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  1. I was surprised when this news broke. The fact that Somaliland is denying means there was some truth to the planned visit in the first place, but the facts may have changed after Mr. Bihi realized he would not be able to sell this to his team.
  2. That is a very scary scenario. May Allah help our people. Isn't dead locust good for giving the soil the nutrients it needs for future growth?
  3. I am not sure Farmaajo is the best person to do this, but apology is a welcome first step nonetheless, to right the wrongs of the past and start the closure process for hunderds of thousands of Somalis in the North impacted by the regime's violence.
  4. Great tool to deal with the terrorists but they have their spies in government already. Some are already inside Villa Somalia. There are double agents on both sides. Rag is rifaye.
  5. Jiif oo Jaq (lay down and keep sucking) sounds lazy. I agree with Galbeedi. Whoever that is peddling this nonsense snake oil doesn't care about the future of our people. Dadka iyo dalkaba waa ladulaynayaa.
  6. It won't do much for the average Somali. All it does is allow Somalia's corrupt government to borrow more money so that corrupt politicians can finally get very rich. It is a gimmick.
  7. I heard Mo Farah doesn't have a great relationship with his family. He is more focused on his career and his wife's family.
  8. We need to take these books to every corner of the country. Are these book also available in Hargeisa and other areas of the country?
  9. That looks beautiful. I could picture myself sleeping somewhere in that magnificent valley.
  10. Give us sources to check out please.
  11. How did they get killed? Did they break into the lady's house?
  12. Let us hope he is a genuine unionist and not seeking five minutes of fame.
  13. Very troubling news is coming out of Somaliand. Mr. Bihi has failed his people and need to resign asap. Mr. Bihi has become very arrogant.
  14. The miseducation of Apophis. He needs to learn alot about the land of the Somalis.
  15. Farmaajo needs to be very carful here. Sometimes the government should know its limits. Madoobe can't be removed through civil war destruction.
  16. I haven't seen Galbeedi for days. Soo noqo adoo nabada Galbeedi.
  17. Kenya is the new scam capital of Africa. The Kikuyas are picking up the game so fast, the country will be unrecognizeable very soon. Turks being conned by gold scammers in Kenya - World News WWW.HURRIYETDAILYNEWS.COM Turks are among the many foreign nationals being deceived by gold scamming syndicates in Kenya, the Turkish embassy in Nairobi said on Sept. 20.
  18. What is "team Abiy" doing wrong?
  19. This is now making sense. The UAE menace is running out of steam.