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  1. ^ It's not an election! It's no different then how A.Y was elected/selected in the TFG. But good luck to shiekh sharif if he wins. LayZie, will you be shieck sharif's SOL press secretary if he is elected?
  2. I would not want to meet anyone(apart perhaps the prophets(pbut), seriously, I believe all these historical figures importance have been greatly exaggerated. p.s Kool Kate, nice list. I like the first two and also malcolm X.
  3. Originally posted by Abtigiis &Tolka: In many ways Somalilander's stance on Somalia is understandable and diginified. They don't want to go back to the hellish marriage. That of Puntalnders is more than pathetic. They have been spoilers for long, and have hidden beneath the facade of dawlad-doon during the Yey era. I think that idiosyncracy of perpetual Mucaaradnimo is what is in display here again. These guys must be stopped. I agree, puntland needs to make a stance one way or another, either join mogadisho and the south or forget about the south and concentrate on garrowe. On the other hand, the creation of puntland is the prime reason somaliland has not been recognized and somalia divided into two states, because of puntlands relative stability and peace. In that sense, puntlanders are the only group who have kept the somali republic in tact for the past 17 years, with anarchy to the south and separatism to north. Give credit where credit is due.
  4. The SPPAC(SomaliaOnline Puntlanders Public Affairs Committee) is lobbying for Mujaahid Dhulqarnayn. We expect him back soon or there will be a strike!
  5. Originally posted by -MARX-: 1. Politically Liberal - Irrelevant in a woman, politics is the realm of men. 2. Good income- Unnecessary. My income will cover us both. 3. Attractive- Sure, but humble and overall great personality is more important. 4. Highly Educated- Replace with intelligence and common sense. 5. Islamically liberated- wtf does this mean
  6. Listen to this whining and disgruntled plebeian fool, education is how one earns a living and income in this world, learning and education is essential to life. Do not mock those who endeavor to do something with their lives you peasant, and go get an education yourself. Are you suggesting that people in particular somali's do not educate themselves? Remember in islam as one shieck said learning itself is considered a form of Jihad as the Prophet said, “Whoever goes out to seek knowledge, he is in the path of Allah until he returns.” You should be encouraging those who are educated instead of belittling people's achievements as just 'liberal education' or other nonsense. Especially considering, somali's are not that well represented in universities and institutions of higher learning.
  7. Ladies Take some advice from former first lady hillary clinton, if your husband cheats, it's not the end of the world. Men are hunters and we will hunt. But what would posses a woman to cheat, I wonder if the motivation is the same as that of a man.
  8. Puntland is already independent, declaring independence would be pointless. President faroole is playing politics the right way, this so called unity government better pay heed to puntland and make sure puntland region is well represented.
  9. Originally posted by The Zack: Beesha ha midowdo. Can you imagine the entire D clan being on the same boat, agreeing to have one leader. That would be 3/4th of Somalia staying together, from Raas Kambooni to Caluula. Inta kale weyba iska soo raaci lahaayen. p.s. JK, I don't believe that clan sh*&. I would hardly consider morgan and jeese to be D clan leaders, just some irrelevent former warlords. But you're right about that, nonetheless. A united D clan would mean a stable somalia and historically has. Who would've though, morgan and jeese on the same boat. You gotta love somali politics, it's always messy and interesting.
  10. Originally posted by Meiji: ''This so called new transitional government needs to be inclusive, instead of 4.5, it should be based on region. How do they expect thriving and prosperous regions in somalia(puntland in particular, somaliland as well) to be part of the process if they are not well represented. There needs to be real incentives for puntland to relinquish it's 'autonomy' and I don't see that happening anytime soon. '' Its amazing how rethorics change simply because A.Yusuf left the building. But I agree with you on the region-basis instead of the artificial 4.5 quota system. We live in a dynamic world, rhetoric will change depending on the political situation. Xiinfaniin So what exactly will this new government control, if PL and SL are both autonomous.? Is this gonna be a central somali republic government or a Banadir government?
  11. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: Ina Yusufs’ remnants wish a confrontation between PL and whatever government Jabbuuti conference produces. It’s unlikely that will happen. Faroole may rightly insist that he ought to have input into the process. But as he spelled it out in his letter to the UN rep, he supports this conference in principle. And that is a change we can believe in All PL leader must support the 'process' in principle, but in reality don't care for it. It's all a show to the united nations. Besides, this so called government will in effect only be able to control mogadisho and that's not even certain. Puntland has natural resources of it's own, thriving cities, all we need is the continuation of UN aid and it will continue to be a prosperous region. This so called new transitional government needs to be inclusive, instead of 4.5, it should be based on region. How do they expect thriving and prosperous regions in somalia(puntland in particular, somaliland as well) to be part of the process if they are not well represented. There needs to be real incentives for puntland to relinquish it's 'autonomy' and I don't see that happening anytime soon.
  12. Al shabab is all over the place, on the one hand they are politically assassinating people, stoning young girls and other hand because of them kismaayo is a free and peaceful city and is no longer riddled with warlords and isbaaro(checkpoints). But in the long term, al shabab has no place in a peaceful somalia, their existence depends on the instability of somalia, that's how they get their support. Not to mention because of the global world we live, no western world will allow a designated "terrorist" group to run a country.
  13. Good developments and I said this months ago that A/Y departure would be a blessing in disguise for puntland, it's better puntland does not take part of the process and encourage the south to work things out before puntland and other regions can get involved. Once a real and inclusive government is formed, then puntland will be part of it inshallah.
  14. Originally posted by Mr. Red Sea: ^So you 22 huh? well why didn't you say so? That changes everything. Is that so? So what does it change?
  15. Originally posted by AAliyah416: ^ lol thats true.... But, I know qalbiadey is only 22 ...hes no way 31 yrs old. dnt let him fool u.. salaam What's with the qarxis? :mad: Kool_Kat Waa just kaftan, you're right, 30 is the new twenty.
  16. I also think ibtisam deserves some appreciation for her tireless effort on behalf of our fellow muslims in gaza and other places.
  17. iii agree AAliyah416 is great and fantastic muslimah, a role model for all somali girls.
  18. Any woman who chooses to wear hijaab in this western environment for the right reasons deserves nothing but respect.
  19. Aaliyah Walaal, oday gaboobey baan ahay, marke kaalay aan is barano, somalida waxay ku mah mahdaa nin ku dhali karo aa ku dhaqi karo.
  20. My fake age is 22(to get the isbonzer), but my real age is 31.
  21. I'd like to recruite Layzie G for team Puntland, she can make quick work of the flip floppers(ibtisam and red sea).
  22. ^ Amiin Let's hope mogadisho there will be lasting peace in mogadisho.
  23. Originally posted by AfricaOwn: ^^ Xiin is the one pulling the "fake neatrality" scheme if you ask me. His playing for your team. I doubt it, the man is after some illusive dream called somaliweyn. His goals are noble, that much is true, althought unrealistic.