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  1. Red Sea I'm glad you decided to backpeddle. That was a photoshopped picture, but the first one is real. Abu Fair point. The sayid was a deranged man though as much as he was a hero(aun), to be honest. Have you seen the insulting tribal poetry he composed, and the innocent somali he had killed because of their tribe. It's not surprising, not all somali's were willing to fight for his noble cause against the colonialists. In a way I understand why some somali's did not want to have anything to do with him, even other poets/leaders from that era like ali duuh did not think highly of the so called sayid.
  2. Originally posted by Warancade: /africa_008.jpg This thread is pointless. mr. me si xun ayuu ugu fashilmay. He wanted to point fingers, but later changed his purpose 'taariikh guud' lol That's not a source, where is the original source of the picture that specifically says it's bender kassim?
  3. Originally posted by Warancade: mr. me, I know the history of my land, no need to preach to BadaCase. That picture you have posted doesn't not a proof any point. In fact, I question its validity . There are no proofs to specify whether or not that picture was taken in Sool, Sanaag or Togdheer. It's a picture meant as PR stunt to get some jabs at 'kuwa somaliland isku sheega". And there is no other reason that I can think of as to why posted it. ^^ mr. Me what will you say about this one. Is this a 'history lesson' or down right false PR.? Look up to Adam Zayla' post for more enlightment. pss. QalbiAdayg, saaxib. You spoke too soon. Oopz. As always red sea, very childish. I said it could've been anywhere in 'SL' so there was no need for you to get defensive. Btw, that picture is fake and you know it, you can tell from the text.
  4. project pegasus eh. i see your a marvel comics fan, soo dhawow sxb.
  5. somalipride Are you in Garowe saxiib? You should check some of the lesser known cities in puntland, caluula, xaafuun etc very historic cities. Inshallah, i'm hoping to go this summer
  6. Originally posted by Abu_Diaby- Al Falastini: @Me; read the caption attached(qolyaha sl) to the pic. Tell me that isn't tribalism at its worst? It has nothing to do with tribalism, unless SL=one qabil now? Those men could be from any qabil. It's just those somali in somaliland were pro-colonialism and worship the english even fighting against fellow somali's during that era, even some of them still do today which is sad.
  7. Very embarrassing picture, i hope reer somaliland feel ashamed of it.
  8. I would not be suprised if range resources/africa oil group have pressured cadde into staying on their behalf, after-all they put a lot of money into his campaign and administration.
  9. Originally posted by dalmar ahmed: To Qalbi-Adeyg- I see you're a SOL hardcore, but I'm afraid it's not necassiry in here. Yes I seek opinion in SOL forum, but it's nothing more than gathering data, which I find it very useful ofcourse. However, you offended the contributors of the forum as if they're uselesses to give feedbacks. And if you call enjoying is about being single and playing around, then I suspect we use different dictionaries. I matured earlier I guess. As always, when you try to give someone some practical advice, they misinterpret your words into something else. I never said anything about 'playing around'. Live life doesn't mean play around, it just means enjoy your young years, travel etc, earn some money, get into some business. Just don't financially trap yourself at a young age. I'm 22, and I'm as mature as they come, maturity doesn't mean rushing into marriage, but being smart enough and building yourself before you build a family. Here's some more practical advice, in engineering when we have to make a decision, we make a decision matrix where you evaluate your priorities and list of options and you go with the best option. If marriage is that option for your, then go for it.
  10. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: ^^What are you protesting saaxiib? Perhaps you should look up what the word shrewd means. His point is, this appointment of general cadde as an advisor should not be surprising.
  11. Somalia: New Puntland president takes office 11 Jan 11, 2009 - 6:11:56 PM GAROWE, Somalia Jan 11 (Garowe Online) - The newly elected leader of Somalia's semiautonomous State of Puntland has officially taken office following a crowning ceremony held in Garowe, the region's capital, Radio Garowe reports. The well-organized event was held inside the Puntland Parliament hall, with lawmakers, clan elders and politicians present, including ex-Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf, Puntland's founding father. Mr. Abdirashid Ali Hersi, the Puntland parliament Speaker, offered the opening words and urged the incoming administration to "implement election promises." Gen. Mohamud "Adde" Muse, the former president of Puntland, addressed the gathering and congratulated new President Dr. Abdirahman Mohamed "Farole" on his election. The outgoing Puntland leader pointed out three issues of importance, starting with a declaration that all security forces in Puntland are now under the command of the new administration. "There can be no clan militia anywhere in Puntland except a government security force," Gen. Muse said, adding: "I know that the Dr. [Farole] is a planner and that [Puntland VP] Gen. Abdi Ali Shire has years of military experience." While underlining development ambitions, the ex-Puntland ruler admitted his administration's shortcomings, saying: "Things fell apart for us." Gen. Muse also called on the Farole administration to take a leading role in the Djibouti peace process, saying: "Puntland must play a role in the Somali reconciliation process and the creation of a national government." Thirdly, Puntland's former president said that the region's international image must be protected and urged the new administration to respect oil deals signed by the Muse government. "I was going to return to Canada, but I have decided to open an office in Bossaso and to continue efforts in oil exploration," said Gen. Muse to the crowd's applause. 'New policy' Dr. Farole, Puntland' s new leader who won a parliamentary vote on Jan. 8, at first praised outgoing President Gen. Muse for upholding promises to hold a peaceful election on time. President Farole thanked the outgoing leadership, the traditional elders, the intellectuals, the politicians and the women who took part in organizing and holding a peaceful and orderly election. He gave special thanks to ex-President Muse for a smooth transition of power, while acknowledging that the former ruler has plenty of information on development contracts he inked with foreign partners since 2005. "He [Muse] will become the administration's special adviser on development issues," said President Farole as the hall erupted in applause. Puntland's new president urged the public to uphold the peace and promised a "new policy to save Puntland." "I call on all Somali people to work towards peace and good neighborliness," President Farole said, adding: "I request the international community to assist my new administration in terms of security, political and economic development, and humanitarian aid." Political rivals until recently, Dr. Farole and Gen. Muse have exemplified the hopes and ambitions of Puntland by embracing the region's third democratic election. Many challenges face the Farole administration in the coming four years, including combating piracy and corruption, as well as implementing a new constitution and a multi-party political system
  12. BAIDOA, Somalia Jan 11 (Garowe Online) – The timetable for electing Somalia's next president has been thrown into confusion following the emergence of two separate agendas, Radio Garowe reports. Sheikh Adan "Madobe" Mohamed, the Acting President who is also the parliament Speaker, met with a group of lawmakers in the town of Baidoa Sunday and held a press conference afterwards. "We discussed issues relating to the election and we only have 17 days left," said the Acting President, who took office after former President Abdullahi Yusuf resigned in late December. Sheikh Adan Madobe, Acting President of Somalia He indicated that Jan. 26 will be the day when the 275-seat Somali Transitional Federal Parliament will elect Somalia's next president, adding that the election will take place in Baidoa, the seat of parliament. Acting President Madobe distanced himself from comments relating to the establishment of a 'unity government' before the election, saying: "The government must follow the constitution and elect a new president within 30 days" after Dec. 29, when Yusuf resigned. He called on Somali MPs to report to Baidoa ahead of the vote. But conflicting reports have emerged following a Saturday meeting held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that issued a public statement that contradicts the Acting Somali President's position. Mr. Said Yusuf Nur, the Somali ambassador to Ethiopia, told the BBC Somali Service on Sunday that the meeting was attended by the defense ministers of Somalia, Uganda and Burundi, as well as representatives from the United Nations, the African Union and the Somali opposition group ARS. "It was agreed to expand the parliament to include the ARS [Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia] before electing a new president," Ambassador Nur said, adding that the vote is supposed to be held in Djibouti later this month. The Djibouti Agreement, signed between the Somali government and the ARS, called for the creation of a 550-seat parliament and the establishment of a 'unity government.' But confusion has surrounded the political process following ex-President Yusuf' s resignation. Source: Garowe Online
  13. The website is not as good as it used to be, half the videos don't work. But most of the documentary section videos work.
  14. Would it not make more sense to scrap the TFG and create an administration in the south similar to puntland and somaliland, where are all the clans in the south are represented. How many of these so called transitional central governments are we gonna experiment with before we realize this approach is not working.
  15. List some good doco's here people. I'm watching a documentary on illicit trade right now:
  16. Originally posted by AfricaOwn: quote:Originally posted by Urban: But if she regretted cheating once and admitted it to me, I think I can forgive. Pff You must be out of your mind. No way will this ever sit with me. The B* will be history with the quickness. I will seek the Sharia law and put her to death even. lol. it looks like i have stiff competition for qalbi adeyg of the year award. p.s the canucks suck. the flames are the best Canadian team. iginla > sundin/luongo.
  17. Originally posted by *Ibtisam*: Layzie G I don't know how American idol works, nor do I know where you live, so I thought you was serious. :confused: As for IDF being charged with war crimes, well it is nothing new, in the last six Arab wars they have been guilty of war crimes, so I am not surprised at all. Same old abuse and story. As for what is driving me, injustice and human suffering, even if they were not Muslim, the human abuse and lack of respect for civilian population is mind blowing and everyone should be pained by it, over 879 death toll and 4,000 people injured, more than 50% women and children. Who is the terrorist with this in mind?? The fact that they are Muslims give us an extra responsibilities and Allah will ask us about our silence in the face of such crimes. I think the Gaza situation and the human cost has been a massive and horrible massacre which is being ignored. As Muslims we should be at the forefront of speaking out against atrocities, wherever they maybe. When the Somali invasion happened, that was my priority, when 5 months ago there draughts in Somalia, that was my priority. Right now, the biggest and most painful attack on Muslims is Gaza, so I am prioritising raising the awareness about this. Palestine is the longest running injustice and abuse, the single biggest issue which has remained unresolved for 50years, a battle ground for so long. The repression of the Palestinian population has been in so many ways, controlling every aspect of Palestinian life, from education, food, medication and travel. I've worked and campaigned for the Palestine cause since I was 17, when Israel is doing their sneak attacks, it is hard to prove to people the scale of abuse that the Palestinians suffer, but in times like this it is obvious for all to see and times are desperate for people in Gaza. This is the time where people can educate themselves and do their own research on this issue and make a stand as a human beings. Sorry it is a bit long, I did try to keep it short. good work ibtisam, seriously keep it up.
  18. Originally posted by Che -Guevara: ^Do you see any need for reform or you are happy with status quo? Reform is always good. Of course there is a need for reform and a move away from clan politics.
  19. Originally posted by Che -Guevara: ^So, SSC should be grateful cuz they could contest an election? Ibti-I know what he said How did you derive that from what I said? The point I'm making is the people of SSC have more than enough representation in puntland(presidency, vice presidency etc) and one election that is lost should not make them sour and turn back on the state they helped create.
  20. nice pictures but far from reality. so how did the toddler registration go in LA?
  21. Originally posted by Naxar Nugaaleed: stop fighting phantoms and two upholding the constitution would be holding direct elections Elections and multi party system will be implemented in due time. Have some patience sxb.
  22. Originally posted by Naxar Nugaaleed: no am afraid i was not joking, the failure of the TFG finally showed me that Southern Somalis are all incorrigible dowladdiids and the sidelining of the candidates from ssc and maakhir showed me that puntland is a pie not meant to share. People have taken for granted why people of this regions left Somaliland to begin with. And what exactly does somaliland offer for people in SSC? You were at least contesting the presidency in puntland.