace with this fact. Sure the SNM forces committed some crimes but we were fighting a bigger criminal organisation called the Somali democratic republic and had to win. The southerners do not even acknowledge the bloodshed and crimes their clans men did to the north let alone what they did to each other in Mogadishu.
  10. Somalia never worked because of his clan and uncle. These people have a big mouth but little integrity. They want supremacy over other Somalis and rule like a monarch (the clue is in the 4.5 system). This is what cause the state collapse of Somalia. Somaliland has rebuilt itself up, no matter the flaws we have, in time will become a true free society were each Somaliander achieving their potential.
  11. Trump is right. Do not lecture the United States about governing when she comes from a failed state.
  12. I thought your kind already did that. And they are called ***...
  13. Forget about any deals made during the Barre era about lands. The civil war correct that land issue for Somalilanders and we have made it clear that those not of Somaliland history cannot own land here. The Aideed clan should return back to Hirshabelle state as they should known by now there is no such thing as Somaliweyne.