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  1. this was pos!! aint nada funny about it!! wtf..........! when i was there....we use to crack the arab bedouins. One of the reasons that i was smuggled out of there in 24hrs when i punched a shiekh son's body guard one nite at a movie theatre in Abu Dhabi. Thx god that give me my ticket to usa...which was my dream always. I hate Europe.
  2. country is all somali lands...u remember that!! or u clueless...since u just got back from fish-n-chips country!! N u sound clueless... I will suggest to browse the internet...hmm may be start with wikipedia!!! fyi. fyi...there is no country called somaliland in planet earth!! u dig!! I check U.N list of countries.......N it aint there!! so what planet is Sillyland located!! help me out homie...!
  3. why r sillylander haters!! they b***t*ch 2 fing much!! why.... Rugan maxaa ku dacye!! They really need some serious manhood updating OSx !! anybody know where they can d/l some from!! Plz hook them up. They got some bad buggy brains..4 real. PS: Raula..u pretty boozi!! I dont do that no mo!! me single...r u? If u is hit me!! We can go to lido N do the underwater dive. here is what i am talking about!! my fav show in Bombay.
  4. i have 8 walaalo n 1 sister..2 are adopted and one is from burco...homie is wacked!! i cant understand his af-somali. I always yell back at him to speak english, Arabic or Hindi. Our family used to live in these countries before we migrate to the states. His somali words take sooooo freaking long!!! waaar deeeyeee! one word takes like 3 minutes...why?
  5. why u hate sillyland so much!! whats the deal!! Hater!! This should be your new name forever!! kol. U gotta understand that every enclave, i.e., silly or bug or juba (bagland) land does the same shyte!! So just dont your middle finger to others, while your shittyland is doing the same shyte. deal!! smell the fresh air homie.
  6. Greatjob homies.......i really really wanna join them!! fyi though......I gotta have 4 xalimoos working with me!! Just kidding!! lol........However, i really do wanna join them homies!!!! can anybody hook me up!! Me ready, to give back to my country. Its about time...nomads. holla give me the 411. thx
  7. I only like Buuzi songs!! anybody got some that i can listen to...matookees!!
  8. I point him president of Duusoland!! He should be able to handle that.
  9. This homie is probably doing a Tigree home-gal........there aint no +ve traces from Rat-in-de-kicthen dude...aka meles. Homies was pos!!.
  10. the dude ate whollata of spaghetti......thats definitely a Pasto fino berimoweelo!! for sure!
  11. may be if u add DCs and their half breed kids!! Otherwise, i would say may be around 20 mils.
  12. Another usa fup!! liking child-molesting Put-it PUtin nowadays!! Come on Uncle Sam!! How come u cant fix shyte since ww2!! Do u know or counted how many wars u lost since then in fing big disgrace!! I can believe this shyte!! damn Come uncle...fixed this shyte plz...!!!
  13. i believe alpha homie is schizophrenic...yo, u is somalia, so u r always # target. So dont fret just kick it...ok. out though homie. U know who is the # basaases in nomad society? haha...them light skin gals in Hargeeysa!! WAtchout!! N keep your mouth shut!! when u see them chicks, run for the border!!! WORD......:::::
  14. Marriage is only right when u meet the right person........i.e., everything syncs with both of u!! And when system fails due to a bug, yall find a bug fix!! lol So love system is running kol.........its all kol!
  15. the good...u r somali the bad...u cant go back to your own country n see your folks!! The ugly.......blood shed everywhere in your country!!! Extremely sad!
  16. what the hell is June 26th!!! Did alshyte_head captured Hairygayeesa!! lol
  17. So when is rock-month-ramadaan!! or they say rmr...!
  18. yo homie wc did u put any little baby muffins in indoyar lady-ovens! Where r Ping n Pong...the twins!! lol
  19. Why are Somalis (espeicaly on this forum) separatist?..........They mostly Momma boyz!! Really geeljireh mofos dont give a fing about clan!! I dont know anybody from my clan!! Most of somalis that i hangout with are all from different clans....and about 60% of them, i dont know their clans.
  20. I named my kid Mandingo...! Hes pure african.
  21. lol...a crack head mayor is trying to get his revenge!! Damn CAnucks!!
  22. Hmm...I thought the key feature of Hargeisa was NAASO HABLOOD!! And the other shyte in this article is that, it was written by a non somali person! Basically, some foreigner got paid to write this bs!! I guess, no one in sillyland can write an english word since they all busy trying to figure out why no other nation in planet earth is ready to recognize them!! I think that they should drop the somali part from their name and come up with a different name like SOL-LAND!! LOL... Hopefully, this might help with this wet dream.
  23. All i can say to yall is...........I love u all nomad ladies!! U the best!! I never met a xalimoo from the south, however, i be waiting to meet yall 2, but I love all my homie gals from the north, north-west, and north-east that i met so far....u ladies showed me what i was missing!! Yall kol. U nomads ladies r the best!! PS: I remember the first that i met, my first xalimo in nite club!! Some Djbouti gal!~~ its was a freaking nitemare!! lol...... we had a big fight due to lingo issues!! well...i might have said some shyte 2!! Yall know how frenchie mofo...r2 sensitive i say.... However, I called her couple of nites later, fixed it, next weekend, she was my roommate!! really thru story
  24. keep dreaming!! Because j-land is a fantasy place now!! Enjoy the short trip mofo warlords...This is a somaliweeyen land so u better respect it. Yall aint gonna be there next yr 4 sure!! U be back in hell-land!! How do this mofoswho come from disapora, fup their own fing ppl who sacrificed their live so many times to free them from enemies!! THATS HUGE BIG DIZZING!!! I guess, thats their thanks to our dead brothers who lost their lives to free them!! WHAT A WORLD WE LIVE IN!!