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  1. And they said I was crazy when I pointed out 1m1v in Somalia would never happen. Let the Civil war 2.0 begin and then Somaliland can finally join the U.N.
  2. True Xaaji Xunjuf...these young people never tasted the bitterness of civil war with Afweyne.
  3. BK is a true Somaliland patriot. The koonfurian don't understand Nationalism. They think they can seduce us with nice words...waryaa diyaar ma u tahay dilid. lol
  4. It is not an "old video" this is the prevailing truth about Somalia. It is as Xaaji Xunjuf has said still a weak country that can fall back into anarchy at any time.
  5. Isaias Afwerki has played the game well, considering he has many political enemies within his country.
  6. Barbarian trash. "if you leave the religion of Islam, you can be murdered and your murder is justified." Not forgetting that Prophet Mohammed pbuh said "there is no compulsion in religion." This is why Somalis are not mentally healthy today, too much ignorance and not enough knowledge. What an arrogant scumbag that fool with the mic is. But then zoomalia is full of degenerate low iq filth not worth the paper their name is written on.
  7. The cheese man has failed to secure Mogadishu since being selected president in a corrupt money bribing sham.
  8. One warlord telling another warlord don't loot the city the Mayor is already looting with the help of Al-shebaab. Jokers.
  9. Worthless politician looking for a free meal ticket to rob the improvised masses. Don't expect Zoomalis to have honour.
  10. People trying to help the poverty sicken zoomalis living in Hirshabelle region have been killed and the zoomali "government" does not investigate this heinous crime. Somalia: Ensure Justice in Health Worker Massacre WWW.HRW.ORG