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  1. Abukar Awale, aka Qaaddiid is a internationally known campaigner against the use of Qat in the Somali community. He played a role in the baning of this drug in the UK and as a consequence saved many families from the clutches of this drug. It's a sign of desperation, weaknesses and a realisation that masses are waking up to the ills of this cult that forced the high priests of the cult to send their goons to kick his hotel door in at 3 in the morning? He is not a political person. His whole thing is going around and preaching to people about the negative effects of this drug. The fact that they did this in Lascaanod of all places will come back to haunt them. The vast majority of the people of the SSC are against this cult movement.
  2. People in a cult always believe that they are perusing higher ideal and any price is worth paying in order to achieve that ideal. Tell them that they are in a cult and they will look at you as if you are the crazy one. The Somaliland project is a cult in every sense of the word. How else can you explain what's happening there at the moment. In Hargeisa you can find anything and get up to anything jus the same as you could in Sin City. The authorities turn a blind eye. However, wear the wrong clour shirt or drink a cup of tea that doesn't meet with the visual criteria of the cult and you have to fear for your life and liberty, because the high priests of the cult will be sending their goons to break down your door at 3am in the morning. The high priests of this cult have become so dizzy with power, now they have included campaigning against Qat into the long list of blasphemous things that will get the goons kicking down your door at 3am. How did it all go so wrong?
  3. Horror Video Of Snipers Picking Off 'Fishermen' NEWS-SKY-COM.CDN.AMPPROJECT.ORG Interpol are asked to help trace the origins of the 10-minute clip reportedly found on a mobile phone left in a taxi.
  4. A video that has been in circulation for a few years shows armed men in a Taiwanese fishing boat shooting and killing at least four Somali men within Somali waters. This boat was never issued with a licence to fish within Somali waters. Yet while it was engaged in illegal fishing within Somali waters it took upon itself to act as judge, jury and executioner and ended the lives of these four Somali men. The recent arrest of the captain of the boat that carried out the executions is nothing but a pantomime, a show that is designed to bury this story once and for all and allow Taiwan unhindered access to Somali territory. This so called arrest is not a search for justice but a whitewash that is designed to absolve Taiwan of any responsibility. The murders were committed within Somali waters and as such Somalia has jurisdiction on this case. The Somali government must demand the hand over of this murderer and he must be put on trial in a Somali court Facts 1) As can be seen from the video at least 4 Somali men have been killed within Somali waters. 2) The captain of the vessel has admitted these murders took place within Somali waters. 3) The boat where the shots are fired from is Taiwanese as can be seen from the markings on its side. 4) The boat where the shots are fired from has never been issued with a licence to fish within Somali waters. 5) The victims are not holding any weapons and there are no weapons visible near them. 6) The victims boat has been capsized and heavily damaged and the victims are trying their best to stay afloat in the water. 7) As can be seen from the video the victims posed no immediate threat to those that cut their lives short. True justice must be found for the victims and this can only be achieved when a serious trial takes place. Justice for the Taiwan four.
  5. Hiiraanonline waa garbage. Tabloids in other countries who write anything just to get more readers atleast show some sense of patriotism to their country of origin. With Hiiraanonline there is no patriotism and definitely no professionalism. All they do is find then copy and paste any article that has the word Somali in it. Do they not realise the articles they copy and paste might be written by non Somalis who might have their own agenda? To make matters worse they translate some of these articles to Somali and pass it of as fact of the day. The amount of damage this website has done to Somalia's image is unbelievable. On the topic at hand. There is no evidence the men in this video who were murdered in such a cold hearted way within Somali waters were "pirates". After looking at the boat these men were on, Greenpeace said the boat did not match the fast boats used by pirates. Which can only mean these were fishermen. In any case, who made these boats judge, jury and executioner in the middle of Somali waters?
  6. Been ma-aha taasi, Soomaali iyadaa isku maqan. Dawlada kasokoow, shacabku waa inay kadamqadaan dhacdadan oo kale. Dad baddoodii dhexdeeda lagu xasuuqayo, welibana si arxan daro ah, kadibna selfie laiska qaadayo. War dareenkii umada maxaa kudhacay? Qaar baa hadaydoonaan lasoo shaqotagaya nimankan la laayay waxay ubadantahay ineey yihiin reer hebel ama reer hebel marka anaka waxba nagama gelin.
  7. Horror Video Of Snipers Picking Off 'Fishermen' Interpol are asked to help trace the origins of the 10-minute clip reportedly found on a mobile phone left in a taxi. Longer version of the video below. https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/horror-video-of-snipers-picking-off-fishermen-10392595
  8. Two Filipino deckhands have come forward to say they witnessed the killings. One of them, Maximo, said that as many as 10 or 15 people could have been killed, adding that they did not appear to be pirates. 'It was wrong, people getting shot. But there was nothing I could do about it,' he said, according to a report by Ian Urbina of The Outlaw Ocean Project, written for Yahoo News. Maximo and another deckhand, Aldrin, later told a private investigator that the Ping Shin had received a radio alert about pirates in the area. The Ping Shin had three armed guards and there had been similar confrontations in the past which led to suspected 'pirates' being killed, the witnesses said. Another former sailor on the Ping Shin said it mainly worked in Somali waters but also operated near the Seychelles. Greenpeace said the victims' boat appeared to be a small, wooden fishing vessel rather than 'the faster type of vessel typically used by pirates'. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8848031/Chinese-captain-arrested-horrifying-video-killings.html