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  1. Bro NUr Islamic unity is absolutely crucial and obligatory, but is it feasible? Reading that “every sect rejoices with what they have.†(sura Rum) highlights the inevitability of disunity. Every group emphasizes on certain aspect of islam, whether it is politics, dikr, dawah, khalifah, Jihad. This is not bad, after all, it is part of Islam and welcomed. However trouble lies with the points of difference. Difference is a human quality; some are acceptable while others are not. Differing in aqeeda damages the Islamic cause. The usual rant on “Islamic unity “is superficial and simplistic at best. There is no consensus on what we should agree or unite upon. The notion of uniting on “ISLAM†lacks depth since the Islamic umbrella covers much falsehood mixed with truth. You and I both know that unity based on false aqeeda only brings destruction and the wrath of Allah. There is a “firqatul najiyah, I am sure you have your own thoughts on who they are.
  2. Bro Nur As you and I both understand, the Qur'an and the Sunnah stand as the ultimate sources of Islam upon which sharia is based. The salafi orientation only ascended in social practice as a reaction to the multiple aqeeda orientations and to its representative sects. Similar to the title “ahlul Sunnah wa jama3aâ€. The main focus of the salafi orientation is textual mandate based on the interpretation of the Salaf. Salafiyah does not substitute “Muslimâ€. Salafiyah is a name that underlines a methodology (manhaj), an aqeeda cast aside by those who are Muslims. a“Muslim†is anyone who believes In Allah without committing Shirk and/or Kufr despite his Aqeeda and Manhaj. The term “Muslim and Salafiyah†both play different yet equally important role. Khair, Truth be told, it is Allah the majestic who guides people, whether they be Somalis or not to Salafiya. Salamu alaykum
  3. So a man may do deeds characteristic of the people of the (Hell) Fire, so much so that there is only the distance of a cubit between him and it, and then what has been written (by the angel) surpasses, and so he starts doing deeds characteristic of the people of Paradise and enters Paradise. Similarly, a person may do deeds characteristic of the people of Paradise, so much so that there is only the distance of a cubit between him and it, and then what has been written (by the angel) surpasses, and he starts doing deeds of the people of the (Hell) Fire and enters the (Hell) Fire. Allow me to clarify, The Aforementioned Hadith deals with the guidance of Allah. The first person commits to the characteristics of the people of hell and from the bounty of Allah, he is guided. His [chosen] actions stemmed from ignorance. Guidance is only from Allah; it is not something you can choose. This reminds me of the man who killed 99 people and sough forgiveness. Allah guided him and upon death he become from the people of paradise albeit his deeds were from the people of the fire. In contrast the other man possessed the characteristics of the people of heaven. His intention was not for the sake of Allah, That’s why Allah’s messenger (salalahu alayhi wa salam) said, Verily all actions are [judged] by your intention. And Allah, likewise objurgates these sorts in surat 18 ayat 110 [say (O Muhammad SAW): "Shall We tells you the greatest losers in respect of (their) deeds?â€Those whose efforts have been wasted in this life while they thought that they were acquiring good by their deeds] Allah Jala wa 3ala is the turner of the hearts. Whom he guides proceeds based on that guidance. Whom he misguides is left in darkness. At times he may blindly traverse the path of the righteous giving charity, being good to the parents, being kind to his neighbours etc...Though these feats resemble the deeds of paradise the intention is not there. The first three people to enter the fire are Muslims who performed mighty deeds. They find themselves in the depth of the fire because their deeds were only to be seen of men. The fact that Allah the almighty knows your ultimate end does not interfer with your choices. you are ultimately left to decide what to do, what to eat.etc. Allah's keeps tract of your decisions before you decide. free will while they live their lifes but that free will can not change their ultimate fate privy to Allah prior to their creation. This is immaterial. Your ultimate end is the consequence of your choices.
  4. Really guys I lost all love for Ghana after i saw that Isreali flag. That just turned me off. I hope brazil destroyes them. It just leaves a bitter taste.
  5. What a sad day. The elephants losing to the crappy dutch. Did you see how one of the dutch players fell on his own and the ref gave the ivory coast player a yellow card. I couldnt even watch the game man. The dutch had 12 players and one was carryin a whistle. It is in the best interest for FIFA to allow european teams to advance.
  6. ^^^ Akhee dont waste your breath. anyone who is fimiliar with the cut and paste job and has the faints knoweldge knows its not how its presented. It is sorta strange that the great Dr Al Buti would debate with an unknown commmoner then claim victory. If Al buti supporters are truthful in their claim, then why do they not present the debate between Al Albani and Al buti. Al buti was discombabulated that even his own father who taugh him didnt know what he was talkin about. here is the Al buti v.s Albani debate on Following a madhab.
  7. It was seriously disappointing to watch the African nations in this world cup this year. Other then perhaps the Ivory Coast who gave up two early goals but looked superb, the other teams were disorganized in mid-defend and Attacking. When they got the ball they didnt know what to do with it. They frequently had to touch the ball twice to three time before passing. They lack precision in passing and shooting. Note all the gaols came from beyond the 18 year line from the European teams and other then them. The africans' One touch passing was not at a professional level. On the Bright side, France looked great, even though they didnt win they shouldnt worry too much. Althought Croatia lost they really deserved a tie. Keeping my african hopes up, i now turn to Tunisia.... GO Tunisia
  8. Salam Anyone who has knowledge of Fotball would realize that the world cup is a big time rip off. Only 5 teams from Africa qualify while 13 are allowed in Europe. Note even the group stages are fixed so that africa teams play strong teams. while brazil always have the easiers pool. if there was fair played between brazil and an africa nation such as Cameroon. Brazil would have no chance at all. Morocco second team beat the Americans who are ranked number 4 at the fifa ranking. Trinidad make it to the world cup and not Jamaica. If thats not bad enough, the france coach plays Bartez would was bad in 2002 and euro 2004. And Coupet who was number one for 4 years is on the bench. And to top it off he has the nerve to choose Cecee over Anelka or guity. the politics of Fotbal suck.
  9. Nur, Shari’a law are we ready for it? From my experience,regrettably, Muslims are not prepared for the Islamic shariyah or the establishment of the Khalifa. The general people are so far from understanding the beauty of Islam; its establishment would offend us. Most of us are indoctrinated by secular values; many laws in Islam offend us, the prohibition of music and prohibition of women travelling alone, the subjugation of the people of innovation. We either explain them away so that it fits our whims or we completely reject it. Many have now rejected Hadith because they feel it is contrary to their commonsense or values. If a khalifah were to establish shari’ah in contemporary time the general masses would feel oppressed. salamu alaykum
  10. straw man argument arent worthy of attention.
  11. Salamu alaykum I am not above taqleed. My knowledge is so restricted that I have no others means but to follow ahlul-dikr. You are free to disagree and address your reservations, but save me the abuse. You write: “As muslims, we have the right to disagree and agree with sheekhs no matter who they are. Each one of us is responsible for their own faith and Allah won't ask us/you about Bin Baaz or utheymiin in the day of judgement, so you will best serve these noble sheekhs if you stop using them for your end and stand by your misguided opinions if you can.†Ar-rahmaan said if you do not know refer to those who know,the scholars are the inheritors of the prophet. In fact Allah will question me about bin baaz and uthaymin or any scholars their teachings are means by which i understand and carry out the obligations of Allah and his messenger. I shall relinquish my misguided estimations if you clearly demonstrate the truth of the matter. Aisha(ra) or any another women for that matter, can not islamicaly fulfil the position of waliyahul amr. Aisha(radiyalullahi canhuma) can not be a singular witness nor can she perform Salah and Siyam during her menstruation, such is her deficiency in deen and intellect.
  12. Xin, Yaa akhi Intellect is innate. Every person is given the intellect that Allah wills. we vary in intellect just like a speck (at various heights) in the heavens. Action is sought from each person in accordance with the intellect he has been given. Intellect is not acquired; rather it is a blessing from Allah, the Blessed and Most High. Allah does not call to account or punish the insane nor what you do out of forgetfulness nor that which occurs intentionally. It is authentically reported that the Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam) ssid, “The Pen is raised up from three: from the insane whose mind is deranged, until he is cured; from the sleeping, until he awakes and from the child until he attains puberty.†Reported by Abu Daawood (Eng. trans. 3/1227/no.4388), Ahmad and al-Haakim. I did not insinuate they were accountable for their deficiencies, as shaykh Uthaymeen suggest,â€It is from the perfection of iman†Allah continues to rewards the muslimah for that which stems from her disposition. I do not imagine anyone made assertions it was self-inflicted. Yet the facts remain. Due to their menstruation they are deficient in deen(leaving off salah and siyam) due to their memory they are deficient as witness, while men can carry out their responsibilities without any natural impediments. This however does not translate into every women being deficient in all matters, Al-Mustafa clearly explain where their deficiencies lies. The creation is collectively limited, althought these limitations are not equal. Men are in essence physically stronger then women, yet men are still limited in strength. The topic as it states, is whether a Muslimah can be the head of an Islamic state, to suggest a woman can be the guardian of men conflicts with the message of Islam. They are not barred from the position due to their limit in intellect or deen, except that her position and responsibilities in Islam prevents her from fulfilling the obligations of wiliyahul amr. “And they (women) have rights (over their husbands as regards living expenses) similar (to those of their husbands) over them (as regards obedience and respect) to what is reasonable, but men have a degree (of responsibility) over them. And Allaah is All-Mighty, All-Wiseâ€2:228 You insist I am misrepresenting the hadith yet you refuse to provide an alternative explanation. Save me from ignorance saxib, furnish us with the sound explanation.
  13. Salam XIn, you write "I am contending the notion that women are less intelligent than men. Simple. " Brother, our beloved prophet who loved nothing in this dunyah except women and perfume said, "women are deficient in intellect and in deen" he(salalahu alayhi wa salam) goes on to explain as to the reason to their deficiencies. You leave the hadith as it is, on what basis? if your above taqleed, and you excell in islamic fiq and sharxul hadith, then i suggest you play your cards. are your contention based on evidence or is it because it offendes your whims? What evidence you have to suggest that WOMEN are not deficient in deen and in intellect other then the usual" i think.." Need i remind you of the hadith hadith of our noble shaykh and imam, Mohammad(salalahu alayhi wa salam) when he said many MEN have reached the level of perfection but only three women have reached such level, Asiya, Mariam and Aisha.
  14. Salamu alaykum Yes and i think pigs can fly.. and and i was thinking i can fly... my opinions are so cool.. i value my opinions. ANd i think one man can take over the world, oh bush is not fighting islam, and and also i think that, well i was thinking since my opinions are so great, i was thinking i can say whatever i want when it comes to islam, yea that would be great, I dont need islamic scholarship, or even quran and sunnah, why bother im so educated, i have a phd in social science, heck i live in the West.I cant be wrong. look at me!!! wow i love my opinions.
  15. Good XIn saxib I dont understand your contention, do you have a problem with the hadith or with ahlul dikr's explanation?