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  1. For fairness he is only PHD candidate, meaning he hasn't attain it yet. I don't know why we have to care about what someone says he/she is, unless you are hiring him/her for a position. MM, you can't prove that he doesn't have a degree or can you? As for the Northland State, it was an idea that was never materialized and simply forgotten.
  2. Forks don't be too naive to believe this nonsense agreements. Adde has sign numerous deals with foreign farms before and this one is no different.
  3. That is Kimbo Slice, the crazy dude famous for street fights. Actually, there is a fight show in prime time TV these days and he's making money big time.
  4. Yup that's that only Taleex I know...Not even more so the xaafad, but the Hotel/Baar Taleex... [big Grin] Eeddo, I used to be a bartender in Taleex, and there used to be few female customers there Intaqfurulaah...Jokes aside though, walhi I hail few block (maybe 1/2 a mile) down the road. Anyone here from shineemo Shuun?
  5. Here comes cyber jinn watch out :confused:
  6. Nuune, all of these stories of men in the beach been kidnapped or seduced by jinn here and there, are nothing more than a fairytale if not a fantasy. The idea that these creates have more power than us, doesn't wash with me my friend. Some of these stories are physically impossible to happen at all. It's just like those stories about aliens kidnappings. If you ask your self, how could it be possible a human being(in this case a trouble Somali man) be able to fly or go under water with alleged hotty jinn woman? and then end up in a big mansion, comon!!
  7. Waryaa Sayid, I have been waiting so anxiously for you to educate us about sacredness of Qardho, and you came up with this lame lines "no colonial posts." Shame on you bro In that case, it's no different than 1000s of other villages that pre-exist colonial and have not seen colonial station post. Grant, it seems that you have some good recollections of the places you have been back in the days. By the way, have you heard that your instructor at Columbia Hersi Megan Isse passed away little while ago?
  8. I wonder if they have different color and speak different languages. And if they do have different color and ethnicity, do they have prejudices and racism, poor and rich among themselves? Just a though! If all of these stories of Xalimoz been possessed are true, I guess those jinns are darn poorer than Somalis. On a serious note though, I think it just the fear of the unknown that makes us believe that jinns are out there to harm us. When ever I hear story about jinn possessing woman(never heard of men been posses, men only get laid by rich jinn women )it almost always happens in dark alley, near the beach, or an old house, you would never hear it happening off Broadway and 5th ave. Don't these jinns have some urban hippies? It's just the fear we have about darkness, been at beaches at night, and crumpling old houses.
  9. Originally posted by J.a.c.a.y.l.b.a.r.o: Labadiinuba ,,,, What a place eh, xaafada aa degantahay=qabiil eh?
  10. Your thought of the matter itself is punishable by 15 floggings.. If I add my 2 cents though, I think it depends where the said man lives. If he is in Kismaanyo and its vicinity, that man is history. But if he is in Hargeisa for instant, there is a good chance that he will live another day to tell his affairs and there is also good chance that JB would tell us the story in detail.
  11. DD, Macalin oo taarikh/juqaraafi iidhigi jirey in middle school used to say 'laf cad aa toobin ku haydaa" :confused:
  12. ^ I think the whole purpose of this thread was to reveal people's Social Security Cards good for Mr.Sayid. Mahaan ka soo baracay aa lagaa raba heee
  13. ^Dare to tell me that inna abti If you didn't know where Taleex is, I doubt that you would know "mahaaaan ka soo barakacay"
  14. I think Taleex has some historical significance, but as far as Qardho is concern, I don't think it has any historical significance or historical event that I can relate to it. By the way Qardho was never been the seat of Boqor Cisman Yusuf, Baargaal was the center of boqortooyo at the time. I hope Mr Sayid would tell us the what these 2 towns have in common.
  15. ^lool, maybe sophisticated isn't correct word, but I was trying to say that they speak a different dialect that is hard to understand in other words pure Maay. Since when did you become Maay expert?
  16. Hemba sor me'eh heray nwen ma eh hobalo bal nmaaw..Quote from one of Xassan's song, I don't know if the spelling is correct though. Nuune and MMA can correct me! We use to go to Leego and Yaqbariweyne back in 80s, and some of the locals used to speak Maay May though I think it was different May dialect. I heard Diinsoor Maay is most sophisticated, MMA can confirm that I guess. MMA, ever been to Buur Hakaba, Buur E-elay,Jamaacada, Aw dhiigle,and other smaller villages between Shabelada Hoose and Bay? What a pradise dhulkaas walhi!!!
  17. That was hilarious walahi..Darn them Indian, Pakis, and Bengals take "bragging"thing to whole another level..
  18. AT&T, I am guessing Bashe's line of "Latter-Day-Patriots" hit a nerve..OOch War ninyahow meel un raac dee, waxaagu waa flip flip a la John Kerry style. Alshabaab waa taageeraa waana ka soo horjeedaa isma raacdo. Either embrace them just like brother Kashafa, ama Peace caravan dhinac ka soo raac.
  19. lol@Latter-Day-Patriots....Well said ya Bashe! dad badan oo waxaa jooga AK47 garabka ku sita inay dhiggaana rabin, kuwa badanse doonta iyagaa dhinac ka soo raacaaya mar dhow.
  20. Originally posted by Allamagan: ^ Truly agree, I must admit this is the only time I ever agreed with Kashafa. You are agreeing with him coz you are anti-Somalilander
  21. Allamagan, he will make some changes on US foreign policy(that was in his campaign rhetoric.) Will we benefit that? in some way we might, but I doubt if Somalia specifically is/will be a top foreign affair priority for him. If he makes some changes on the war of terror doctrine for example, that will have some affect on us, good or bad we don't know it yet.
  22. LZG, "maryooley" have campaigned and voted for "Yahoods" in States like MN. Late Sen Paul Wellstone was one example and current rep. Senator Norm Coleman as well. So, I don't think most of Somalis who voted for Obama would really care less of any "yahuud" guy serving the cabinet, after all he(Ramh)is a qualified man for job and a shining star among the Democrats, and that's what matter most to Obama and to the American people(including Somalis.) If anyone out there thought that Obama's triumph to the white would mean new dawns for Somali, must be too naive. He was elected by American people for America, and his top priorities will be a change in USA not in Somalia or in Africa or in Muslim world.
  23. Ngonge, Democrats controlled the US congress for quite a long time and only lost it in 1994. And in 2006 Democrats retake the majority again, and mess started when the republicans were in control. As for the Democratic party being a liberal, I guess that is just a wrong perception. There are liberal democrats yes, but there are also centralist, and southern conservative Democrats who are pro gun, pro life, and religious yet share same idea on inclusiveness. The Republican party used run on platform of free economic, small government, and states own their own affairs. That party has been hijack by group of neocons and religious zealots who see the world as black and white. I would take liberal Pellosi any day over Carl Rove and Sarah Palin.
  24. Let us make one thing clear, Carter was a bad president and that had nothing to do with democrats. He actually lost his own party's support. Besides, democrats lost the president in 1980 not the congress.