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  1. Nuune, sheekada hadday bacow aa tahay gaartay waa kaa harray hee, waa xishoodey.
  2. ^Yes it was, but the cause was always and still is for independent Northern Ireland from Britain. Not killing in the name Catholic for sake of religion.
  3. Malika, IRA were never been called as Catholic terrorist you asked, maybe true, but so do the PLO or Black September were never been called Muslim terrorist. But when you killed(in terror) in the name of religion, in this case Islam and call yourself a true Muslim who's waging war of Allah. Then you will be label as one. Lol@resistance, do you really believe what you have wrote? So, those agencies would make some wacko young men tape themselves while wrapped with bomb belts and blow themselves? With of course the assistance and courtesy of said agencies..yummy
  4. Afro and Nuune meesha af jinni aa nagta uga surteen see camal. Paltalk aa isku taqaaneen miyaa? Nuune Gabar aa soo ridaa aa? lol
  5. Mr.Brown, why do you think Omar Jamal would snitch anybody? He is actually defending the Mosque and those men who were detained at the airport in the article above. As far as the recruiting is concern, if it's true that young men have been recruited and sent back home to fight, then the community as a whole has to stand up and demand answers from whoever was responsible.
  6. Good that people are getting some needed services. As for old emergency number, for Xamar it was 888 aka otototo. I don't know if other towns have any similar number or not.
  7. 1. Madow/bootaan/qambi/dhuxul= Black 2. Caddaan= white 3. Cagaar/doog= green 4. Buluug= blue 5. Casaan/guduud= red 6. Huruud/Jaalle= yellow 7. Dhiin/Kafee= brown 8. Beey= Paige 9. Liinxaali 10. Basali= pink 11. Circasaan? 12. Xamar= dark brown I just guess some of them. Hope I am right
  8. He was long time politician and would have been better to crown the son of late Boqor Maxamud, but the family decided to pass the crown to gonna be king Cabdullhi and we should congratulate him for that. As for those who are protesting about the D part, he might not be the king for all, but I think the tradition has been there for quite a long time. To the rest of naysayers, tell them who cares your input.
  9. Nephy, leave my tol alone or else I will call you C**** hey thats just a jkz aigh
  10. KK, maxaa saan maanta..Haddana Nigis aa keentay aa ka darena dadka dhahee Gheelka weydii.ya iga har aa ku iri.. VIVA Dahabshiil
  11. Gheelle.T


    lolcats or slang is the way to go when chit chatting with friend or text*ing, other than that it's useless..
  12. Hear you bro, work on that license man and head off the place..
  13. A career politician with some bad habits(reer to be crown as the boqorka reerka? Bahashu xaggey iska qabsan la'dahay? War reerka odeygoo reer baadiya ah ma waayay oo boqortooyadaan qabta?
  14. G_J, I guess it be good move on your side. I read article other day about the IT professional from India moving to India for the economic boom over there. And thus leaving big vacuum in Middle East's IT industry which relied on those low paid Indian professionals for quite a long time. Heard any similar stories?
  15. B.G, why do think they embarrass us? If some one asks about it, just tell them what you know about it that's all. Don't feel bad or put burden on yourself. Certainly Nigerians don't get embarrass about money schemes that they so famous for. I don't believe sending foreign navies is the solution. To fight them (piracy) should start in land by Somalis, not foreigners. We already have enough issues with people in our soil. World body can help logistically and politically, but military intervention on sea, BIG NO NO...
  16. Well said Geel-jire. That exactly what I was saying. What is even worse than sinking is the way they kept bragging about..Capdhan Vijay Patel " Ve sunke dha biggesdhe ship of da piradasi, da modher ship is no mo" they psyche of thinking is beyond me.
  17. Che, I have been silly there, and honestly don't have an answer for your question. I would have advice you not to give a daam Shty of what some one believe of you or any thing else in that matter. If it some one you know or care about, then reason with them. Others ignore!!
  18. Dahashiil waaba gartaye, what the hell is NIGIS? KK, what this Nigis thing that need to be packed up?
  19. ^ What if some SL also uses in 1 thread that just going on here in General? Sorry Che for muddying your thread.. Ok the only cute is to tell the person to let it go. Deep breath and let it go uuuuuuuuuuuuh..And you see them with the symptoms again, just ignore them.
  20. Norf1, are you saying Indian navy or any navy in those waters, has the right to shoot and sink any ship that is under pirates possession? As in this case of the Thai trawler!! If your answer is yes, then all of the 17 or 18 ships anchored in Somali shores (including Saudi oil tanker)are fair game, don't you think?
  21. I remember NGONGE first using the "way dhuushtay" as to Way Duushay. Don't know who corrected him, but he is into something lately as far as SL is concern. As for JB hitting the high mark of SOL's top poster, mmmm ninku ma cajalad buu liqay? closed to 20k posts in little over 4 yrs. Who would ever thought that you will beat Duke over this? One of his Hargeisa khat session stories I would say is his best
  22. Grant, any pictures of Mogadisho aka Xamar cadeey? I am assuming that you spent time in there as well.
  23. The pic of the girls wearing traditional dresses looks nice.. Thanks Duke
  24. Xiinoow, wali ma waxaad daba socotaa arrintii xirantay? War heedhe Duke ka har Awoowgaa la gub yaannan orane..
  25. This girls "virginity" thing is so overrated..Guys give it rest. Move on, there are so many other things we can value a girl than her virginity.