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  1. ^ war i'm not dhulqarnayn, ilkahaaga qaloocsan la gub! chineeseka waa reer bari camal, kallunka bay jecelyihin. waa good people, very traditional and respectful as well.
  2. ^ You haven't provided anything other than your emotional opinion, are most of the top leadership of ONLF all from one clan? correct? why is it some somali groups are more willing to colloborate with ethiopians than work with ONLF? they clearly feel ONLF is not for their best interest, and ONLF must do something about that, number one solution changing the name and giving leadership positions to somali's from different clans that live in somali galbeed. Once you come up with broad and somali strategy of dealing with ethiopians, then everyone will support it. But right now, from the looks of things, ONLF just seems like a typical rag tag clan militias. Hell, I'm willing to donate some money and support the cause if it was organized and inclusive group.
  3. Originally posted by Ducaysane: Nothing is wrong with that. meesha uu geesinimada ka keenay baan hada ogaaday. mushunguli gormee geesinima lagu ogaa? :confused:
  4. allah ha unaxaristo. may he rest in peace. the only things certain in this world are death and taxes.
  5. Originally posted by Blessed*: You guys are 10 years off mark, women start having troubles at 40+, not thirty. Mise, we're just playing silly numbers. I don't know how you can joke about such matters. You can joke about any matter, why put restrictions on what one can joke about? Anything can be funny, it's all about context. Anyways, this topic is gettin out of hand. We need ways for the skinnny nation to increase their numbers, famines, wars have been beating the shit out of us. My suggestion is go after other race of women, the asian women are good breeders.
  6. Originally posted by AAliyah416: loooooool@ saasa ka dhaba. It's ok I guess to go over to a friend's party (even though usually crazy things take uruuri bal qof muslin ah baa tahaye) but do not bring there anything thats not permissable to islam or you r gonna get the danbi for it. Bring something nice..chocolate (naah she will think u like her lol) know her better than us..give her something simple that you think she will appreciate that wont make her think you are hitting on her and yeah last bt not least something halaal lol.. salaam aaliyah, how do u know crazy things take place? anyways tangis for the advice, will figure something out.
  7. Originally posted by Ducaysane: Wayaa I regret saying what you qoute me. Ilaahay ilmo ha siiyo dadkoo dhan. lool. too bad ma nigga, you already said it.
  8. Originally posted by Ducaysane: Ma Gabdhahaan 30 ka ku guursanayaa 10 ciyaala dhali kara. She had a premuture baby un baad maqlaysaa. lol. waa runtaa, naagaha marke 35 jir gaaraan, caruur jiis/curyaan ah bay dhalaan badanaa. thaz why u gotta get em young. i kid kid.
  9. I blame feminism, now women don't want 10-14 kids, and they have this silly notion in their heads of doing "more" than giving birth to children every year.
  10. Speaking of gift giving, this cadaan girl invited me to her birthday party, but i'm not sure if i'm to bring a gift and what would be appropriate. Maybe alcohol, I dislike giving gifts, i usually give people what i would want.
  11. Listen ladies, if you want some damn exercise hit the gym and put the twinky down. -Message brought you by the proud one minute men association.
  12. ^ Not much, but they haven't been that successful in making the struggle a somali struggle rather than a 'o.ganden' struggle. Is the ONLF completely financed by o.gaden diaspora or are there others involved? Here a map of Somalia, showing that ONLF only control the areas of shilaabo. /Somali_land_2007_05_18.png
  13. Najmudin Sir-Alex? Anyways, my criticism is against the ONLF leadership and not against their noble struggle to free the people in somali galbeed. Also, interesting that they hold elections, I didn't know that. Is it mostly held in the diaspora? because the leadership seems to be coming from there.
  14. Originally posted by Najmudin: Go get better leaders for Puntland first. Get rid of Faroole, the money maker. Faroole is doing great so far, but he was to falter and become corrupt like his predecessor somali people would rid of him too. Anyways, I believe the ONLF should be disbanded and the WSLF reinstated. New Leadership is needed to fight the woyane, ONLF is/was never up to the task.
  15. For all: My posting was meant to provoke the mad man abtigis and tolka(and it worked) in the same way he provokes others, I sincerly don't have anything against the ONLF, though i do think for them to be sucessfell a new name is needed and more inclusive name. That is all.
  16. Originally posted by Malika: Is this the real Qalbi Adeyg ? This sure sounds like the banned Dhulqayrn with his usual rants about ONLF and the people of Somali Galbeed? Hmmmmm... salaams eedo malika, i'm just having fun with the mad-man abtigis and tolka and giving him a taste of his own medicine.
  17. "We are Somali's and no one call call himself more somali than we are. So, we are not begging anyone for recoginition or sympathy." lol. What makes you more somali? is it the caano boore? Also, ONLF has been unsuccessful for years and have no made any gains simply because the rebel movement is a narrow minded clan movement and for somali galbeed to be liberated all somali's must be involved. They should be building alliances with OLF and other somali's, but instead they are interested in clan pride and hegemony like typical somali's. You will never amount to anything with this attitude chief. And ONLF will continue to be nothing more than a nuisance to the ethiopian regime.
  18. Originally posted by Abtigiis &Tolka: quote:Originally posted by Sir-Qalbi-Adeyg: ^ What has the ONLF achieved? besides singing, and dancing like some brain-dead monkies, these guys are quite possibly the most useless resistance movement in the history of resistance movements. Even if ogidania were to achieve independence from ethiopia, these incompetent onlf fools would not know how to govern. Waa braindead canoo boore drinking apes with kalashnikovs. aun to the dead. This rants are false. The ONLF have achieved to hold the fort and perpetuated the desire of the Somali's in that region for self-determination. They are the strongest rebel group in Ethiopia, more than the Oromos, more than the Axmaara's who outnumber them. They have fought gallantly in several fronts so that our culture and religion is not encroached upon. It is because of them that the people of Qoraxeey, Dhagaxbuur and Fiq etc still call themselves Somali's. It is why the resettlement plan for 100,000 highlanders around the Wabi-shabelle is aborted. Now, do I wish to equate SSDF clowns who fought one of the weakest regimes on earth and handed down their guns in total disarray after barely four years with ONLF? No way. It is the case of that Gabbay ONLF SSDF inaan la simo igama dhawrtaane Aanada se nin lihi ha u dhintee erey yar baan baanay Waa taan SNM noqdaa oon af-wayne weeraraaye Waa taan hadhkoon galin arlada ablay ku dooxaaye..... They have done no such thing, and somali's from other groups in somali galbeed don't want anything to do with the ONLF primates, those are the facts. What have ONLF achieved exactly? give me some results. Is there any city under their control? no. They are nothing more than tuugo who go around terrorizing somali villages. You think I care for the SSDF?
  19. Blessed What's with the eye rolling eedo? Ma been baa sheegay? My criticism is on the ONLF, not this man.
  20. ^ What has the ONLF achieved? besides singing, and dancing like some brain-dead monkies, these guys are quite possibly the most useless resistance movement in the history of resistance movements. Even if ogidania were to achieve independence from ethiopia, these incompetent onlf fools would not know how to govern. Waa braindead canoo boore drinking apes with kalashnikovs. aun to the dead.
  21. lol@naga dhax bax. The zack, if it makes you feel better then okay the old warlord ran for his life.
  22. Originally posted by Abdinasir Kadawo: I though below mentioned gentlemen were also from Somaliland Wasiirka Cilmi Baarista iyo Teknoolajiyada, Maxamed Cali Xagaa and Wasiirka Dib u dhiska, Xuseen Ceelaabe Faahiye. Or is Somaliliand the Hargeisa-Burco-Berbera Triangel now? A gaffe on his part perhaps, but they say a gaffe is when you accidentally speak the truth.
  23. One of the best movies i've seen in a long time. Sad, but powerful. I was also reading that some of the kid actors they used in the movie are actual slum kids from india.
  24. Originally posted by Abtigiis &Tolka: I can not bow out without telling Duke and that acerbic Qalbi-adeyg that theirs was a vision of domination, mine was a vision of equality. Hold on a second, you must be high on caano boore. What's with the character assassination old man?