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  1. Naxar Nugaaleed;924767 wrote: they can't even buy night vision loool, what the heck? even though I questioned wither or not now was the right time lift the embargo, even i am disappointed by the scope of this resolution. Naxar, ever heard of qosol gariir? Do you know what it means?
  2. oba hiloowlow;924741 wrote: I always lead during peace times abwaan is the other way round loooooooooool Oba, One leads during peace, another during the war, where the third one NEVER does right?
  3. xiin, predictable reality but you were against it although you have changed your view in the last minute. So Nin-Yaaban has a point.
  4. I think this is a script or Oba's account has been hacked by LST and his co.
  5. Haddana ma waxaad rabtaa Abwaan iyo Oba inaad jambal u tuurtid? Waryaa Xuddun baa noo ballan ah. Canshuurtana iska diyaari baan ku iri.
  6. XX your comments are always predictable...: Anything that creates arguments and divisions among the Southerners:D
  7. Political tool beel, war dadka maxaad u waalaysaa? I guess the so-called HAG acronym is more famous over here, SOL than anywhere in the world.
  8. oba hiloowlow;924713 wrote: I support Jubbaland now people, xiin and Zack guuleysta ,many of you will wonder why is oba flipflopping? Well i found out the Hags in jubbaland are pretty useless and it isn't in my interest to fight on their behalf marka i support camp Zack and xiin now. Abwaan if you are reading this waxaan ku leeyahay forget about kismaayo the era of 'walaalaha' galgaduud is long over talk to your brethrens in Cadaado and Dhuusamareeb and unite the future in galgaduud/mudug is bright. loool.....Oba, I, Abwaan al SOLaawi respect your decision and wish All the Jubaawis Good luck. A bit of advice though leave "Walaalaha Galguduud" Alone, haddii kale.
  9. Mario B;924711 wrote: This government would have belonged to you too, if you weren't busy subverting it. Mario B rageedii. The Zack;924710 wrote: Really you need to chill Dhuuso mareeb boy! Somehow you assume the current admin belongs to you when really you have no say on anything. You think the current federal government is USC and you seem to be too excited on everything. lol...Awoowe tartiib waad kululaatay, it is not too late. This government is EVERYBODIES. It is ok to be a critic but let this be based on the reality and facts.
  10. oba hiloowlow;924683 wrote: xiimaya the pm is going to puntland as well is deji lol...u sheeg that he has not been ignored. Waryaa xiin soo qaado caleemahaaga qoyan marti baa kuu soo socotee, sheekada intaad naga deysid.
  11. Haatu;924644 wrote: They are trying to stay relevant dee Ha idinku taagnaato dheh. You can stay relevant by being part of Somalia....That is it. Nothing else over here.
  12. The Zack;924642 wrote: Mayee Uganda iyo Burundi iyo Kamasle H oo dhan. Iyo inta isu eg LOL Dude you need to chill! Duqa waa khalkhashay ee tartiib ninyahow.