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  1. This is very nice work, always like good art though I've never been good at it myself. But amin is more of cartoon political satirist than anything, not much of a great artist. Not really a good comparison between the two.
  2. I went to a few student rallies/demonstration, kinda felt awkward. They don't accomplish much, but at least the effort is there and it's better than doing nothing.
  3. Well minorities are discriminated and abused everywhere, it's not special to somalia. The somali bantu have been treated worse than other somali minorities.
  4. It's a great film, one of the best i've seen in a while. i think i'm gonna re watch it.
  5. Originally posted by Faarax-Brawn: quote:Originally posted by Qalbi-Adeyg: ^ The puntland gang are very ambitious and we believe somali leadership is our birthright. What Somalia needs is puntland monarchy, not meritocracy or democracy. That seems like a fair ambition. Good luck Thank you for the well wishes. It's a great ambition and hopefully it will be realized soon.
  6. ^ The puntland gang are very ambitious and we believe somali leadership is our birthright. What Somalia needs is puntland monarchy, not meritocracy or democracy.
  7. ^ relax, i'm only joking. Just giving the hateful secessionists a taste of their own medicine.
  8. Originally posted by *Ibtisam*: quote:Originally posted by Qalbi-Adeyg: These secessionists waa majnuun, waa dad is nacay, waa dad ilaahay nacay, waa dad walaahood nacay, waa shaydamiin kuligood. :eek:
  9. These secessionists waa majnuun, waa dad is nacay, waa dad ilaahay nacay, waa dad walaahood nacay, waa shaydamiin kuligood.
  10. Blessed why are you agains silaanyo running for somali presidency? Do you people hate you fellow somali's that much?
  11. I would love to see silaanyo become somali president, he would have my support assuming he is interested in becoming a fair president of the somali republic. Silanyo 2009
  12. Originally posted by *Ibtisam*: ^^YEs I am , if Morgan is giving a high position or president in the coming Somali elections, it will be the best news for the SL supporters and their quest for distance. and she says she's neutral....
  13. The Luo Man delivered a great speech as always! let us hope he also delivers on his rhetoric.
  14. If that is not making excuses for the SNM, i don't know what is. Anyways, I'm tired of this pointless argument, I will let others judge. But any sane person can deduce that you have a bias towards SNM, somaliland etc whether you admit it or not. peace and bariis lil mis.
  15. Read above. I was gonna let you off the hook, but you had to be persistent?
  16. Ibtisam I call you a hypocrite(and I'm not alone in saying this) because of your selective condemning. On the one hand you called are reer puntiland nuts for supporting A/Y and the TFG, yet here you are trying to make excuses and making the SNM seem like heroes. The same SNM who were responsible for massacring your fellow somali's, now does that not seem like hypocrisy to you? Please, do your research and then hopefully you'll come back with a reformed mind. Here's you making excuses for the SNM crime gang: Originally posted by *Ibtisam*: They were political refugees in exile, who left the country to escape with their life’s and then went back to safe their families. What has this got to do with the previous lies you was peddling???. :confused: But at the same time, it is wrong and a completely lie to try and say SNM run around massacring people for no reason. Here you are calling the masscre of awdalites just 'insignificant/small part'. Originally posted by *Ibtisam*: ^^^SNM was not formed for Awdal nor was Awdal their target or purpose, that is how I know. What happened in Awdal by no means represents or signifies SNM history- it is a small part of it, important enought for people in Somaliland that it was addressed as early as in 1993.
  17. ^ Nope, this list pretty much sums it up especially the angry woman part. Ibtisam you seem like the angry woman type who loves to argue non?
  18. Ibtisam So you heard of russel peters, it seems the indian funny man has gone global. Anyways lil miss(since we're being patronizing now), You were clearly making excuses for the SNM massacre of Awdalites, and your posts indicate that you think SNM are heroes that cannot be condemned and you're always concentrating on the positives of SNM while completely ignoring the looting, raping and massacre committed by the SNM. That smells of hypocrisy to me.
  19. ^ Ibtisam lol@do the right thing. reminded me of that russel peters comedy sketch. Anyways, Are you denying you called all reer puntland nuts? I can bring your posts here again if you would like. Are you denying your bias towards SNM, somaliland and reer burco?
  20. ibtisam gives as much as she gets. she's a tough cookie a little biased toward her own(though she may not admit it), but she's ok.
  21. Ibtisam Fair enough, i've never read his work on somalia and development, do you have a link? Sorry if I came off as condescending.
  22. Originally posted by *Ibtisam*: EdIT: IS this Nuradiin the same as the author (I think surname is farah?) of books on development and fiction?? If it is the same guy I think he would be good a SOmalia government, that guy is one smart man, mashallah. lol. no that's a different man. nuradin is some young politician from england who ran for puntland presidency. You really don't know much about anything outside of burco and snm eh? But why would an author who writes fiction be good for somalia? How would he have the right experience to lead a nation?
  23. Originally posted by AfricaOwn: Why wont they accept the posts? What's up with these Somalis anyways..not everything is about the President seat. I'm with you man, somali's don't understand that the collective interest of your country/region is better than individual interests.
  24. Ibtisam Why are you not equally proud of reer puntland somali's who have struggled and made something of themselves for the past 10 years? You are always looking at the negatives when it coms to puntland people, you went so far as to call them all nuts, which reveal the kind of biased and hateful person you are. And you made excuses for the SNM, they massacred civilians and looted houses in awdal. That should be enough for you to condemn them, but instead you want to focus on the positives of the snm. why is that i wonder, does it have anything to do with SNM being reer burco/somalilander. You are a defending a group that masscred somali civilians. It does not matter what the people of SL addressed. It doesn't change what they did. How do you expect to be taking serious when you selectively condemn people and groups based on what region they hail from. Think before you write, and at the very least admit your personal bias. When it comes to clan bias and regional favoritism, women are no different as you have consistently demonstrated on this forum and I'm not the only one who has notices.