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    Aight back-up chump what's two ppl conversation gotta do with you???...in other words why you gotta stick your nose everywhere layzie is at...???..like i always said we don't have to agree with everybody's opinions...and i have yet to see you disagreeing with layzie mr J-lo...if she's the only chick in here then she needs to stop forcing us with her words..if we don't agree with it then move on to the next subject rather than insulting someone else... i been here with you layzie...and u know it girl...u even cried for my post to be deleted one time... J-lo man keep playing that superman game....
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    bottom line artest deserve the whole year...this image of fighting everybody is not tolerated in this league...maybe in the CBA, but not in the NBA...moving along i think some ppl deserve a whole year of suspension from SOL....this is just my opinion...oh yeah i wonder why are lakers have the same record as wolves???...man this year the NBA will be a year to remember...
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    yo layzie and assistant are y'all still yapping about Sixers, Knicks, Raptors????... ...i understand why layzie is biggin' up sixers but i don't get the assistant....
  4. ahahah...you must be one hella talkative girl...first you come in here making references about players and when we use it against you, you run around and say "oh In all honesty, I dont know whether or not he forced himself on her"...plus who knows you were the problems to "MJ's infidelities"...since you claim to know so much about this game do you hang out in the Arenas and watch players come in and go out???...maybe this might tell us more about your background as a so called fan.....so far i've been ignoring you for so long until you mentioned my name...that tells you u can't discuss without my name being involved...like i said honestly i don't talk about basketball with females like you...i hope this tells you something...for your information i happen to be a fan of this game and real recognize real that's why LAKERS are gonna win this year whether u like it or not... everybody in here knows who's making fool at him/her self...speaking of attentions lazy girl i got real women out here in the streets so i don't need no cyber connections...i'm through with you... The other thing i'm suprised at right now is where is the SUPERMAN????
  5. aight lazy you mentioned about his off court incident more than his talent...what's basketball got to do with off the court incidents...did u see us or anybody else bringing up Allen Iverson incident when he shot at someone for sleeping with his wife???(oh u didn't know i was gonna bring it ha???)...all i'm saying is this era of NBA is much talented and much dominant than the era in which jordan or pippen played...jordan is thankful he didn't had chance to play in this era let's just say that...hell imagine what lebron is gonna do in the near future??...imagine what kobe is going to bring to this game...besides we shouldn't listen to a fan like you who fantasize about players when i can just hear straight from coaches and players who play in this league...and other thing if you seen him cry it ain't because of being a baby is just he lost something big and that year he played the best basketball matches of his career...he broke too many records and he wanted to be part of teams that won four straight championships...other players leave out of court early every year and they ain't got nothing to loose but this man is not...therefore there's your difference between this man and other players in this league who are here for money or fame...in my entire life of watching basketball and playing i never seen a man works on his skills like he does... Thank you ladies and gentleman...now please make your way for the one and only SuperMan ...
  6. Lazy you know what the the man meant by that remark... that Micheal was not as good as kobe was at this age...stop fronting girl and give the man his props...like i always said to my female friends sometimes you gotta look beyond the looks...simple as that...even coaches players and former players had came front and said it...even your s*x symbol allen iverson came out of the closet and admit it that kobe was one of the players he's ever seen...now as far as the cases go...the King of basket ball settled out of court with about dozens of females claiming he did something to them...i mean players are humans and they do something just like us...and in case of kobe everybody knows he's innocent but there's steps you take to clear out your name... Yo playMaker me myself i believe Kobe was more all around player than jordan at 19-25 years of age...and ppl don't come at me with kobe had a better team than jordan when MJ was surrounded by Dream team(Paxton, Pippen, Kukoc, R. harpor, Armstrong, luc longley, and many more)..sure MJ is king but there's a chance he's name won't be coming up anymore..
  7. Ok the stage is set for the Lakers again...with one more win to go they can capture the hearts of Somalians at once... ...i don't have to say anything major really cuz the game speaks for itself... "Big time players come to play big time games" Once again the Lakers can win a championship in this game of Politics
  8. who said minneapolis ain't fun???...if anybody doesn't find this city to be fun then there's something wrong with u...me myself i'm liking it here...even our somali malls sales are competing with Mall of America sales... on the other hand on the top 10 cities i been to about 6 of them...
  9. Minnesota at it's Finest.. America's 'Funnest' Cities It's cold. It's far from any of the country’s so-called media or entertainment centers. Did we mention it's cold? So why on earth is Minnesota home of the nation's "funnest" city? The makers of the board game "Cranium" came up with the study, conducted with the help of Bert Sperling, creator of Money magazine's "Best Places to Live" rankings. And the #1 "funnest" city, according to their rankings, is Minneapolis-St. Paul, known as the Twin Cities. Sperling said the reasons the Twin Cities area is the most fun are myriad: four professional sports teams; the largest shopping mall in the country (Mall of America); over a dozen dog parks; more theaters than Boston; more golfers per capita than any other city; more parks than Denver; and, with over 10,000 lakes, more shoreline than California, Florida and Hawaii combined. The rest of the top 10 are: 2. Orange County, Calif. 3. San Jose, Calif. 4. Atlanta 5. Chicago 6. Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, N.C. 7. Washington, D.C. 8. Oakland, Calif. 9. Salt Lake City 10. Seattle-Bellevue-Everett, Wash. Nary a New York (#41), Las Vegas (#25) or Miami (#46) is to be found in the top 10. Tampa Bay, Honolulu and Providence R.I., each a beautiful city with lots of attractions, didn't make the list at all. Sperling and his crew used 32 different criteria to rank the cities, taking into account everything from sports to parks and the arts, and how much it costs for those recreations as well. Salt Lake City, which one might not think of as a bastion of "fun," was proud to be #9 on the list. "Salt Lake City offers beautiful camping areas, a wide variety of activities for the whole family and has residents that spent a large portion of money on fun things like musical instruments and bicycles," Sperling said in a press release. Tracy Cayford, spokeswoman for the Utah Travel Council, told Utah's Desert News that the Hogle Zoo, the Great Salt Lake, Antelope Island, Temple Square, Lagoon, museums and the area's other recreation opportunities together give Salt Lake its high ranking. Michael De Groote, spokesman for the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, mused that the perception of Salt Lake City is positive due to "the legacy of the Olympic Winter Games. ... It's a beautiful place here," he said. Atlanta, a city without any public transportation system but with much to do and a host of new construction under way – not to mention a recent Olympic Summer Games - is also a surprise at #4. Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, in North Carolina, is usually thought of as the "research triangle," home of college basketball, scientists, engineers and not much else. Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, N.C., came in at #29 in the rankings. Seems North Carolina is a great place to be these days. California had the biggest collection of "fun" cities in the survey, with eight of the top 50. Even the oft-ridiculed New Jersey had two cities in the top 50 – Newark and Bergen-Passaic.
  10. hey checkmate i feel u...i already know they playin' that innocent game... Cute lil girl...well where i'm from Firing is part of life and yes i got fired probably four times the funniest one's being when i started working for my local YWCA and on the first day i had orientation and after 4 hours of training we were given a break and you know when somali ppl are given breaks we really break like there's no tommorow and i went in the gym and played basketball after the 15 min was over i walked right back to the training...after the whole day ended i thought it was okay for us to play in the gym when it's our break time...so the next day came and i'm excited to start my second day of training and all over sudden this lady walks up to me and tells me that i've been let go and the shit just blew me cuz it was my only chance at hollering at some chicks... The other job i got fired from was some how similar to many teens and that's getting caught while driving rental cars and i'm suppose to deliver them to a certain locations..i use to pick cars instead of delivering them i use to flash infront of clubs and pick girls up and one day my manager caught me in this park with some chick in my car...and i asked my manager what the hell was he doing in the same park?..he wouldn't answer me till today...
  11. http://video.bmj.net/Alluh_Akbar.wmv like i said before click at your own risk
  12. what did you get fired for? what happened?
  13. i seen the game yesterday between the lakers and spurs..i have to say shaq needs to step up big time, he can't let weak *** nastrovich body him all the time and the rest of the bench needs to step up too...but again lakers bench is not as deep as spurs so they would rely on there hall of famers...as far as the series again it's too early to tell... I would have to say Lakers by six and T-wolves by six unless Politics comes to shove ...looool... Shout Outz to KG for snatchin' that MVP award..
  14. ahahahahahahahahaahhaahahah..looooooooooooooool.... this gotta be the funniest joke i've ever came across with...ahahahahhaha....rollin' to the floor... damn i wonder what the man's face looked like when he heard his wife.aahhaahahahhaahahah....
  15. So far i'm 2/5 on my predictions I told y'all Lebron and H.Brown will win there awards...and i don't want to hear anybody sayin' that they won it because of this and that...both earned there awards respectively...