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  1. It is all about what you pay for the site and which host company you deal with.. Pay a good money and rest is assured. Or pay less with smaller resource/ad based hosts and you will be bombarded with these kinda ads.
  2. Republican eh? other day they were attacking Obama when his family came to the podium on the democratic convention, and he asked his daughters "how she did" referring to Michelle's speech. And this moron republican pundit was all over the family, saying like it's about politics not about his family...3 days later, republican running mates are almost making out on the podium( hugging and kissing) with all of their family members on their side. Now see how those very same pundits are praising them.... Skinny brov, aint taking any more shtyyy and took his gloves off now...Democrats should be on the offensive and keep attacking McSame as there are so many opportunities now..
  3. Originally posted by Juje: quote:Originally posted by nuune: The business would be good and bright if those two obstacles are eliminated. Weligey wax ka talo xuun ma can you suggest to bring an end to two prime income generating progects.
  4. Libaaxa, Have you watched the entire episode/show? It is classic indeed, he did dig them deeper and showed their hypocrisy at best.
  5. Check it out how he takes on republicans and Fox news 'double standards.... would love it
  6. Sis, I guess you are taking it way too serious here. I did not ask for help not did I say I want to control what people see. It is just that I am shocked to see a Somali news portal carrying this adds. It is a Somali websites of all things advertising to meet some women(half naked pic) on their sites. And I found that quite pathetic and below standard. Thanks for the lil preaching there though One more thing what do you mean Muslim sites?
  7. What if i don't want any naked girl add in anywhere on news site at all.. I am shocked to see Somali sites carrying this kind of adds. In addition, I find embarrassing to see my peers (parents) reading this very same websites.
  8. Have any one realized how a lot of Somali internet news portals are carrying these half naked African women adds? It is really pathetic for these site to carry such adds.. From Somaliweyn, bartamaha, puntlandpost, garoweonline,horseedmeida, and countless others. It is probably their host that is advertising these craps, but i am sure they can do something about it. Hopefully Somaliaonline wont follow them
  9. Dee ninku waa El Generale, not a mere sheikh see waaye magaca saxa akhyaarey
  10. Horn, if I ask a dump and silly question, why are these sub-clans who are supposedly from the same large clan have been fighting in that dust town in the past decade and half? Why the control of the city by a single sub-clan is so important? I don't know if any one have the answer, but I hope people would at least ask themselves these kind of questions and find a solution.... that's just a hope!!
  11. Beautifully written and to the point. Kudos to Mr.Walde. The question is, will the current regime see it's incompetences and let others who are suited to govern? or will they bribe their way in for another disastrous term? Time will tell, and I hope these crooks won't come back.
  12. Beesheyda iyo beeshooda miyaan laga weynaaneyn? Wadaadadii xataa ma waxay noqdeen beel hebel? Dad waaweyn oo walli u kala doodayaa Warlords in this time and age, Allow naga saar mugdigaan...
  13. The girl is pretty so stop hating ppl wixii la tartamaaya video keena hee aa araknee
  14. Is JB= jaceylbaro or is Johnny B?
  15. Originally posted by Che -Guevara: The TFG got its marching orders. Get your act together or will abandon you for the next willing Idi*t. It looks like uncle's dollars are drying up too. I think this is all about bargaining with the West and not intended to the poor TFG. In other words, he's saying lest you pour some more money to my pocket or I will abandon this project all together. We should wait and see.
  16. AT&T, I am out of your way then ten four, ten four... and the radio is off carry on my dear friend.
  17. Gabareey naga gacma gacmeeyeen kuye, isagageey ahayd inay kaashawiito numoro quindici ku taagaan ...Jini ninkii keenaa bixsho.
  18. Mr.Gallo, you are exaggerating things way too much, let it rest man..If you can't find your Xaliimo, then you must quit "calaacalka." Who got hitched with who is no ones business, but themselves methinks.
  19. AT&T, Salaan kor iyo hoos ahna maxay ahayd?
  20. Gen Duke has some fan base in SOL eh? Why is his name repeated in almost every posts in political section? wooow kudos to the General... ;
  21. Check his website, fella got some support and skills to be the next president of Puntland.
  22. War Generalku miyuunan ka dhamaanayn tuulooyinkan? It is time for him to move on and campaign in other main cities, methinks......
  23. War bal ummaddan sidaan ah arka.. Some are rejoicing with a mere victory over impoverished town somewhere in that hell-hole country with their clan flag flying high. Others are recklessly determined and swearing by "clan pride" to take that town back. And the irony is that all of them are enjoying here in the west. waadhyaare, grow up and stop this stupidittyyy. Don't you feel the pain of the people dying there? Allow noo sahal.