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  1. Xiinow, brother AT&T intent wasn't to ignite a full blown war with you, but I guess meela uusan rabin ayay ka adaay xabaddu. Marka don't finish that gabay and spare the firing shots, this goes to both of you.
  2. Geelka, did you check that video real close? wlahi I couldn't believe the way of these people's thinking..
  3. McCain camp is sinking so fast that their last resort is to name call, belittle, and smear Obama's good name.
  4. Waryaa AT&T, I thought you have started this thread with good intention, telling Xiin to repent from the peace caravan. But now I see it as another thread of fist fight between you and Xiin, and you've already took your gloves off. Back to the peace caravan Vs barrel of the gun approaches. It seems to me that AT&T, your idea of Somali conflict starts and end with Ethiopian presence in Somali and ends with their departure. Where Xiin's stand on the conflict (or at least the way he sees it) is based on Somali's long going civil war that started decades ago. Now, his approach of bringing Somalis together to the wider DIRIN (as some call it)while our enemy are still present in our land, might sound gullible to lot of people, but it is a noble and the only way out of this mayhem. Your approach never worked before and will not work in Somalia even if these gaagaabs leave this night. It was Somalis that were killing each other before these guys came in and will remain the same if they departure. So, stop discouraging the brother or any one else who supports peace over the GUN..And one more thing, that gabay was deelqaas, see kaa noqotay sow adigii lahaa waxaan ka imi weyla lagu xidh?
  5. "The government of Somalia will be preparing documents as swiftly as possible on the establishment of diplomatic relations with South Ossetia, as well with Georgia and Abkhazia," Mohamed Handule said.
  6. Can't they not convert it for whatever institution they want? It was only a build and most likely a decay one.
  7. This gangster thing is getting out of hand lately. Friend of mine told me a group of so called "Somali gangsters" went in to Somali restaurant in Nashville,TN to rob. The place was full of people breaking iftar, mostly Somali cap drivers. Not only did they rob the cashier, but also customers at gun point. What is mind boggling though is not how daring they were for robbing a Somali business with full of Somali people, but the conduct of victims that been robbed at gunpoint. I was told that no one bothered to report to the police, but instead went on to beg the guys (gangs)family/clan elders just to get some of the IDs and social security cards in their wallets back. So, the problem is in everywhere maryooley reside. From small town America to the big metropolitans, and as long we hide them or give them the status "they are so tough and dangerous" we will remain the same and witness more horrendous crimes.
  8. Taking them pics were not the point i bet..Anyways, lets wish entire nation to get more rain falls this year.
  9. ^^You're little paranoid ma istiri? What if i happened to be one of above and yet not an anti-puntland?
  10. Originally posted by dhulQarnayn: ^^^Well, are you a vested member of the anti-Puntland crowd on SOL? dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California In your book what will make me or any one to be an anti-puntland?
  11. It rained well in bosaso. Illaahay dalka oo dhan ha ku qaboojiyo roobab.
  12. Could you tell us more about those great leaders of Puntland that ruled Somalia?
  13. Ma dhaxal ayaa loo siiyay? Dadbaa dad ka fiican waa waxa meesha Soomali maanta dhigay. Allah ha keeno qof somali ah oo waddani ah..No more land land iyo fulaan.
  14. Xiin, the old man has no other alternatives options left for him to bargain. He can't even pressure Nur Cadde to re-appoint the ministers that have resigned from his cabinet, let alone play any game. I think there are no more cards for him to play at this juncture, but to bow the power that is(foreign). Having say that, I heard from a source close to the old man that if all fails his last option left to bargain is to retreat himself back to Puntland. With a change of regime on sight in Puntland and the support of the TFG in that part of country whining down, I don't see any chance of him coming back to Somali political arena. Let me see what you have old man, split all out.
  15. AT&T, xiin maaha ninka ay soomaali sugayso. Soomali ninkii wanaag wadda oo raba inoo si nabad ah wax ku raadsho ayay rabtaa. Ninkasna waa Shareef Axmed alla ha xafidee. Ama raac ama diid rajo aan halkaas iyo Jabouti ah oo Soomali u maqan ma jirto.
  16. Xiinow, i heard the 2 old boys of the TFG met today after Nur's return from Jabouti. Wonder what will they be talking about! Anyways, when is your report coming Mr. Xiin?
  17. Originally posted by Gheelle.T: Anyway, here is another image of Xamar, the lost paradise again: Kuraastaas and miisaskaas dhagaxa ka sameysan agyaali jiray near to the pools maxaa xasuustaa, siiba kuwii yaali jiray Hoteel Taleex's pools. MMA, where in Xamar is that? Any hotel by the sea with a pool that i can think of is Al-Aruba, and this pic doesn't look like Aruba. Besides, on URL link it says Olympia hotel mmm where is that in xamar igaarow? there was hotel Olympics of sendiko and that is no way close to the beach. Ariirow binikolahan naga soo cadeey bo
  18. Supposedly this scenario would involve Somaliland deploying troops to help fight against the Islamic Courts Union and expelling member of the ****** Liberation Front residing in Somaliland. War on terror eh? awood badanaa, troop deployment xaal qaado.
  19. So how do you she is from the Bosaso tol? Or you are just assuming it?
  20. No no not the in-laws, sheekada fahan adi. Since the man is married to a Somali woman, thus living in Bosaso then wife must be from clan(x). And since they were both been kidnapped in Bosaso, then the criminals must also be as clan(x) as the wifey. So, them kidnappers are not respecting a man who marries from them(clan). What analysis, istaqfulaah.
  21. Xiin, you're trying to convince people who are already made their minds on this peace process. If they come on board well and good, if not the wagon will keep rolling regardless of who opposes it on the broadband waves. I heard they were suppose to put the final touches today and sign on it. Any new development yaa Xiin?
  22. Username, what is so sacred about Puntland that it has to break away from the rest of Somalia? And in what bases is it going to secede? Open your eyes young man and stop advocating dismembering a nation that is already in state of limbo. Puntland(disregard the name for a minute) was and still is part of the Somalia's conflict/civil war. If south ay quusayso, Puntland way la quusaysaa taas xasuuso.
  23. loool@ bareeja waaye nooh. That's priceless If the word "Uusey" is copy righted then I better not use it again with out a written concession.
  24. 7. Immigrants flooding Texas and New Mexico. Can’t they manage their own border?[/quote ] McBush thinks that Spain is south of Mexico.