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  1. 63 million ( and still counting) good Americans have voted and care about him. So, those of you(anti Obama)sakiin Topaz ah liqa
  2. ^^ Hope inay iska tagaan wiilashan haddii amxaaro baxdo. Xiinow,I was waiting you to come and comment on the thread of Al-Islah and their 10 point platform. Why didn't you come and tell your take on that?
  3. Nuune adna ciyaal waamo aa ahayd yaah, I had feeling inaad reer Bilaajo(basketball come to mind) ama xamar jabjab ahayd!
  4. Xiinow, raggan sharwal khamiska qaba waa wax laga baqo walahi. Allow alle indeed!!
  5. Xiin, yes I did and as I said in other thread, I live in southern republican red state and McCain will carry it with ease. Having said that, democrats came out in huge number especially the African American voters.
  6. BOB boortiyeeri waaye iyo laacib waaye like baggio isma raacoyso nuune.. see camal Anywz kudos to Xiinfaniin for winning this cup. Kisi guys naga daaye hee bootada, ciyaal quarto and waaberi hadday imaadaan waa xubasaneysaan. Meesha koobkii gobalada maaha
  7. I guess you guys don't have this length campaign and millions of dollar spending on political adds either. As for the SOL members and your relationship with them, keep your patience and express your thoughts, after all this is just cyberspace.
  8. Last time I checked, 2 of you were throwing jabs at each other, what have changed? Anyways,Duke how do you see US elections and all the crazy campaign rhetoric and negative adds? Compare it to the British one..
  9. The future of republican party depends on how Obama governs next 4 years. If he does well and brings back some normalcy to the economy and makes some change to the US foreign policy, then republicans will be in trouble come next election.
  10. Xaaji, you must be so worried about these "duruuc waaweyn" I guess, or other wise you wouldn't have care less where TFG is me thinks...Tighten that border and worry not of Alshabaab yaa boba xaaji
  11. LOl@ ma iyaago qarxis o socda? waryaa NGONGE, give the sheik a little break. He has been criticized of being a celebrity like politician, and roams around capitals with no clear message to the people on the ground. Now he is on the ground and making progress meeting with the hardcore wing of the party(ICU), and we are yet criticizing him. So forks sit back and relax and let the good man do his duties.
  12. Wuxuu la kulmay qolyahii Alshabaab ahaa qaar ka socda, marka the outcome should be good. We will see what comes next.
  13. Alla ha unaxariisto, he was indeed among the few good composers and play writers we have.
  14. McCain camp got so furious with her for not going through proper diplomatic protocol. You can't just answer any phone call with out a proper security clearances, what a VP.. The funny part is that they called her governor office up in Alaska and used the same trick, then got the cell phone from staffer They have been fooled twice eh. Gotcha
  15. your eyes just grab that line eh? there are much bigger problems that the article talked about brother..
  16. Gheelle.T

    Snap Snap

    Is this UAE Norf1?
  17. lol@bilcaamo riman...Eri miyaa riman kulahaa
  18. AZ, have you seen this Somali blues? This guy is great for real, enjoy Aidarus' Gabay in blues.
  19. AZ, I think it was in the 70s, i could be wrong though. Where is nuune when you need him most
  20. It is hard to say who was first in any accomplishment since we never kept or have any historical records in pre-independent Somalia. I therefore, can't confirm or deny whether Dr Lawaaxe was 1st or not.
  21. Absolutely agree with you Deputy and correct me if I am wrong, I see them as if they have the same political platform or even an identical to the one of the ruing Islamic party in Turkey, which I really have a big admiration. I hope Xiin will come back and enlighten us more about Al-Islah in Somalia and their political goals.
  22. The good Sheikh Shareef comes to my mind, hopefully they will have future in Somalia's new political beginning(Islamic parties) And I believe their model of governance is what Somalia needs.
  23. Well put yaa MMA, we the Muslims were supposed to be the forefront of all these kind of initiatives, but unfortunately we are ridiculing it if like it doesn't concern us.