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  1. What I don't get JB is this bravado you showing in here. We all know what happened was so heinous crime and a lot civilian have died, but for you to make all these bravado of " we'll smoke them out" ela Bush style has no substance brother. Who ever is behind it is either a far away place that SL cant reach or is amongst the population and wont come up to claim it. Those who carried out the act are already dead is that hard to argue.
  2. War geelka aa muqaawamada ka mid ah dee I heard the war between Aidid and Ali Mahdi, Aidid ordered his militias to shoot any donkey they see in the street at night. Apparently, Ali Mahdi militia were using the donkeys to transport ammunition and weapons at night. Don't know if the story has any substance to it or if its just a joke.
  3. So the Ad-Dajjal is a black man eh?
  4. Aaliyah, it is actually much cheaper to study in the Caribbeans than here in the states. And after you graduate with MD degree, you'll have to give the same USMLE test like any other American medical graduate. I heard there are a lot Somalis who go there to study. So, if you are really interested in medicine go for it in the Caribbean islands.
  5. Those who were behind it are already dead, so I wonder who are the people JB is trying to kill them?
  6. Originally posted by Adam-Zayla: I have to post this cool black-white video before i log off: Dhooleey La'aanta Somali women in Kimonos, Somali men river dancing and @4:28 the lead singer starts doing the twist lol love it! Thats classic, he was from Djabouti and I heard he died.
  7. AT&T, cyberspace suicide bomber ayaa jira, make sure you know who you get emial from.. Adduunkan la is qarxinaayo El Jerusalem style caadi maaha.
  8. Caamir, could you post that link of the VOA interview to the other thread that also going on? There are people there still on the fence and defending this heinous act.
  9. I see young Zeinab Cigge too. AZ, there are not whole lot of Somali movies made in back in the days. I recalled one particular film that was made back in late 70s i guess, i guess it was called DAN IYO XARAGO if I am wrong on the name some1 correct me. Young Qalanjo was in it.
  10. According to the father of the girl in an interview with VOA, she was only 14 yrs old and wasn't married.
  11. So the girl was 14 yrs old and wasn't even married?
  12. This will actually straighten those two admins's security policies. Within days, some people will be rounded up, jailed, interrogated, and given to Ethiopia. No doubt in my mind that locals will either support their administration on this or at least be silent about it. And finger pointing has already started.. In my opinion, exporting this kind of violence will not help those perpetrated nor will it give them any sympathy from the locals of the targeted cities. In fact it will backlash on them.
  13. Originally posted by Cirdey: Islaantu ma miyir qabtey horta? Hadeey miyir qabteyna geesisanaa! That's exactly what I have asked? How was her mental capacity to let her self be punished?
  14. Alle ha u naxariisto Aabbe saburna ha inika siiyo.. Aamiin.
  15. ^^ So now you can "codsi" to be murdered and the sheikh will fulfill that "codsi"? Shouldn't there be an investigation? Or Islamic shareeca doesn't have any investigation process?
  16. Was she first arrested for the said sin? How did she confess to the crime? Was she mentally fit? Was she married at the time of said act took place? Where is/are the men that she slept with? Shouldn't they be witnesses/co-defendants? Shouldn't we ask ourselves these kind of Questions? It is really mind bugling and hard to believe that some one would just work in a court ask for punishment..
  17. lol@waaran u goyssey...It took me minute to figure out what waaran meant.. komishinar, and maayar aan la yaabi jirey hadda waaran aa timaaday.
  18. It is time for SOL doubter to jump on the peace wagon before it is too late. Slowly it has been, it finally bore fruitful result. Kudos to Sheikh Shareef and Nur Adde's relentless effort to safe the peace the process. Allah waa fududeynaaya inta harsan.
  19. btw...check out sl navy more hanjabo digaag from pirates... Sl navy. Baarud, are you trying sell those fake vidoes as SL navy? com on now there is only one clip that can be said is true, the boat with the dark skinny Somalis n Sl flag. rest are collection of stolen clips..Don't go where some ppl you know have been drain to..
  20. btw...check out sl navy more hanjabo digaag from pirates... Sl navy. Baarud, are you trying sell those fake vidoes as SL navy? com on now there is only one clip that can be said is true, the boat with the dark skinny Somalis n Sl flag. rest are collection of stolen clips..Don't go where some ppl you know have been drain to..
  21. xiin, wax ka qabashaddu micnaheedu ma halla laayaa? Mind you, they are powerful enterprise and to fight them will not bear fruitful result. Do you think there is or could be a solution/way to integrate the foot soldiers on the speed boats back to the society? They are most vulnerable ones in the business, they put their lives in danger and get the least cut of the ransom pie. Remember, I am in no way condoning their act of business or justifying it.
  22. I think most of these young fellas never been taught Somali language back home. And that what makes them talk this way i guess. Shaken N deterred, not all of Somali literature has been written, but that doesn't mean Somali has no literature.
  23. what is your take in this piracy crises in Punland ya Xiin? What is the best way to tackle this issue with out any bloodshed? We want to hear from the MENTOR Bashe's follow up too.
  24. NG, what if Ethiopia ask for the head of Somalilander whom Ethiopia says is a thread to its security? Say a big shot Burcawi Sheikh with 100 of thousands of local supporters, or one of the Sultans. In this scenario where will the SL admin's interest lie?
  25. Although your "waxa layiri journalism" report has some substance of truth in it, it also has a lot flaws in the analyzes. It sounds like if the report is throwing all the piracy problem squarely on a single sub clan(that of Eyl and greater Nugal valley)when the reality is that these pirates hail from all over Puntland and even some from the south of the republic. Yes Eyl was/is a hide out for piracy for its strategic location, so does Xaafuun, Bargaal,Garacad, and Xaradheere. It was couples months ago when the God fearing folks of Eyl(led by cullimada) chase them pirates out the town, with out the any help from the admin. As far as the this Cadde admin goes, I believe they can't even arrest small time crook let alone to fight a piracy. Their incompetency is what let that region's security to deteriorate.