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  1. @Alpha Blondy said: Ugbaad and Nagaad are women names. I heard of isniino as a woman's name too.
  2. My bad I thought you were referring to me.
  3. Blue, I am quiet flexible actually. knowing you probably have no problem watching a woman in bikini doing all those yoga poses Wow! We are taking low digs at each other now.
  4. @Bluelicious said: Che, sharing is caring you know. Everyone deals with stress others more then another and not everyone knows how to deal with it. Yoga lovers know that it's relaxing But, I can't do yoga. I am a man.
  5. Tallaabo, its all jokes yaah don't feel belittled.
  6. @cadnaan1 said: first they accuse central government working with alshabaab and now that gov sent some help waxay leeyihiin waxaa soo diray emirates kuwan waligood eed ayey wadayaan waxaa fiicanba in lays wada daayo magaca somalia la aaso laguna kala tago . I've said the same they will have to an amicable separation, there is too much mistrust and bad blood between this two communities. Lets not ignore facts, there are de facto two countries anyway just complete the deal.
  7. ^ This is not normal country, this administrations are bitter clan rivals sxb. I congratulate them for breaking type and handing over the arms. UAE would've been furious with them had they refused to hand over. Nevertheless its better to be diplomatic and magnanimous.
  8. ^ :lol: :lol: War ninka si xun baa ugashay.
  9. Of course I over simplify issues sometimes to keep the polemic straight but the central message i want to send to skinnies is, Islam = Evil and injustice. European/white hegemony over the world follows in close second, they are not as active as they used to be but they are still occupying New Zealand, Australia and the Americas and all the problems we have were inherited from them.
  10. @Gheelle.T said: Xabad, you know this isn't Islam and those illiterate bunch don't represent Islam. What happened to that poor lady is appalling and inhumane, regardless what they have accused her off. But to say mob justice is Muslim thing is bull and you know it. It happens everywhere when angry and uneducated people take things into their own hands. From Buddhists Myanmar , Christians in Central African republic, Hindus in India, to the Western countries (riots) these things do happen. Common now! Naga kala daa mowduucyada micna la'aanta. Ayaan Xirsi ha nagu noqon ee si qacliyaysan wax u abbaar Ayaan Hersi. I will not say much to you Gheele, i like you as a poster.
  11. ^ Only Muslims do this kind of shit, spare us you bull for once.
  12. 1. Suni - Saturday 2. Sani - Sunday 3. Goodaar - Monday 4. Goonyaad - Tuesday 5. Ugbaad - Wednesday 6. Hooyaad - Thursday 7. Nagaad - Friday
  13. Malistar, do you still insist the Government sent plane loads of weapons ?
  14. @Tallaabo said: Do you know transgenders are in high demand in Turkey? I watched a BBC documentary presented by Stacey Doole about sex in strange places. In Turkey a lot of closeted queers with wives and kids seek transgenders for a quick relieve. And especially the guys who have a nice pair of boobs plus their dick are sought after because they are seen as a sort of intermediary between the two sexes. Those who have sex with them find comfort in the fake boobs and convince themselves that they're straight whilst playing with the tranny's dick at the same time. Your a very sexually liberated kind of skinny aren't you ? So confident talking about this stuff, *claps*.
  15. The evil and barbarity of Islam on full display. Grown men gratuitously inflicting bestial violence on a small defenseless woman for the crime of sacrilege against gibberish rantings and ravings of an Arab Bedouin aka the Koran. This really shocked and saddened me.