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  1. ^ What about riyaale, instead of being charged for criminal charges for massacring somali's during his tenure in the NSS, he was rewarded with the presidency? But I suppose this is africa, can't really expect much. Anyways, I find this whole international criminal court to be biased nonsense anyways, they only seem to charge people in less developed countries.
  2. ^ shh, the somalilanders should be happy, his excellency sir-qalbi-adeyg has officially recognized somaliland as a different country from somalia. If they want, we can take photo's of me shaking riyaale hand, but for a prize. Jacaylbaro should be the photographer.
  3. Hello ibtisam, how have you been? I say we deport these illegal immigrants from somaliland, they are taking all our bandwidth, plus all khat talk is ruining the forum.
  4. what's next? "The o.gadeen/onlf thread" etc... Norf2 Most of us are from somalia and not somaliland, what happens in a foreign country does not concern us chief. In fact I consider you an illegal alien on this forum and you should be deported asap with your bag of khat.
  5. I have a mac, but i needed some windows programs, so i downloaded crossover, which is a very nice software. peasant lol why were you getting so many malware on your pc sxb? Too many visits to 'indecent' sites? I had a gateway laptop before my mac and it was fine, not too many malware or viruses.
  6. reer bari waa dad waalan oo kaluun ku mushquulan, ha u dhawaanin kuwaas. maxaa waaye "matatha"? ma hakuna matata ma ka wadaa? Visa card? haa, waan haystaa visa credit card, ma gold digger baad tahay?
  7. Originally posted by Foolxumo: Eeedo eeddaada ma ahane "Matataha" dhuuqso yaan laga cadeynee wallahi ma fahmin waxaa soo qortay eedo, ma af kikuye miyaa?
  8. Foolxumo aka orange Eedo, I'm not who you think I am. And I've never tried caano boore.
  9. isn't foluxumo a female? The siren I dare say you've been reading too many jane austin novels, do you speak in that proper english accent in real life too?
  10. ^ lol your weird and entertaining, welcome to SOL mi lady, this place could always use some entertainment. Feminist eh? How is that working out for you? I'll let u ladies get back to your fantasies.
  11. The siren are you somali? you sound like a bra burning white woman(not that there is anything wrong with that).
  12. lol. and why does it bother you if puntland stuff is posted? does the mention of puntland get your blood pressure going chief?
  13. If the picture is photoshopped, now that is some clever propaganda on the part of the somaliland nation. That much dedication to being independent nation, I think it's time somaliland is recognized. Good luck somaliland, but leave the people of SSC alone. Originally posted by Xaaji_xundjuf: somalipride we have awdalite president now so what are u talking about clan state. when tomorow or in the future we elect a president from sool or sanaag u will say .. we also want the untouchbles to be in the ruling class of somaliland u will never be happy.. Who are the untouchables? And why are they untouchable? Do they have diseases or something?
  14. Women are like kids, they don't know what they want. This is a universal truth.
  15. Yes, I would like to him because the man is a legend who has conned many poor northwesterners. Imagine he gets payed more money than US presidents. He is in the same league as Gheedi, Cade muse etc. They are always in it for the money.
  16. I'm here all week folks
  17. Well there is nothing wrong with holding demonstrations, it's the civilized thing to do.
  18. A year in jail? for what? that vacuum was asking for it, looking all sexy and shit.
  19. Originally posted by Abu_Diaby- Al Zeylaci: ^^ a while ago Somalia was doomed and pl should have considered parting from the South. The prime minsister, his excellency, changed all that? A while ago an old military man from the dictatorship/warlord generation was in charge of somalia, and the TFG/somalia was going no where. So Yes, the prime minister changed all that. Competent leader like the prime minister have a habit of changing people's views. Now, are you saying I'm wrong for supporting the prime minster?
  20. horta is it me, or is the guy wearing the orange vest looking bewildered in all of amiin's cartoons?
  21. ^ Qabyaalad yaa ka hadlaya chiefette? Does critizing ONLF mean critizing the o clan? no. Let's stop with this pointless sensitivities and be able to discuss any important topic without accusing people of having grudges.
  22. The prime minister is doing great work for somalia just like his father, I can see him also being the president of somalia soon. No more warlords, no more qabqable, no more isbaroo's. The future looks good for somalia and especially mogadisho.
  23. Good luck on that man, you have an interesting job, I always wanted to do something like that myself, work for the UN in africa or something. Anyways, keep us updated brah.
  24. ^ Clearly one of us is more invested in this argument than the other, but alas you have not brought forth anything of substance. I didn't read much of what you wrote, but on the issue of a name change. You should know that the name "ONLF" is relatively new and the movement started in the 80's from what I've read. Before that, it was the WSLF(western somali liberation front) that was the biggest and most successful rebel movement in the somali galbeed region, granted they were supported by somalias government at the time. But the point is, the name can be changed and the structure of the organization needs to be changed as well to a more inclusive movement. There is no one restricting the ONLF to keep the name the same, but they choose to because they see somali galbeed region as their 'land' and not somali land. That's the point of contention here, it's the prevailing attitudes of O people in the region and diaspora, and largely the ONLF leadership etc and the way the movement has largely driven a wedge between somali people. Now you can say, these other somali groups should not be concerned about the name but about the occupation of their land. This is true from a logical standpoint, but the problem is these people are human and for them to get involved in large numbers, there needs to be proper incentive and they need to know that their voices will matter. They don't want to replace one occupier(ethiopia) with another( ONLF), whether that occupier is your fellow somali is largely irrelevant to them.
  25. Originally posted by Che -Guevara: ^What have you done to free Somaligalbeed, and can't why other Somalis come up with broad and somali strategy of dealing with ethiopians. Unfortunately, my immediete family doesn't live there, so i'm not affected as much. But as I said, I'm always willing to contribute if asked. Why don't you give us some suggestions on what the average jaamac can do?