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  1. My brothers and Sister in Islam please after watching this video. Please and please Try to help if you can. Think as this is you real sister and she is indeed. Gabar Somaliyeed oo lagubay Maseer daraadiis
  2. Laga bilaabo Maalintii ladilay Aabihii Nabada Alah unaxariistee Suldaan Ciise Xassan cumar ilaa iyo maanta waxaa mugdi galay Nabadii Magaalooyinka Puntland Dhamaantood. Taas oo micnaheedu tahay in ay habayaraatee aysan nabad aheen puntland Marhadii dubkii the center of the citly lagulaayo. Suldaan Ciise Xassan Cumar waxaa uu sanadkii 1959-kii ku dhashey degmada Qandalla ee ka tirsan gobolka Bari,wuxuuna waxbarashadiisa dugsiga hoose iyo kan sare ku qaatay isla degmada Qandalla. Allahu Naxriiste Suldaan Ciise wuxuu xilligaas kadib aaday magaalada Muqdisho oo sanadaha 1976/1977 kusoo qaatay tababar dhanka macalinimada,wuxuuna intaas kadib dib ugu soo laabtay degmada Qandalla. Wuxuu shaqo macalinimo ka bilaabmay degmooyinka Iskushuban iyo Qandalla,iyadoo uu intaas kadib noqday maamule iskuul. Suldaan Ciise ayaa sanadkii 1980-kii tegay wadamada Imaaratka Carabta isagoo noqday ganacsade,waxaana inta u dhaxeysay sanadihi 1980 ilaa 1984 noqday ganacsatada ugu waaweyn ee reer Puntland. Sanadku markuu ahaa 1995-tii waxaa loo doortay Suldaanimo oo ay u dooratay beeshiisa uu kasoo jeedo,wuxuuna sanadahaan kamid ahaa Waxgaradka ugu caansan degaanada Puntland iyadoo uu ka qayb qaadan jirey arimaha nabada iyo horumarka. Allahu naxriiste Suldaan Ciise Xassan Cumar ayaa ifka kaga tegay hal xaas oo lagu magacaabo Maryan Cabdullaahi Saalax,7-gabdhood iyo hal wiil. Kooxo hubeysan ayaa habeenimadii sabtidii (20.11.2010) xilli uu kasoo baxay masjid ku yaalla Bosaaso salaada Maqrib kadib toogasho ku diley Suldaan Ciise oo maalinta ku xigtay (21.11.2010) lagu aasay qabuuraha Biyo Kulule ee duleedka Bari ee magaalada. Horseed Media
  3. Originally posted by General Duke: ^^^Good to see you back bro.. Interesting news. old man Thanks. I like Mr Xaraare he is very good reporter but his action is impressing for him and his family
  4. <img src=" " alt="" /> FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA) -- A major drug bust in Fairfax County lands two men behind bars. Police seized more than 130 pounds of a drug called "khat" that originates from East Africa. The drug is an amphetamine and illegal in the country. Fairfax County Police say, the drug is likely in the hands of more people than they suspected after making the record catch. Spokesperson Bud Walker tells 9 News Now, "We want parents to talk to their children, we want people to be inquisitive, they may not understand that it's illegal, so we want them to know it's illegal, a felony and dangerous. " The drug bust happened at a Falls Church commercial parking lot on Columbia Pike. Two men were caught in an alleged drug deal. Police found the bulk of the drug load at 2846 Annandale Road inside the apartment of one of the suspects. The residence is believed to have been a distribution point. Sestelle Hyson, a woman who has lived in the neighborhood for 42 years says, "It makes me uneasy because you really don't know where they are and what they are doing and you just don't realize what's going on around you." "It doesn't feel too good because there are children around here," said Joaquin Gonzalez, a neighbor who, from now on, will keep a watchful eye and try to provide more protection for his family. Khat has been in use for generations in some parts of the world, and was only classified as a drug of abuse by the United Nations in 1980. The Drug Enforcement Administration says, khat can induce manic behaviors, hyperactivity and hallucinations . Written by Alex Treviño 9 News Now & ninkii soo joog lagawaayo soo jiifo baalaga helaa
  5. che you are right 100% it is destructive . plus Mr xaraare has a big family. I am sure they will need the money
  6. Fairfax Police Seize Record Catch of Khat Two men arrested By KATHY BANKS Print Share Buzz up!1retweet0diggsdigg Two men have been arrested in what’s believed to be the biggest seizure of khat in Fairfax County history. The bust was made Saturday in Falls Church when a police officer spotted what appeared to be a drug transaction between a couple of guys in a parking lot at 5981 Columbia Pike. The officer soon determined that one man was buying khat from the other. Both were arrested, and 21 pounds of khat was seized. Another 111 pounds of the stuff was found later at the home of one of the suspects. Ahmed Omer Abdujelel, 45, of Falls Church, Va., was charged with distribution. Ali Abdi Hersi , 47, of northwest Washington, D.C., was charged with possession. Khat is a flowering plant native to East Africa and the Arabian peninsula that contains a powerful amphetamine-like stimulant. For that reason, it’s classified as a Schedule I controlled drug – making it illegal to sell or produce it in the United States, though it is legal in many countries. It’s typically chewed like tobacco, though it can be smoked or sprinkled on food.
  7. Voa will loos Mr Ali xaraare if the court he is waiting for find him gilty he has been arrested for drug use in washington dc
  8. ^^^ cidamada Qaranka ee soomalailand waay soo socdaan cagta ayeeynah marin doonaa raga habeenimada dhuumaaleeysiga ku soogalay Dalka Somaliland
  9. Despite the lack of opportunity, students in Gedo are keen to continue their education. "I finished primary school [in Buur Dhuubo] in 2007 and up to now I can't go to secondary school," said Mohamed Farah Dahir, 17. Some of his friends have travelled to Yemen, others have joined militias. "I have been approached by a militia but I told them I am going off to school in another town," he said. Kheyro Muhumud Abdullahi's three children have completed primary school but are now idle. very sad indeed !!!!!!!!!!
  10. Originally posted by Xudeedi: Garyaqaan, I’m only exercising the intended purpose of this forum. You are blinded by a similar illness as you can’t see the disparaging remarks displayed by your kinsmen. Adeer, I will voice my concerns and continue my campaign until your true faces come to light. Personal attacks were initiated by Duke, Thanksful and Mr.Somalia. Adeer Don’t burst out into tears and stand behind yours. Your need for many characters shows me how weak and illogical your arguments are. Bro, Ramadaan kariin 1st and it is alost over try to be helpfull in that mannar. You are my kisman also remembar. and if others attack you with personal attack Qald miyaa qalad lagu gudaa ? if the answer is Yes Adeer waan ku raali galiyay You are doing a great job.
  11. ^^^ when did it became okey for name calling oo caayda waa lafasaxay miyaa. where are the admis!!!
  12. Xudeedi I don't normaly write on sol I have stopped long time, but reading all your posts they are all focosed my clan did this my clan did that. the reality on the ground is way differen. why do you like to promote violence and as you put encourage your clan to fight another clan!?
  13. Congrats to G.Duke . guys ninka walaalkiin ah wax fiican waa loo hambalyeeyaa. sidaad daraadeed Generaaaaaaaaaaale Congratulations.
  14. Originally posted by Karl_Polanyi: This was an academic Islamic discussion on the permissibility of destroying places of shirk. So don't belittle it if you have nothing to contribute. I actually think the brother did a good job exposing the Qadariyah fella and the latter embarrassed himself by claiming that videos showed bones being exported for business incentives, lol. You are absolutely right, this was an academic debate witch we as community need to understand where we stand. Is it good to ask money health and children to an dead person or alive? that is the whole point.
  15. I was watching this debate about (Sufis) and the shirk and the gravis. what is your take on this