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  1. ^^ Duke take it easy that was just a joke. FYI, Nuradin has been there for quite a long time and has done more for Punland than Cade admin had. And one more thing, for the sake of God don't compare any sane person to Cade Muse. He is in league with the likes of M.Dheere and M.Suudi
  2. lol@ replace Gaagaab. Don't name Gaagaab and other crooniz or Duke will be all over you Trust me he has a plan (a good one) and he also has the backing of the elders, intellectuals, business ppl, women's groups and who not... We will wait and see and hope that Uncle Uusey will held a fair and free election/selection.
  3. It is good time indeed, waryaa Nuur will be coming to the States sometime next month so get your gears ready and show up...
  4. Miskiin, one is TFG minister of information, I think his name is Abdisalam Ahmed and the other guy is ARS representive who is also chief negotiator for ARS.
  5. Cognitive strategy on my part eh?..Anyways, My point was that just because there ain't no mortars flying don't mean you are safe. Today Puntland is not that much different than some places in the south, and the south/southerners are not holding Puntland back; but its leaders are. So, one thing the poster forgot was that the whole idea of Puntland's creation was to hold the country together and become a model for the Somalia's warring regions. That idea my friend has been washed away by its leaders time and again. It maybe faded, but definitely not failed all together. Now there are new leaders that are emerging, and one of them is this young and energetic man by the name of Nuradin Adan who wants to take the helm and bring about CHANGE. Are you with me in this self indoctrination Mr. Che? :confused:
  6. Dukow, you talked about a revolution and change in Puntland other day, can you touch little bit of that? What is your plan and with whom are you taking this huge task with?
  7. Che, what is so funny my dear lad?
  8. Puntland doesn't need to secede, but it needs to be saved from the hyenas that are eating it alive. There is new dawn in the land, forks.
  9. He is making gaffe after gaffe and the main media is still obsessed with the beauty pageant..this is so insane for real. Wasn't he the one with the good foreign policy experience? mmm Yesterday he said the economy is doing good and strong, and little while later came back and retracted that statement. And then in an interview with a Spanish press, he confused himself about Spanish Prime Minister and where Spain is. loosing his mind eh another link
  10. I have been following news happening in Somalia ever since the war started in December 2006 If you think that the war in Somalia started in 2006, then all of your 5 step peace process bears nothing.
  11. AT&T, waa la heshay walahi. Waraa JB 9 qof sawirooda aa waliba same pose ah aa kuu soo celcelinee, kan qaadaaya ku dar xataay. Mise laba aa is badalowsa? Si diirran my foot News SL waa nagu dishay camal.
  12. Thanks Nuune, the KHAMEES he was wearing combine with his looks make me think that he is an Arab Kenyan. Another off topic question Nuune, was Gen Mohamoud defense minister or chief of the army?
  13. Oooh boy that Abdi Aware guy of Puntland is getting fatter by the seconds, damn no wonder where all the Punlander's taxes been going uuseey 2 anyways, is the Kenyan minister a Somali as well?
  14. Duke who is leading this revolution? and is it going be done by local people? how real is it? hope it is not one of those dreams of ours (diaspora)that always talk the talk but don't walk the walk. About the elections, I think Nuradin is the leading candidate thus far. And if it stands this way, he will be the new leader of Puntland. Hope he will succeed.
  15. Where did the rains reach ya JB? Answer almost everywhere ,,,,,,,,, Can't beat that. Illaahay ha noo badiyo aammiin.
  16. I wish him well and hope he will get back on his feet. To Jimcaale Yusuf, why do you turn every thread into kind of chat room? FYI, don't expect any1 to give you their name and of that info you are asking. So get a grip of this virtual world and float with it brother.
  17. Since they are in an earthquake zone, the likelihood of a big tremor or even earthquake hitting the UAE is so high. And if that happens(God forbid)all of those constructions in the sea would be submerge or liquefied in to deep sea.
  18. Waryee AT&T, gabarta magaalo ay ku dhalatay iyo hospital dee...Adigana meel toorey la isku dilaayo
  19. Yaa dhaha meel fariiso ninkaan. Hadda iyo dagaal hor leh. Soomaali inteeda kale oo dhan muu la dagaalamaa? Dhulka reerkaas min Hiiraan illaa Juba Hoose waayee.. 50,000 o qoys ee uu AK-47 iibsho dhahooyo muu lacagtaa wax fiican ugu qabto? Allow yaa la taliya...
  20. The new strategy envisages the establishment of permanent Ethiopian military bases in five strategic locations in Somalia; namely, Berbera, Mogadishu, Kismayo, Baidao and Beletwein, to enhance the long term stability in war-torn Somalia and evolve an enabling conducive environment for regional economic and political integration. According to this source, the essence of the new strategy is to overcome the prevailing "siege paranoia" in Ethiopia. Regime change in Eritrea and permanent bases in Somalia? So awkward to see them "poor" Ethios to think this big and powerful.... Knew the language of Bush and neocons' will be used, but never thought the destitute and poverty ridden nations would copy it straight from the book. They will be lucky if their own regime itself survives out of these 2 wars, let alone making change in faraway lands.
  21. Originally posted by money: Somali is close to Somari which means Assess or donkeys in Italian - Somaro is dumb person italiano and since I grew up there ...I subliminally think when I say Somali ..I am calling us donkeys which rhymes with monkeys and thus ends like sounding we monkeys!...hey easy brothers ..i am just pulling your legs! Did you not call them "ugly,primitive, rude,dirty, refugees" and what not? So, calling them donkey or monkey in Italian won't hurt in your part..Go for it my SOMALIAN friend
  22. Nephy, is the Motel about a Somali mother with her 2 teenage girls? evicted of their home and living in a motel full of crackiez? or something along that line? If it is, care to tell how to get it plz.
  23. 9 billion dollar worth experiment heh, we should wait I see what comes out of this. Here is how the LHC looks
  24. That was priceless, what a knockout.. but what's the 15 pounds for boxing fight? cheap eh..Anyway, are they in welterweight, or middleweight division?
  25. You can bash Mcsame and his sidekick as much as you want, but leave the lil girl alone....Anyways, check another video of John Stewart taking on the BiG old White guys` party. enjoy it guys