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  1. The muslim world is suffering because of MBS and UAE.
  2. Saudi Arabia Promised Support to Libyan Warlord in Push to Seize Tripoli WWW.WSJ.COM Days before Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar launched an offensive to seize the capital and attempt to unite the divided country under his rule, Saudi Arabia promised tens of millions of dollars to help pay for the operation, according to senior Saudi advisers.
  3. Odayga is not happy with Mr. Bihi. But I don't believe he has any credibility to come back to the unionist side.
  4. Woow. I wonder if the UAE is behind the ouster? What do you all think? Is this going to be Al-Sisi like puppet regime?
  5. How do we know they are not "ghost" workers, something very common in Somalia. I am not saying this is the case, but whenever I hear things like this, I get suspicious.
  6. The desert regions Apophis is complaining about don't have more than few thousand people. Have a look at Wardheer region on google maps? The city of Wardheer is a tiny village. The village hasn't probably grown in size since Italian campaigns against rebel leader Omar Samatar. There is no other significant settlement in that entire Wardheer region. On the other hand, drive through Issa/Gadabursi hinterland beyond Jigjiga and Diredawa, and you start to appreciate the true population of the Somali region. It is a beautiful land with beautiful Somali people. It is bullshit to divide the Somali people in the region along phantom desert dwellings.
  7. Amin Amir is saying the hand is a Somalilander. Same color as Bihi's and Arap's tie. Islaantu ma reerkaa?
  8. What changes did the guy make Apophis? Can you give us the details? All I hear from others is that he is a corrupt, Oromo-loving stooge with no political teeth. I didn't know he even made any effort to "appease" other stakeholder Somali clans. I mean that would be a good thing, if he did so.
  9. I don't believe the guy is sober. Our fragile union needs to be perfected, not destroyed. It is meaningless to listen to a dude suggesting Somalis would never be able to share government.
  10. It is always better to be the big shark that can't be "thrown" around. Somaliland may have the best government in the Somali peninsula, but the reality is that Laandheerism is still played in its halls of power. I like Djibouti as a country, but I believe this businessman is facing deportation today because he is from a minority clan.
  11. Watching the first video gives me a headache. Why are people driving like that on such a narrow road with oncoming traffic completely not visible? No wonder accidents are more frequent.
  12. Is @Abtigiisbragging about upholding the fragile Ethiopian union? Wasn't everyone calling Illey names such as stooge etc? Can you post clips of @Abtigiis accusing Illey of separatism?
  13. Somaliland is so hot, it turned into a desert.
  14. That amount will completely bankrupt Djibouti. Unbelievable. UEA snake is sending a strong message to its pawns in the region: don't breach or dismiss our interests or else you will pay dearly.
  15. Now that is very funny. We need a sense of humor sometimes.
  16. Galbeedi waa mixnad. It took him few months to assemble a strong coalition against @Abtigiis