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  1. Greetings: Walaal first of all pay no attention to all that have nothing good to say. Second listen to Allah. Allah is trying to to teach a lesson, and they do say that good things come to those that wait. Alahmdulilah you should embrace all that is good in your life. Allah gave you another day to make a difference. You should live your life to the fullest, husband or no husband. No need to be sad or sorry....Walaal I want you to know that everything in life, and I mean everything in life happens for a reason. Be positive, be active. Are you seeking a husband in mind? Meaning is it just a thought? What have you done physically to get that Husband? Have seeked anyone's help. The Masjid is a great place to seek advice or even a good loving patner....relatives, school, social activities that are worth the time. You just never know what your missing unless you put yourself out there, and announce to the world that you are actively seeking a husband. "Hope without object cann't live, and Object without hope is like a necter in a seive."
  2. wow: so please let's save the generation coming up!!!
  3. Like i said at the beginning honestly I've been gone for a minute: and just cann't imagine the things i am hearing? it's hard to comprehend: I guess i will see it with my own two eyes: tomorrow insha allah!! Until then i'll rest, and see what i can do: i am sure there is something: even just one thing!!
  4. So why not hold our own meeting run by us for us? why the elders, and the police: if we put our foot down, and say this meeting is for us, and when i say for us i mean us..the educated, the "outside of the box thinkers" then what? are we not able to achieve victories? I think we can, we are just not united, and that's really the sad part. I swear everything could be worked out only, and if only there is was one goal in mind: Money: brother or sister: All i am saying is this by saying there is no solution we're basically giving up on our people: We shouldn't have that attitude: we can make this work, i know we can, we just need unity: it doesn't have to start with thousands of people, but if five people come together, and tutor these kids or have a day where we can just talk about their issues...i am sure we can save a life or two:---maybe i am just a bit too idealistic:--maybe just maybe: Just remember with every fight won, there was a battle at hand, and we've got our battle:
  5. Yes indeed: I agree: but that' the case in every city? however that doesn't make it right? so what is the solution? We've created these problems for ourselves, and now we must solve them. All i know is that by stating a fact, and letting it be...isn't going solve any problem: Perhpas....we're just too defeated?
  6. Hmm:It's hard to digest what is happening at my home away from home city: Living in Maimi Florida now: I feel so lost, and out of touch? what has taken place? I don't know......I feel so helpless: But no matter what we have got to come together and re-claim our city: This is none sense, and who ever it is that harboring these criminals should come forth, cause honestly it's only a matter of time before someone we all know and related to gets affected by this tragedy. I am just lost for words...perhaps, just perhaps if we go to cedar, and try to talk these kids? Perhaps if we have had better after school programs? Perhaps if we had business where the youths can go to kill time: Somali business owned and operated by somalis: We obviously have to talk these kids/grown people? It has got start some where:--So i am coming home for eid..would, and love for some suggestions for meet up and go from there..cause honestly i don't want to have dial home to see whose died next!!
  7. I call this post muder-appolis for one simple reason: Minneapolis has became the killing ground for somali on somali crime? There has got to be a solution to the problem: Please let's open up this dialog:
  8. hmmm interesting indeed. we are by nature social creatures, and if you think about it....the worst thing a society does to a criminal other than killing him/her is to isolate them?...imagine that....that's the worst thing you can do to someone is isolate them...so in all i do believe that being lonely will have some biological effect!!....just my thought
  9. I'll tell you what I think you should just come clean..and tell us that the girl told you that "you were the whole package.." don't be shy it's okay....it's a positive thing. Only Allah knows what being the whole package means to her. Bottom line....you are the whole package...hahaha!!
  10. sounds like a plan. been to the franklin park, as i work right on bexely....but will definatly check out the rest!!! thanks for the info!!
  11. Kool_Kat I'll take up on that offer insha allah next time I decide to drift that way.
  12. It's getting better in what sense? How is it getting better with same locations--and i know all of them trust thanks to you Naxar----Perhaps if I were a shisha smoker, like most people that hang--out there, I wouldn't probably mind. I would rather for change do something productive other then sitting, chatting, while I pollute my lungs. No thanks, have had enough. Oooh how I miss Minnesota.......
  13. anyone who wants to explore the outdoors of Ohio....get at me!! I am just tired of the same old scenes shisha lounges...it's just retarded!!! No offense to anyone who enjoys those scenes...but i just miss the outdoors....aaah!!
  14. ayaanick

    I Hate....!

    somali weddings lack simplicity----just my understanding...