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  1. Saxiib Ngonge if you are going to cry 'albaabka soo xiro' - like your noble ancestors, Don't act like your adopted culture - where they invite everyone and wail in front of them.
  2. Alxamdullilaah waa noolahay weli! Ma adi keliyaa ka nool dadkii meeshan muluqi jidhay? Gormaanse Abti kuu noqday? War, warka isii maxaa mesha cusub? Weli ma dhulkii baad joogtaa?
  3. <cite> @Rahima said:</cite> Her family has every right to disown her. Anyhow, this article or this womans decision to speak publicly has nothing to do with choice. Articles such as these are designed to heighten the Islamaphobia that already exists. People like this woman often have an ulterior agenda, we shall see in years to come if hers are aligned with those of the other Somali atheist who was a proud native informant- Ayan Hirsi. Live and let live assumes that her actions do not cause any harm- I think we can all agree that she is causing harm. Broadly agree with you on the 'right' of the family to disown her and the 'ulterior' motives of the article as well as the woman - but know this; the family of Ayan Hersi (who without doubt has done more harm) have never cut communication with her even though they fervently disagreed with her.
  4. "Do not cut the ties of kinship" & "No compulsion in religion" - Edicts of Islam. Reading the article, the one thing I noticed is the prominence given to the noun Somali from the title to the main body of the article - which is more than the times Islam is mentioned. This is not surprising, knowing that 'Somali' is defined in the english dictionary as 'a member of a mainly Muslim people of Somalia'. Now, knowing my people laba waxba oo aan la isla qaadi karin bay gabdhaanu isugu gaysay reerkii; gaalnimo iyo yahuudnimo - No wonder the reerka buckled!
  5. Iska warama?, Sow nabad ma aha? Haye,Yaa cusub?, ya culus? ya cas? Yaa shimbirtaydii cunay?
  6. To me the way forward out of this quandary is for Madobe and his deputy to go Mogadishu even if they are not invited and ask to seat with SFG leadership and parliament. They should propose that they be named the interim administration of the Juba and be tasked with to organise new conference in a year or six months time.
  7. nuune;954339 wrote: I hate to see folks here celebrating IGAD ayaa sidan tiri and IGAD ayaa waxan soo saartey, who is IGAD, sovereignty is lost, the Somali government doesn't see its Sovereignty is being undermined, but sees only one region as an obstacle to its very existance. That is the sad part as one Soler puts it. indeed, though that is not the only sad thing.
  8. *Blessed;953523 wrote: LOL.. oo qofkii noolba miyaa la isku qabsan? Whatever his personal politics, he runs a business with Somali (and none Somali) agents from many different parts of the Somali peninsula and the world. xataa kuwa dhinta laysku qabsanayaa
  9. Compromise is a dirty word to most, equal to surrender and retreat - one must change the meaning of the word in this first instance.
  10. LOL@Qan-D-Fo - are you misspelling Qardho again?
  11. They will be much better than the Europeans you love and trust so much.
  12. Xaaji Xunjuf;953022 wrote: Will be very difficult i don't see how they can clarify their future relations with out Europeans mediating . smh
  13. NGONGE;953496 wrote: He's a British national. He's Somali. He's a Somalilander. He's a businessman ! Or as your guru would say "He is all things to all men"