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  1. Originally posted by Che -Guevara: He kept his word not of joining this government, and be seduced by cabinet portfolio. It is time to make an effective opposition, and kick the old guard out-not just have them pass the baton to each other. Effective opposition is good, but the faroole administration was elected fairly and democratically, no one is gonna kick them out.
  2. I swear this has to be the worst line up for somali presidency. The only one missing is Riyaale now, and the old Barre guard is back. Ibtisam Somaliland selected a warlord as a president, a former NSS and they seem to find with him. What do you think of that?
  3. Ibtisam Were you not the one who's always praising reer burco, somaliland and the SNM scoundrels? Were you not the one making excuses for SNM massacre of awdalites? You are definitely a female cyber warlord and hypocritical one at that. Shame on you.
  4. Good read indeed, I remember reading those whites complaining about somali's years ago, now they should be thanking somali's for transforming their city. if one somali family moves to a city and it's good, within months, the place is filled with somali's.
  5. The weirdest place I've heard somali's living in was Nunavut, Canada. Somali's are everywhere, the gypsies of africa.
  6. China, yes, I've heard of somali's go there, some for studies others living there for years and doing business. But the Japanese are very xenophobic people they don't let foreigners in even though the japanese population has been decreasing over the years.
  7. ^ Are you actually in Japan? I did not know their were somali's in japan.
  8. Originally posted by -MARX-: To self hate is a heinous crime against the self. Those who practice this are not worthy of mention! Reverts are nice people, but shouldnt marry our sisters, daughters and loved ones! This is the preserve of the Somali man! I am not one to judge, but there are sinister motives behind those who self-hate and marry other people because of their disillusionment with their people. ''I am concerned by the extent to which Somali women throw themselves towards any new revert to Islam in the hope of a marriage made in heaven.'' This is true! Why do you care? Do you own these women, unless they are your sisters and cousins, you should not care. They can marry a crippled mongolian for all I care.
  9. Originally posted by General Duke: ^^^She is SOL's first and only female warlord .. She's a cunning cyber female warlord and like most warlords, completely erratic.
  10. Originally posted by Malika: Alxamdulillah, its nice to see pictures of smilling kids, and optimistic elders! RESPECT to the men walking on the path of God, subhallah! We owe these men so much,they have held our chaotic country together by ways of charity, businesses,education etc.. May Allah be with them in this testing task of delivering peace!..Amiin. Amiin.
  11. Originally posted by *Ibtisam*: Duke, it is obvious you do not READ what I write to you, you are still talking about something I never mentioned once. Accudubililah maadaax ayaa kuu qaafiliaan. The Zack Since you was good enough to quote me, please explain what is so clanish about my above quote?? I insulted and had a go at Puntland people for standing by a murder, for the troops leaving Xamar to go to garowe when the old man lost out, and criticized all the talk of somalinimo and somaliweye that we was bombarded with when Yey was president, all which disappeared into thin air when he lost out. In case you have not figured this had nothing to do with my clan is better than yours, but rather about the conduct of people in puntland. I even explained why I was making a collective criticism for people in puntland. I still standby this, it is a shame. Even worse is that, since people who bombarded us with fabricated news of TFG progress when uncle Yey was in power, now bombard us with disturbing images and at least five threads of how bad things are in Xamar. Ciil iyo caado weyena and I'm not even from Xamar, the amount of gloating at others expense. Ibtisam, How can you generlize all of reer puntland? How do you know they all supported abdullahi yusuf? Was the TV show you watched, did it show everyone in puntland, every city? How can you make such a claim and call all reer puntiland nuts unless you hate them and you are the hateful tribalist you like to label others as. This coming from the girl who was making excuses for the SNM who massacred somali's in awdal and is always praising somaliland. Do you not see your own hypocrisy? How many have pointed this out for you? You are not neutral, you are a hypocrite of the worst kind. Stay away from politics, you're either completely misinformed or just not that bright.
  12. Ibtisam No problem, glad to make you laugh. I know it sounds funny, but it's actually true. The khat ban was one of the main motivation for the formation of the snm movement aka "khat rebels".
  13. Khat was introduced to somali's in the south and puntland by northerners(somalilanders), and today it's a big problem and a lot of somali's chew that shit. Heck even the SNM rebel movement was formed because of the khat ban by the former military regime. Banning it is definitly a good idea and it sends the right message or at the very least making sure those in office do not cosume this drug. Well done to the president.
  14. ^ That lil ibtisaam, is one hypocritic somaliland secessionist. althought she pretends to be neutral. But i suppose this kind of childish and hateful comments can be expected from someone who once said "reer puntland are all nuts".
  15. Aaliyah I despise somali's and somalinimo. Be smart and forget about somalinimo, and worry about number one(yourself).
  16. ^ Most somali women are overweight, so it's not like you're being starved.
  17. Originally posted by Adam-Zayla: Solar power is the future! With our hot climate we would be blessed with power for life Solar power is expensive though initially, but it's definitely the future energy in somalia if we are smart. I was reading an article a while back about a solar powered desalination plant in australia which was very interesting, something similar could done in somalia(puntland), but the problem is the cost is something around 300 million. Maybe in the future, because water will be a scarce resource soon and somali climate is perfect for solar power.
  18. ^ horta is everyone from the uk a somaliland secessionist?
  19. It's a sham of an election, at least in puntland, it's transparent elections. SIlaanyo looks like will be appointed this time around, if not the whole of reer burco will be in arms for being cheated twice. And somaliland doesn't even control all of sool and sanaag, so that picture is nothing more than misleading propaganda.
  20. Originally posted by Warancade: 2003? LOL. how did riyaale win then? are you finally admitting the so called elections were rigged?
  21. Political differences doesn't mean hate people, easy with the accusations.
  22. Originally posted by nuune: Qalbi-Dhagax, your Matrix Decison based doesn't apply in marriage situation, and that is the bseside the point. what I am saying is, you are 22 yrs only and no advice from you should work at all, jokin, No worries, I am turning to 21 in summer, and wouldn't offer any advice based in marriage, when I joined SOL, I was 14 yrs old it works in every situation, it's a practical way of making decision. I'm not offering advice, just stating my perspective, as I said he can take it or leave it. You joined SOL when you were 14? or is that just a joke?
  23. Adam Although the Sayid's(aun) cause(getting rid of the colonialists) was noble, I do believe the man's behavior was very warlord-like and his dervish movement became a tribal movement instead of national movement.
  24. Originally posted by Adam-Zayla: Nothing concrete about them and i don't recall reading anything like that in my books, more like your version of history. Seriously let's stop the verbal acrobatics and be straight forward, with ''those who reside in the triangle'' you mean the I-clan, well here is some info for you to digest on: It is difficult to see how thousands upon thousands of nomadic tribesmen, spread of over a area of some hundred miles, could have been sufficiently intimidated for a long period of time in any way that could make them useful to the Sayyid. They could be attacked, of course and in some cases were, but the Sayyid was after support, not dead men. The fact that in the major campaigns he was supported by so many followers drawn from a wide range of tribes, and that his armies included not only men from **** tribes but often from the **** as well, seems now to indicate that his uprising represented a grassroots movement of considerable proportions - Heart of a Stranger pg 52 by Margeret Laurence There were leaders who alligned themselves with the Sayyid and there were leaders who sided with the British(this happened elsewhere aswell with different clans) but i don't give a toss about leaders much the same i couldn't care less about modern day Somali leaders, it's the people that matter and their actions clearly contradict your version of ''history Sayyid besides the standing Dervish military had a para-military/militia consisting of 50 thousand people and these were not always the most kind of people and caused the Sayyid considerable damage in terms of his reputation with their thirst for looting, he eventually disbanded this militia, but to many the damage was allready done. Let's be realistic, the sayid's army was mostly from the **** tribe especially his own the **** tribe and that of his mother, the **** tribe. What's this need to repaint history as if all somali's were fully behind the sayid's campaign? The fact is although a few somalilanders were part of the sayid's army, mostly those **** tribe. The sayid and his dervish movements were notorious for looting and killing somali people of certain tribes(somaliland tribes), hence why majority of somali's turned against him. But somalilanders, were always against the sayid and were majority pro-british. Let's not revise history to soothe people ego's. The only somali hero that had the full support of all somali's irrespective of tribe was Axmed gurey and even his ethnicity is questionable. I even question the sayid's ambitions, reading history it would suggest the man was a typical somali warlord with a thirst for power. At one point he himself, even decided to ally himself with the colonialists. I have a jstor article of that. [ January 12, 2009, 11:51 PM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]