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  1. Sultan slight correction dear; "Aqoon la'aani waa iftin la'aanee Ogaada ogaada dugsiyada ogaada" can't remember the rest. truly its excellent news.
  2. Whenever I read about “Islam & Democracy†their being compatible or in incompatible, I see that people are stuck with terminologies (Greek or former US presidents). In my belief we should not discuss Islam and Democracy as 2 equal systems. Islam should not be leveled with flawed system that’s man made. Islam is a comprehensive way of life that tackles every aspect of a human need. So lets not talk about Democracy and talk about the political aspect of Islam, the part “How should a Muslim leader come to be� 1. Can I as a Muslim citizen have the right to choose who should lead me, do I have a say or nor? 2. Do I have the right to vote him out of office? Please answer the above question with YES or NO.
  3. African


    FF sis I haven’t read most of the responses of ur burning questions, but I thought I will share an incident that I witnessed a long time ago which I hope will make u c the question of why was there no BLACK Prophets mentioned in a different way. A long time ago I used to live in north of England. One day my friends and I decided to make a day visit to London to attend Islamic talk. It was about 8pm when we were setting off from London and we thought of passing by the Central Mosque as that’s the route to the North. Because it was winter Isha prayer was offered hours earlier and it’s the mosque’s rule to close the mosque after Isha prayers. When we came to the mosque we found it closed then we saw the care taker and we asked him if could just lets us see the inside for few minutes. The man refused and I don’t remember how the argument started but it became racial abuse. The sister who was conversing with the man was Pakistani and the mother of one of my friends. I think he started making a rude comment about Pakistanis and Indians then she replied back with similar rude comment about Arabs. He responded to her by saying the Prophet was an Arab, implying that Arab race is superior; her answer came a shock to all of us. She responded by 1st saying “exactly†followed by “that’s why he was sent to you to get you out of ignoranceâ€. I don’t condone the racial abuse that took place that night, but instead of thinking the races of those Prophets as a privileged race think of them as those who needed to hear the message 1st hand because of how far they were from Tawhiid. Allah use to send Prophets to the people who transgressed the most. You probably read from the Sirah how far the Arabs where from Tawhiid (360 idols in the Kaba). Yet the people and the King of the Land of Habasha (Ethiopia) were believers who kept the message of Isa with little distortion and when the Prophet (saw) sent the Muslims there to seek refuge in a country with a just King he accepted the message of Islam with little persuasion. The people of Isreal were the ones whom most of the Prophets mentioned came from; I don’t have to tell you what kind of people they were just read the Quran.
  4. Bilan sis you stated that you head from people who really know him that he was not raised as a muslim. I’m assuming that these people know him now when he got lost, and he gave them a made up history of his background, but didn’t know him back in the old days when he was raised by his none other than highly respected uncle (maternal) called Xoogsade, who lives in Diri Dawa. This man raised him as a muslim just like he did raise his sons (who became pillars of their society). It’s only sad how his hard work on his nephew went to waste. Also he and his brother trash the tribe of their uncle (and mother) every opportunity they get, how disrespectful (biting the hand that fed them). This Samatar guy, his people hate him the most, but I see that the Somaliweyn camp will invite anyone to speak in the house of Allah at all cost as long as he’s preaching their massage, how sad indeed.
  5. The responces to this thread reminds of when C/qaasim was elected @arta. All the happy faces in the demonstration done both @home and abroad. Sorry to burst the highly charged emotional bubble, but did anybody think of what this tells us about the state of the Somali ppl. Sometime ago a read a hadith that roughly traslates as "people get the leaders that they deserve". Allah granted us this man (c/yusuf) because we deserve him, so when he kills 2morrow don't blame any1 except yourselves. We already have plenty of evil learders in the Muslim world and we don't need another. May Allah guide all the Muslims to the right path.
  6. 1st of all Assalamu calaykum to all.....I've been away for 4 months....been to homeland. NGONGE, I think they are relatively a new group and time needs to be granted to them before we can learn their methodologies. J11, HT are not a new group (perhaps to SOL), my memory escapes me and I forgot the name of the founder, but it was sometime in the 40s that this man broke away from Al-Ekhwanul Muslimeen (Muslim Brotherhood), probably he was frustrated with their methodology of change from bottom up and instead wanted to introduce the khilaafa (top down, reminds me of the Somali peace conferences, establishing a government, before achieving peace and stability. Omar Barki Mohammed (OBM) was the founder of HT in the UK back in the late 80s early 90s, so again they are not a new group in the west too. Sometime in late 90s OBM broke away from HT and formed Al-Muhajarun, because he and his deputy along with many members did not see an eye to eye as to the correct methodology in establishing Khilaafa. Many of you have seen Al-Muhajarun on TV but never seen or heard about HT for the last 5 years (we the older grannies remember HT very well), because their methodology is not that of OBM's. Though I have never joined HT I have learnt a lot from them and they have my utmost respect. In fact though I don't agree with their methodology, I have a great friend who's still a member of HT (one of the early members). My point being that we should put our differences aside and agree to disagree and face our common enemy from the same side. That's all falks. PS: how do i get my picture back on, the flag is wearing me down.
  7. I found this part of an article on really helarious and thought I had to share it you Nomads. Sida ay Shabakadda SNN, u shegeen qaar ka mid ah qaban qaabiyayaashii reer Somaliland ee Belgium ee weftiga Madaxweynahah ku soo dhaweeyay magaalada Brussles, Dawladda Ingiriiska ayaa ku wargelisay weftiga oo ku sugnaa magaalada Brussels, ee dalka Belgium in ay ku soo noqdaan magaalada London ee dalka Ingiriiska, “Waxa ay Dawladda Ingiriisku weftiga ku tidhi War ayaa la idiin hayaa ee soo noqda, sidaa daraadeed si kedis ah ayay ugu ambabaxeen London”, sidaasi waxa yidhi mid ka mid ah qaban qaabiyayaashii soo dhawaynta Weftiga ee Brussles oo Shabakadda SNN ay la xidhiidhay, haseyeeshee ilahani Shabakadda SNN, u waramay ma caddayn warku nooca uu yahay. Talk about spicing up your news. Its simple why they returned to London....its cheaper to depart from the same city then changing their itenary. That was funny.
  8. Pardon me bro I thought u were a Londoner, but still care about u even if ur in the land of "we rule the world".
  9. ^^^ dear brother Mopp, let me see if we can have a dialogue without either of us reading what we want to read into on other’s writing. The base of my above response was brothers v sisters and how some brothers resort to “male chauvinism” when they cannot argue on merit. The two quotes I referred to were the only two I read on the Politics forum where the brothers started to belittle the sisters as a WOMAN rather then debating their cases. As to you drawing parable with what was said to Hibo I read the five pages and I did not see where she was belittled as a WOMAN. Yes she was ganged up on for holding a differing view but she was not short of nomads coming to her defense both from the female as well as from the male nomads. I read this thread last week and wanted to come back to it when I had more time, hence why I gave my 2 cents now. I will list the number of nomads that I had/have greatest respect for their posts and every time I saw their names on a thread I would first read theirs before others. Some of these nomads I hold a differing political stance, but had/have my greatest respect for arguing their case without belittling their opponents. Sisters Rahima Yasmine Ameenah DnD Brothers Sophist Baashi Lander Gadiid Sadly some of them came off the list for the simple reason of belittling their sisters. There are others in the other forum who have my greatest respect. Finally u said “African, care to label any from the other camp as "consumed by hate"?”. Mopp why did you interpret what I wrote as directed towards you or your camp ONLY when I wrote this; I really wanted to exchange ideas with my fellow Somali brothers whichever region they are from, but it seemed that hate consumes their daily lives and they cannot see beyond it. Whichever Somali region to me is anywhere between Djibouti-NFD and 5th Zone-Bari. Just because I believe in Somaliland independence does not stop me from caring about my Somali brothers/sisters everywhere (even you Mopp in London). Hope I clarified your queries. :cool:
  10. Yasmine, I see that you got ganged on like a pack of hyenas that’s found a lonely prey. Neither logic nor reasoning works to express your views in this forum. The currency is emotions and every time you use rational for exchange of ideas you will have more emotions thrown at your face. As you have noticed some of our male nomands resort to the oldest currency available “chauvinism”, when out smart by their female counterpart they sell their shares in the stock market and go for their reserves. This was once said to me and sis Rahima by one of the respected nomads in this forum. Originally posted by Samurai Warrior: In a nutshell, Hablo – if you wish to turn the political forum into a kitchen table where the latest hair highlighters, nail polishers, trendy leotards, clips from gossip pages, infoMail discussions, and personalities rather than issues are being discussed, you are welcome to it. Dialogue and discourse in any discipline are an apparatus of discussing issues of concern, and dissecting matters of interest. As gloves are out, amicability if at all attained is an improbable bonus. You obviously do seem to have a rather congenial definition of what it entails, thus it shall, as you wish, be a platform of discussion for the shoes colours, pms and non related subjects. After this thread I didn’t debate in this forum and I only recently contributed to two threads and it’s my intention to make them the last. I really wanted to exchange ideas with my fellow Somali brothers whichever region they are from, but it seemed that hate consumes their daily lives and they cannot see beyond it. Ameenah on the firing line more recently; Originally posted by Sophist: Aniga hade foodleyda lama aan tirsado. Foodley=ciyaal=child=childish. Wishing you, Rahima, DnD, Ameenah and other sisters the best of luck in trying to reason with our brothers. Good luck "Few men have the natural strength to honour a friend's success without envy."Aeschylus
  11. ^^^^ afkaaga caano lagu qabay. Subject closed.
  12. I agree that the majority of the people of all the regions should be supportive of Somaliland’s Independance 1st, it’s nice to see that Awdal is no longer included in the list of the skeptical regions. Moving on…… Spadez excellent topic, but before I make any suggestions I want to give few solutions to the problems you identified; One- All we do is to post news, be it negative or positive. From now on let’s not do that…..any1 who needs to read the news back home read them from the relevant websites that are dedicated to news. Two- We spend time entertaining questions like what colour underwear do people who live in Somaliland wear, as Gediid assured us would surely follow. The kind of un-researched, unintelligent and ignorant questions/comments that are being asked and debated the above question is bound to follow as well as many ignorant Landers who have jumped to try to answer or justify why we don’t wear light blue colour underwear … just ignore those threads and don’t waste ur time and energy on them…..let them believe that the Somaliland government delegates traveled on the old Somali Passport and that they can get the Somaliland Passport for $1 if it makes them feel good about themselves instead of falling into their trap of diverting you from contributing to ur country. The turnout of demo on the 17th March came as shock to many Somalilanders let alone others. When I left England I think not many people were supportive to Somaliland’s independence, not many homes cared about politics back home but now I think the wave that was generated 13yrs in Burco have reached every Somalilanders home everywhere. They come to know that the question is not if Somaliland will be recognized but when as Qaybe said in his speech, so every1 is now jumping on the train that’s passing their area. Soon many of the vocal Somalilanders who are anti will change their course and u will read or hear from their mouths vocabulary they didn’t use before, quote me on that. Now my suggestions…. 18th May: lets make this celebration small compared to previous years…..why…..lets make 26th June the biggest celebration ever….why….to step up the recognition campaign …… organize a march starting from Westminster passing by Downing Street and ending at Hyde Park……book Hyde Park in advance to do a concert for the rest of the day and into the evening to continue the celebration…..publicize well so all the Somalilanders throughout Europe can come and be part of this historic day….or let every European country do the same in their respective country simultaneously, should be well coordinated….as for North America have the biggest demo in New York in front of the UN headquarters and the biggest concert ever at Central Park…..or have it in Washington DC in front of the White House since the UN has no power…..whichever city u guys think is better…..the organizers should work equally hard to get the event covered by the media…..Lets Walk the Walk. Take it from there Landers.....if u like this idea PM me. PS: a friend & collogue shared this idea with me and I have her permission to share it with you and spread the word, so no copy write infringement committed. Dusty: u look cute on that picture gal...mind if i share it with Ayoub...he promised he will keep it a secret.
  13. Dust, tanak u tanak u….I wish I was there!!!! You made my day….i recognized some of the faces with big smiles… of them is my cousin an EX-Somali State supporter…..its good to see she’s now fully supportive to our country’s independence…..its also good to know that she opened her eyes and stopped listening to the lies and propaganda that’s spread by those who use the cover of Somaliweyn to hide their sheer hate for Somaliland & its ppl. :rolleyes: Kudos sis. PS: I c other jolliest faces on the pics……do any of those happened to be Dusty??? Drop me PM to share it…..I promise I will keep it a secret….
  14. Can you guys share ur favourite Arabic Songs?? Here are some of mine Nancy 3ajram....Yaay Wael Keffori......3omry Kelloh
  15. DND well said sis ..."You must excuse my caqli yaraan, because I wasnt brought up to curse ppl who have never done anything to me." I conquer those words....we have cudur called hate any1 who's not of ur qabiil, doesn't have the same views as you, doesn't dress like you, doesn't look like other words HATE any1 who's not ur CLONE.