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  1. Galbeedi waa xalaal-quute xasuus iyo xarbi badan, xog badanna haya. Xumaan ka foq ninkaasi.
  2. Xaaji, piracy is a crime. Don't call me a criminal. Tillamook, you are still in the xishood mode. The question still stands.
  3. With so many blows, the latest being buylection of Deni, I am just asking the question laga wada xishoonayo.
  4. Kurds are the most wrongly indoctrinated ethnic group in the Middle East.
  5. Abtigiis, where are you?
  6. Give the man a chance. He could leave great legacy behind unlike others before him.
  7. Damjadiid vs Nolol iyo Nabad. The battle for survival is on.
  8. Holac

    Morning Thread

    BoLUEotylicious, hello. I love Somali tea. Qorfo is the best.
  9. What happened to Reer Bari and Ali Isse? Money talks at the end of the day. If you don't offer cash to MPs, you don't get the votes.
  10. Haha. Back to Qardho. And why is Damujadiid promoting this clan setup and marginalizing clans other than trinity? Is this a setup to make Puntland look bad?
  11. Big mistake. Farmaajo will lose his shine if Hiiraale comes back on his behalf.
  12. This election has very little to do with Farmaajo. He may distribute Qatari money here and there to some candidates, but at the end of the day, Puntlanders have achieved great political maturity over the last 20 years that it is impossible for that region to become subservient to Mogadishu. If the allegations of meddling are true, I have no doubt Farmaajo is wasting his money.