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  1. Heavy man, kalluun buu ka dargay. But that is beside the point, the prime minister has a tough task ahead of him and that is what's more important than his looks.
  2. waxaan al shabab isku bixiyay waa wada 'menace', what exactly do they get by waging war on their own people? They need to be contained fast, shieck sharif should try to get them to be part of the somali army, negotiate with their leaders etc. This endless war needs to stop.
  3. Che Relax chief and focus on the topic at hand. I get the feeling you're a very paranoid individual. This is about clanist website daynille, clearly they've haven't yet figured out somalia is going in a new direction where clan has no importance with the selection of the new PM and president.
  4. Originally posted by Abwaan: quote:Originally posted by General Duke: and because of his base which is made up of 40% of Somalia, if this fact hurts your pretty head then so be it.. Soomaali iyo qabiil maxaa la kala siiyaa...I support PM Cumar C/Rashiid Cali Sharmarke whose father AUN was a great Somali leader but where does this number of 40 and clan drums come from. Let us support this new regime because they have the CHANGE that we need. No more odayaal dembiile ah but dad waxgarad ah aqoonna leh Soomalina aamini karto but not they are from Qabiil Ex iyo innagaa cirka toli jirney. Co-Sign!
  5. Originally posted by AAliyah416: quote: lol aaliyah, were you a little disappointed walaashis? not at all. I think he's an excellent choice since he is the son of a former great president. Wadaaniyad baad tahay aaliyah. He is a great choice, despite the fact that some have reservations because of his clan and his region. But he's fresh blood and he will inshallah bring in a much needed new approach to the somali problem.
  6. lol aaliyah, were you a little disappointed walaashis? But hopefully, this new pm and president will set a new frontier for somalia. I'm feeling like a wadani today.
  7. It's affecting everyone, i know a few engineering former class mates who graduated last year and are having trouble finding work because of the global recession, the best thing for those who are graduating this year is maybe do graduate work. I'm thinkin of that. But the economy will bounce up, so no worries.
  8. Originally posted by somalipride: Excellent choice Cumar Cabdirashid is probably one of the most honest and generous men that i've ever met. Just incase some of you don't remember he is the son of the late President Abdirashid Ali Shermarke who was assasinated in 1969. He has work with the UN for over 16 years within and outside Somalia. He was also Somali representitive to the UN under the former President Abdullahi Yusuf administration. Make no mistake about it, the UN, AU and especially US encouraged he be selected (he was their number one choice). He has a understanding of international Politic's and is very respected, he'll be a good bridge between Somalia and the international community. I had the oppurtunity of meeting him in Nairobi this December, where he gave a speech on piracy in Somalia and how it should be approached. I really liked how he defended Somalia when he spoke of the circumstances that piracy arose from. Also, I know he has a master's degree and another degree in Canada (but I can't exactly remember what it was in). Very intelligent man. He is very qualified for this position and has extensive international experience. He has worked all over east Africa. (Not living in Somalia for 40 years is just another typical lie or that he was a cab driver.) It is true that he was shot in the leg while driving in Darfur in 2006 assisting the poor refugee's fleeing the conflict. I hope this is confirmed and he is selected. I'm ready to work for this man and rebuild somalia, we've been tired of the same leaders being recycled, this is the change somalia needs wallahi. The best news yet this year, if it's true.
  9. Originally posted by Juje: quote:Originally posted by Shieck Qalbi Ibn Adeyg: If this is true, I will be 100% behind this government! It is confirmed sxb Time for a new ERA in somali politics! This is great news wallahi.
  10. If this is true, I will be 100% behind this government!
  11. Originally posted by AAliyah416: Qalbi adeyg, yeah I have few of them in my class as well. But, just because I am used to seeing them, doesn't make it alright. They are far from being alright... mid ka mid ah oo hindi walahi suu iskala dhoho...ilaahay ha hadeeyo. salaam loL@gay hindi. Now that's a funny sight. But seriously, i don't really care what they do with their lives. It doesn't bother me either, but the overly camp ones can be annoying. that's true. I don't see them any different than an average gaal, gaal waa gaal.
  12. Gay people are normal people despite their disgusting behaviour, i have a few classmates who are gay. Waa alright people, runtii.
  13. Originally posted by Aw-Dhubad: quote: And if that's not the case then who kept chasing Hiiraale and your Gedo boys in the Jubba's for most of the Somali civil war, if not members of H clan of Puntland, and only unless you cried for help from your Snr JVA alliance... This is the funniest thing I have ever read lol. Which chase are you talking about horta? When Margon was chased several times or the famous Afguduud chase ? OK guys this topic is going to another direction now, it started with my PM vs your PM and its changing to my Clan vs Your Clan lol Maa iskala hertaan? I believe morgan held the city of kismaayo for years before hiraal and his JVA unwholly alliance took over the city. The people of puntland especially the M clan were one of the earliest migrants to the jubba valley and especially Kismaayo, the idea that they are not natives is ludicrous.
  14. ^ There is a somali class 101? Interesting. But it's 'qamuus'. aniga qamuuskaan baan isticmaalaa. As for grammer, maybe others can help, I just usually go for what sounds right in my head when it comes to somali grammer.
  15. This is a topic for the say wallahi generation(under 25) to learn somali, soo gala. Practice your written somali here. Especially those like ibtisam, marx and others who have trouble with the somali language, Soo gala and afka hooyo ku hadla.
  16. Aaliyah "Awoowihiin" sounds better than awoowgiin and awoowyashin. I'm innovating the somali language. Xaaji nuune beryahan waxaan maqlay waa inaa cimmamad iibsatid oo shieck iska dhigtid hadaad rabtid inaa somali siyaasad gashid. Marke aniga i'm changing with the times adeer, gaalada waxay ku mahmahdaa "hadaan is badelin, ma waynaanayno. hadaan waaynanin, ma noolno." “If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we are not really living" marke, sababtaas aan magaca iska badelay.
  17. every topic is about the damn speculation of the PM, wax kale oo laga hadlo maa waydeen? awoowehiinn la gub! Talk about something else already.
  18. aaliyah Wasn't Khali accused of stealing money when he was prime minsiter under the TNG. Why do somali's recycle the same old leaders.
  19. aaliyah minyar maxa ku falaysaa inaa noqotid? anaa min weyn ka digaaya ee soo dhawow.
  20. Aaliyah Shieck qalbi ibin adeyg is very qualified man. Here are his qualifications: -He has a first aid and CPR certificate! -He has memorized, count it 5 juz from the holy quran -He has Bachelors of Engineering Degree - He has excecutive and leadership experience as Internet Community organizer, and Self appointed spokesmen for the SPPAC(Somalia online puntland public affairs commitee) -He also has a Ph.D, major in meelyacni studies from the university of Phoenix, Mogadisho campus, Graduated February 30, 2010. -He speaks 6 languages: English, Somali, Sominglish,Ebonics, French and Klingon. Now tell me if there is any somali leader who's more qualified then the good shieck for the prime minister position?
  21. Originally posted by Che -Guevara: Rumors that some would wanna see materialise Who are these 'some'?
  22. Al Shabaab spokesman 'meets' Somalia president: reports 9 Feb 9, 2009 - 2:28:18 PM MOGADISHU, Somalia Feb 9 (Garowe Online) - Unconfirmed reports from Somalia's capital Mogadishu indicate that the spokesman for Al Shabaab hardliners has secretly met with the country's new interim president, Radio Garowe reports. Muktar Robow "Abu Mansur," the fiery spokesman for Al Shabaab, arrived in Mogadishu with armed trucks and loyal gunmen after Somali President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed relocated to the capital for the first time since being elected in late January. Abu Mansur A source close to President Sheikh Sharif's office said a closed-door meeting took place at the Villa Somalia presidential compound, whereby Sharif and Abu Mansur privately discussed new changes in Somalia. Sheikh Sharif, who was the leader of the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) in 2006, is expected to appoint a new Prime Minister soon, who will create a 'unity government' that is inclusive of different factions in Somalia. Al Shabaab, considered a terror group by the U.S. government, is a splinter faction of the ICU and has rejected the UN-endorsed Djibouti peace process that brought Sheikh Sharif to power. Radio Garowe could not independently confirm this story. However, during his most recent radio interview, Abu Mansur did not directly condemn President Sheikh Sharif's new government but instead dedicated his comments to distancing Al Shabaab from the brutal slaying of Radio HornAfrik's late director, Said Tahlil Ahmed. READ: Al Shabaab distances itself from radio director's assassination Another Al Shabaab official, Sheikh Hassan Yakub in the southern port of Kismayo, had publicy declared war on President Sheikh Sharif's new government after accusing the new president of "choosing America over Islam." READ: Al Shabaab declare war on Somalia's new president If confirmed, Abu Mansur's visit to President Sheikh Sharif presents a divide within Al Shabaab, most of whose young fighters were part of the Islamic revolution in 2006 when Abu Mansur was the ICU's deputy defense secretary.