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  1. Peace Action has a point. But Haatu also has a point.
  2. Darbi-jiif is a demeaning word the Ministry should not be using. These are disadvantaged kids with so much potential if given the opportunity to survive poverty. "carruurta aan qoyska lahayn" or something along these lines would be much better and humane to describe their plight.
  3. Shameful. Instead of encouraging educational competitions, our elders cheer from sidelines for violence.
  4. I heard Bosaso Port is close to being abandoned completely as UAE increases its choke-hold on the port and reduces activity by design. It is paying the big corrupt guys to keep the port inactive and that was part of the whole plan. It is slowly dying. I am not surprised locals in Puntland are looking for a new port. I agree Galbeedi. Somali people need to organize and help themselves. Our society became "barojekti-suge".
  5. Old Observer, Galbeedi and I welcome you with open arms my Agew friend.
  6. The guy is incompetent. He is just laying low asking others to write "dear leader" articles about him while thousands are dying in Ethiopia from this deadly virus. No shame whatsoever.
  7. Any opportunity to remove Shabab terror must be celebrated and supported.
  8. Well done Australia. You give hope to your Western cousins.
  9. Ethiopia is a joke. If you are going to lie, tell something closer to the truth. Abiy is slowly becoming a despot. There is nothing more cruel and unforgivable than hiding the truth about such a devastating disease spreading in your country.
  10. Guess what is going to happen in the next few months or a year? The world will defeat this disease, but Africa will become the newest and only hotspot and the rest of the world will quarantine Africa, Africans shunned and called "corona carriers". It is very possible. It is how the game of poverty works.
  11. Most disgusting and shameful story out of Villa Somalia for decades. This is a travesty.
  12. McDonald's China 'bans black people from entering out of fears they might have coronavirus' | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK A viral video showed a customer, appears to be in a McDonald's in Guangzhou, holding a sign that bans black customers. The food chain is accused of racism after the footage sparked outrage online.
  13. @Abtigiishas become a stooge for the ambitious Amhara oligarchy.
  14. Observer, China has done nothing for the Somali people. Many of us are American citizens. We love this country as much as anyone. Chinese are among the most ignorant and racist people on this planet. Read the news of the shocking stuff the Chinese people are currently doing to Africans living in China, treating them like animals. It is reported in all over the news.
  15. Wrong priorities. Every Somali politician, intellectual, businessman and educated person should be focused on beating the deadly virus.
  16. This disease will cause a lot of harm to Somali people everywhere. Ilaahow na caawi.
  17. This nonsense talk should be cancelled. People are battling a devastating pandemic.