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  1. UAE is more worried about Turkey than the daily bombings against innocent Palestenians by Isreal.
  2. Awdalites got slaughtered for nothing. The family of the deceased Khat dealer should have taken the matter with the Erigavo prison warden instead of murdering the officers who initially arrested the dealer. This makes no sense.
  3. Whenever Oodweyne goes silent, all is not well in Somaliland. :)
  4. My friends, we may have a Sudan-like event on our hands. Where is Galbeedi to comment on this "slowly" growing demo. Someone is watching TV.
  5. I wish there were thousands of them instead of a hundred. Mogadishu boomed when it had Somalilanders, Punlanders, Indians, Arabs, Jareers, Reer Baidoa, Reer Hamars, and HAG. Now, it is mainly populated by two clans: Beesha Jareer and HAG. We need diversity in our cities. We need to allow foriegners to come, invest and live in the country. We need to travel to each others's cities and intermingle. Xenophobia and clan protectionism will only hurt the survival of the Somali race. Let the boom start with the Indians. Bring it on!!!!!!!!
  6. Too much wisdom there. Sadly, many won't understand the importance of what you said. Freedom of movement (as our ancestors did with their camels) is critical for the survival of our language and culture.
  7. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stood next to an empty lectern bearing his election rival's name and used a solo appearance at Ukraine's largest sports stadium Sunday to lash out at the race's inexperienced front-runner as a "virtual candidate."
  8. It looks like the opposition is deploying the same social media mobilization tactics Farmaajo has been using for years.
  9. Why not? Instead of relying on used garbage from the troublesome UAE, our business people should import new cars from South Korea and other places, because our cash is as good as anyone else's. Cut the middle man. This is what the country needs. Having said that, I am not a fan of Dahabshiil monopoly. It would have been nice to see other Somaliland investors take the lead on this.
  10. I am begining to believe that Saudi Arabia is winning this long battle against Turkey and Qatar. UAE and MBS are slowly consolidating power through the creation of puppet regimes in the region.
  11. Oodweyne, I could not imagine the dude having any peace in a city like Hargeisa after doing a video peddling fake news about groupies in Hargeisa worshiping Jesus. I thought the society I knew had changed and I was totally behind.
  12. So are we to ignore the topic here and distract each other with insult. Grow up guys. Back to the topic, what do you guys think about the lost boy speaking there? Is this "Christian" thing a big deal in Hargeisa? Can he actually go back to Hargeisa after saying those things? I wonder.