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  1. Alshabab invested early in having agents everywhere. They have an army of inactive members dormant and waiting to strike any moment. These inactive members are in academia, government, school, business, military. They gather information, monitor activities and when it is the right time, the killer explodes. Who goes first? It is either random or scheduled. It can be both. They will call the inactive member suddenly and tell the person he/she must kill or be killed. Poor terrorist then decides  might as well die "going to Jannah" than become dead  "kafir". 

    The Somali nation needs to be saved. This will never end.  We need a real plan to clean up the mess. 

  2. That is a very startling information you posted Xamaraawi. I don't know what to say either. I read the whole twitter thread from the Journalist and it is very disturbing what our country is going through right now. 

    May Allah save the nation. 

  3. Ilhan has bigger things to worry about than the Right wing nutcases  wasting time on this topic. They will never find a thing. Someone has to kidnap Mr. Elmi, take his DNA, match it with hers  and prove he is her brother. Not only that, but what immigration fraud is there to commit if the guy is not living in America. 

    Total nonsense.  

  4. Why did it take so many hours for the leaders of FG to speak about this tragedy?

    I really think the approval was given to Alshabab terror units by handlers higher in the FGS. This was to teach Madoobe a lesson and pave the way for outside intervention. It may have been a terrible miscalculation because Madoobe now seems stronger than before. 

    It is terrible to lose our dear sister is this nonsense power struggle between Madoobe and Farmaajo. The country is being destabilized further than it already was by the incompetence of Farmaajo and Kheyre at the top who have no plan to fight Alshabab. 

  5. If this was a business trip designed to benefit the people of Somaliland, I would have accepted it, but unfortunately this was meaningless political game intended to give Mr. Bihi a distraction at home where he is facing myriad of problems. 

    By severing ties with that corrupt nation, Somali leaders sent the message that our union is sacrosanct. We are still one nation founded by people from the North and South.