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  1. I don't think sending foreign navies to Somalia and killing those pirates will tame the piracy crisis. Also, what Indian navy did could make the situation even worse. What if the pirates start killing crews of the ships they hijack(there are quite a number of Indians aboard on the ships they already have.) The long term solution is to get a stable Somali government which may or may not happen any time soon. Short term solution is to do what the ICU did in their brief control of power, which is to deny them(pirates) safe haven inland. That is where Puntland comes in. They can't sit back and say world doesn't want to help us, not any anymore. World is ready to help and they should show a commitment in their part to fight these pirates. Close those hubs in Eyl and along the Puntland coast line where all the ships are docked. And make some arrest on the big fishes, trust me they are locally known. Until that happens, piracy will continue and we will be discussing Benin's navy sinking smuglers' boat full of Ethios and Somali refugees to Yemen.
  2. As far as I know, there are quite non Somalis in this forum and that is totally fine. About the CIA and KGB allegation you made, that is something I can't really answer and I will leave for Mr.Grant to speak himself. Why would CIA man go to Jilib in all places?
  3. Lool@idont do french...war Grant ain't from Jilib or mareerey or Somalia all together, he is an American who was there in the sixties to teach English. Easy on him, probably he wrote name of qabiil and the site censored it. As far as Kismayo goes, I bet this qabiil thing will evaporate once there is a real government.
  4. Macalin Sayid waa ayidsanahay ani, Soomaali dhiniciisa waa raggeedii. Walle meesha uu ka keenay aa aqaanaa iska dhaaf
  5. ^ Sadly, the kismayo that you knew has long gone and Vanished yaa BOB. What you have in Kismayo today are galti cusub Baba. Pray that place oo ku soo noqoto sidii ahaan jirtay.
  6. KK, hadday fara yar tahay saaxiibteed oo fara dheer ee u wacee maxaa. Qabow haddii jiro faraha waa la kululeyn karaa maahoo? kkkk
  7. BOB knows what he is talking about and it's true Kismayo and Xamar cadeey were probably the 2 most diverse cities in pre-war Somalia. Now Bosaso seems to be diverse in term its new comers, but city is still divided by its original 4 or 5 sub clans inhabitants. I can't say the something about Qardho. meesha one sub sub sub clan lee jooga
  8. Eeddo KK, waan fahmay, but I wont bother searching your age I will take your word for it... Yaa Sayidi,I am with you cousin, now enroll me in your class.
  9. KK, major events that took place? mmm was it the assassination of late president Sharmarke?(RIP) or was it or 1st Ethio_Somali war? jks aside Eeddo, why would you want people to knw ur age? I know you will go Sheemo on me on this As for Syid's bilo Soomaali, abti correct that"bilaaha" to bilaha and what ever happened to soonfur and sidataal? Those are only bilo Soomaali I know.
  10. MMA, thanks brother. Sawirka kor xaafaada "ciyaar kuwaarto" waaye saa iigu tilmaamtay.
  11. I got 81 in first try, then tried again and god 59. So, I would stick with the 81.
  12. To some extent your analyzes is quite accurate. You should have touched the 2 entities up north's internal skirmishes/wars, little bit further. Not the wars between the two entities, but ones between Yusuf and Adde on one hand and Egal vs Tuur on the other hand. I believe that should be part of the wild voyage too.
  13. Lool@MsDD, I guess you wanted to post in different thread.
  14. Lol@jaasuus. Neph, you r kinda paranoid ma istiri?
  15. Waxay noqotay personal attack sheekadu maxay tahay? Cayda is eeddeyn wax tari mayso ee maa naga deesaan. Aaway MMA when you need him most?
  16. Grant, you really have a sharp memory to detail the place like that is just amazing. I have been to Jilib back in 1990s when the civil war broke out and spent couple of days in the town. All I remember of those 2 days are mosquitoes.
  17. ^ wax waalan dheh..Haddii married tahay soo kami tii darna Waa ka baxay casharkaan bas..
  18. Originally posted by Ducaysane: I guess Your name isn't MS DD by accident. eeh Duceysane caadi ma tihid walahi, waryaa she was in middle school, stop reading the fine prints. AT&T, that guy gabaygas tiriyay was raggeedii.
  19. Sleeping on your back it is but what if a homo Jinn comes along eew
  20. I didn't watch the whole vid, but watched the 1st part of it. The dude with the beard is Kimbo Slice, he is just an insane man that makes money out of this crazy street fights.
  21. lool@ jinni makes to you..Would you feel it though?kkk
  22. Thanks Grant for posting the pics, they look good indeed. Just wonder how Jilib would look today mmm. Grant talk to the admin and see if he can actually embed your collection of picture(from Somalia) in this site.
  23. I thought Jinn and Shaytaans were completely two different creatures. Just wondering how Accuudu Billaahi mina shaydaani jariim, gonna chase out these jinns..
  24. Originally posted by Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar: Geelle, sawirkaan hoos ka muuqdo ma xasuusan kartaa. Meeshaa sheegeysid kasoo qaaday waa aan Xamar ku noqday. I guess waxaa daganayd jidka dheer Hoteel Taleex iridiisa ku aadanaa oo ku dhici jiray Shaneemo Shuun, soo agmari iyo hormari jirayna darbiyada Carwada iyo Isteeshinka Hodan. Maxaa guryo gaal oo eeyo waa weyn leh meeshaas ku yaalo dhagaxaan ku tuurnay every other Jimco, anagoo ciyaalkeena ka nimid barxadda Warshadda Kookada oo xaafadeena u noqoneyno. OOh goodness, MMA that is shaneemo shuum AKA shaneemada curyaaminta aka shaneemo casa de populare. waxaa ka soo sawirtay dhinaca jidka shaqaalaha. If you have more pics oo xaafada Hodan pls do post them. KK, marka ekwotore haddii sheegatay, you're repping either buullo xuubey ama zona school xamar sare..