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  1. Hmmm I found it very interesting the girl in the video said she was very suprised her father came, and she wouldn't think her father would come and help her in a million years. That was very telling. True we don't know the family, but it seems to me like a girl who wanted and needed love and she wasn't finding that at home, otherwise she wouldn't be suprised her father cared enough to visit her in jail. Hopefully they learned from their mistakes.
  2. Salaam I am not sure if this has been already mentioned but I would advice you if your disbility is not apparent then don't mention it, let the relationship develop first and see where it heads, I don't find that to be misleading because you are not your disability it's only a part of you, the most important part of you being your soul, your heart, your goodness, your character, your deen etc let a prospective spouse get to know you for you and if it becomes serious and question of marriage arises then let them know about your condition, informing them before the fundamentals are formed could be counterproductive. However if it is apparent then I would advice you to take the focus away from it. I know this is a lot easier said then done but you are not your disability let it not put a shadow over your being to live and thrive, other's will be attracted to you despite a disability when you shine from within, and one only begets his or her naseeb thus trust in Allah. I wish you all the best inshaAllah.
  3. Salaam, I am wondering in your communities (those of you in the West) are there any programs put in place teaching Somali kids, how to read and write in Somali? Almost every Somali child I come across has no grasp of Somali and this is truly troubling to me, I am thinking of starting a program in my community and looking for feedback.
  4. Mr. Prince, Where did you find that picture!? It is very cute.
  5. @I don't think any of you nomads will burn in hell, I think you are decent and kind people who deserve nothing but the best. I know a lot of people have a problem with this concept of punishment, I advice you to look deeper into what Islam says, there have been many lectures done on this subject by people of knowledge, Allah says in the Quran not even a weight of atom of wrong will be done to any human being, Allah is Most Just, here is short video you can listen to As for the question of marriage between people of different faiths, marriage is a personal choice, what Islam says is clear to us, because Islam is a total way of life that covers every area of our daily lives it's not just confined to worship so you can't blame Muslims for wanting to share a home and build a family with someone of similar values, it sustains harmony and stability. ps: Don't take anything personal it's just the Somali way of showing you some love & your a special person to go out of your comfort zone and be here on this forum. All the best.
  6. I don't think it's a good idea and don't see the point.
  7. does the camera really matter? i love photography but don't want to invest in an expensive camera if it's not the camera but the shooter that makes the difference in capturing great images. Some say that is the case and reason why i have been hesitant investing in high end camera. Great pics, your very talented!
  8. Sadly it is not that easy, you'll be suprised how many people including the religious heads make divorce for a woman very difficult in our islamic communities, this case seems to be the norm, as much as we like to blame culture it is ever present and Muslim women find it very difficult to get a divorce when the husband refuses. It's a sad reality. Instead of pointing the finger out this useless husband who clearly fails his obligations as both husband and father, the woman is blamed. Islamically he is not even married to her since he failed his duties in so many ways. Whatever happened in the past, is past she should forget about it and not beat herself up for it, she has the present, make the best of today and go to a different masjid to get the divorce, best she can do is learn from her mistakes and make the best of her life, look forward not backward. InshaAllah all the best to her and the children.
  9. I was familar with some of the other clinics in the country but never about the one in my background. If you don't mind can you we exchange email contacts? Jazkallah khair. Thank you for the website, its great resource.
  10. ^Masha-Allah thanks for sharing, I didn't know of such clinic in the neighborhood.
  11. Look, I keep repeating myself, I am not the one judgemental here, someone made an observation in which I agreed with and I maintained my positon, I see no harm in it. You seem to point out the wrongs of others but overlook your own. You neither know any of us either, but certainly had no problem stating the poster your defending to be better than "all of us put together" among other things, so please me save me the lecture on judging others, again your opinion is yours alone and frankly it is not my concern, you addressed me and I replied to your assertions simple as that. As for English speakers and use of deity, is not relevant here, we have a dhaqan and madhab in how Muslims speak to each other, when addressing another Muslim one doesn't use "Your deity", and I didn't take someone out of Islam, I said their creditability on Islamic education is questionable due to their viewpoints on this thread. When asked the poster refused to clarify their position and replied "I use the word Allah many times", and the poster seems fine with being called a "gaal", if someone doesn't object to the title, then there is nothing to take back here, if one were to say I object to that description and I am not what you call me, than the matter would be different. And salaamu alaikum to you too.
  12. LOL, walaal shaydan i ma hayo alhamdullah nor am I picking a fight or upset, don't turn this around on me now, if anyone needs to re-read this topic perhaps you should and you will see who picked a fight and started all of this from a simple question whcih was asked, the poster got offended and started screaming "your deity your deity", to other posters, another made an observation in which I agreed with all i said was "fair enough", namely the other poster's view on Islamic Education, a poster who uses "deity" rather than Allah SWT among other things views having no creditability regarding the issue, I agree with that judging by this topics contents and am very comfrotable with that position, hence why I maintained it through out. If you see it as wrong again not my problem, I see it as correct. I was draged into this dissusion so don't turn this on me as If I am the one who picked a fight.
  13. Ibtisaam, tell me again why I would care you minding sharing my thoughts as if I need your permission? Talk about over estimating one’s influence. As for what I wrote concerning this topic, no need for me to re-read my statements; I stand by my position and trust my judgments. You may see it differently and that as I said earlier, is up to you.
  14. Ibtisaam, thank you for the advice, however for someone who has her nose in nearly every topic on this forum, I think you should heed your own advice and would be the best beneficiary among us. As for your assertions, no one here is being the gate keeper of Islam (although that would be an honorable duty I must say) nor does one care about the personal beliefs of the poster. I have always maintained people are free to believe as they choose as long as that belief does not infringe the rights of others. However that is not the issue here, this is a forum and though I don’t care about the personal beliefs of others and support their right to express those beliefs, it does not mean I will not hold my own positions on issues. As far as this topic is concerned qof af Somali ku hadlayo & Muslimka ka daba wado “your deity, your deity” hadi la yiri, “look your opinion regarding our Islamic Education has little creditability” anigu dhib u ma arko, if you see it differently and belief it is as a demonstration of “open mindedness” than that is up to you, I happen to agree with the other posters. And that is the end of this discussion.
  15. Originally posted by ailamos: ^ WOW! So many are taking offense to the word "deity", let me give you a brief lesson in the English language: quote: Deity: A deity is a postulated preternatural or supernatural immortal being, who may be thought of as holy, divine, or sacred, held in high regard, respected and worshiped by believers. "Professor" english language lesson mel no dhig, adigu Allah SWT heli karo in aad ku hadashid maxa kugu kalifey "deity"? In taas ka jawab