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  1. whuhaha i c your back sista OG_ doing your thing as usual... entertaining us I do not think that its in ones hand to avoid rejection, you'll hurt if you care for that person and you'll learn from it, so next time you'll be careful. Alhamdulilah never have i been dizzed by some guy i showed interest but yes i have been dumped cold and hard Made Me Who I am Today am out one love
  2. crazy looooooooooooooooooool
  3. huh.... duuuuh where is the joke :confused:
  4. Beeing organized is cool walashiis but,searching for old topics ain't though. I bet you know that their are over 100 off topics on each forum so who's willing to digg on them all, to see iff what they wonna post has been posted ages ago... :confused: ? I don't know Maybe for some New Nomads this ain't too REPETITIVE as it is for some off youz. one love! over and out!
  5. Damn it's long but niccccccccccce
  6. Thank you all for your replyz.... One love ppl
  7. been couple of dayz, Haven't seen or been to SOL. But tonight, Reality struck and wouldn't let go But my mind still sets me free. and puts me back in this position determined to write again in the poetry session word expression is my obsession,I give my recitation so we can relate and have the same objection critical and confucing subliminal mind state hit you from every direction like,taking everyturn and still find ya self in the same intersection... Fallow me.. This way please,,,, I fallow ya...then what?...
  8. king_450 what a lucky kitten you have got, i think i would have accidently steped on my... kidding me love them cats...dogs can be sweet too, to bad their Haraam to have as pet too.. good luck Salafiyyah... over and out!
  9. What a funny post walal I know that their Calyoo is haraam if you know what i mean.. But i think you can touch a dry dog, i did that once before i feed him he was hungry and i think i did something good..! But that is as far i wonna go cause i don´t wonna give you any wrong info p.s I did wash myself 7times donna why though... Kind of funny don´t you think? I had a quick shower first and then again & then again lol till i have done that 7times, some shower and some just wash their hands... Over and out!
  10. Glad you liked it -Shukri-, thanks for your reply walashiis! Continental Batchelor, thanks for your reply too appreciate
  11. Sending me parents to the hadj..(Mecca) this year, and maybe getting married too !! May you all reach your goals inshallah...good luck and one love! over!
  12. I´m Glad it´s over....! What freaky q´tions some we´re...! wonna know how much i got... 30 i did answer them with honesty..
  14. Am I A Terrorist? They call my people blood thirsty terrorists blowing up buildings and planes with dynamite tied to their chests killing civilians by the hundreds -but am I a terrorist? True, some of my people of names similar to mine do act violently in despair when their human rights are stolen when their suffering and plights are ignored in the refugee camps of Sabra and Chatala. - but am I a terrorist? They are not living their faith just acting on emotions and hate full with the revenge for the oppressor with little regard for innocent lives they are just Muslim in name -but am I a terrorist? Islam, the religion of peace teaches Muslims to respect life "If anyone had killed one man except in lieu of murder and mischief it is as if he killed the whole mankind" Same verse in Torah and Quran too by the same God -how could I be a terrorist? Prophet Mohammad, Peace be upon him was a mercy to mankind he cared for the poor, elderly and sick even if not from his faith he stood in respect for a funeral procession of a Jew he let a cat take a nap on his robe not to disturb her, he cut his robe He told Muslim armies not to hurt women and kids sick and old, cut trees or kill animals just for fun I love him so much -how could I be a terrorist? But why do they call us terrorists? why not call the IRA, Red Army, Tamil Tigers Militant Hindus or Serbians terrorists. Why not call the militia blowing up government buildings and killing innocent civilians a terrorist No, the term is reserved for Muslims - and I am a Muslim. We are the victims of terrorism in Palestine, Kashmir, Bosnia and Kosova by individuals and states with knives, guns, tanks and rape -who is a terrorist? I remember Serb soldiers came to my house they killed my father and my big brother too I miss them so much. They raped my mom and my sister too. I loved them so much. Then they burned my house, my books and toys too - and they call us terrorists. I got scared, and fled into the woods joined a caravan going to the border migrating from oppression to a land of peace and freedom I have walked two days and climbed a mountain I am hungry and thirsty, tired and sick My legs are weak and my feet are bleeding unable to walk anymore - do I look like a terrorist? I am not a terrorist I am a Muslim seeking love, peace and justice My name is Mehmet Poturvic I am a 6 year old from Kosova Dear God, please help me and my people. "You alone I worship, from you alone I seek help"
  15. Sorry too abayadiis, guess i took it the wrong way... BIG HUG... :rolleyes: