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  1. click on the link below to watch it...its only for android and wont work with iphones.
  2. u come to the west u do that for living!!...That sucks big time!! Use your head pple....! Remember we tried that in Africa...It dont freaking work.
  3. ok Maliky.......My dream is to see u wearing this dress and posting it in sol!!! lol Sorry, i am in Vegas for job this weekend so me is lil bit nutty tonite!! u know...whatever happens in vegas stay in vegas! So.plz, make my dreams come true..plz
  4. white ladies are nice and sensible. However, i just tell them, ok i am from Africa, so when we go into the bed, the lights have to be off!! it will clean the voodoos that i got from back home in Africa. I had to turn the light off......that white skin is not a big turn on for me. Its just lil love patch fix that i came up some time ago. Try it. g-gal, dont always wearing my xiga!! Its better to be safe then sorry.
  5. homie is always funny... madxa dalaalaya is kol man!! dont be hating. Keep them homies spirit up.
  6. dont be hating!........their gals r nice & warm. Me like them!! love u Oromo babe-gal...u always there!! lol. Good looking. thnx
  7. somali nation repair take at least 50 yrs. If u look back at the somali history from way back Ahmed Guri to the Sayid, then all the way to the independence, this has been the time span for reunions. So far, their aint no real leaders but your basic wannabee thug leaders!! So, this thing is gonna take a long way to go....But patience a virtue!! Amin.
  8. i do have a bs in information systems...and MS certification, but i lost all my papers...i probably used them as a toilet paper when i was pissed off with x's. Alert!! never go to ucla..its known as the university of cali lost a-holes!! I went to of spoiled children!! lool.
  9. I will close down sol!! lol......and make it animal adopting website!! specially for shimbirah duula.
  10. One of his top aid was killed yesterday....that much i know.
  11. likes! experiencing life! dizzlikes! all drama queens!! check out links above me!! ?
  12. Dont fret...I never supported any clan in my life! When they call me ....i give them the Bird!! lol. Anyway...If u got thru somaliweeyen blood (which i think u do) let us help our pple getting mascred there from these other clan mainly from Ethiopia ........WHO BY THE way IS IS SPONSORED BY THE ETHIOPIAN GOVT!! Imagine how many innocent somalis that we have lost trying to free them from Amxaahro and they do that to us today!! Thats not freaking kooooooooool!! Time for some really deserved revenge!!! Let us support our brother and sister in the Jubas N kick the Jajuus azz for real!!
  13. yo t r u a td!! coz u sound like one!! just checking....I know alot of tds n they worrship this kind of xaliimos.
  14. u ever heard of skype!! lool..Thats my com to all my fam!...i am just 2 busy homie!! I am 2nd last kid from a family of 12 kids from same mom/pop...!! Come on...what are my chances...!!
  15. New version of Usha Mad U Qaban!! lol......shes really got it though!~~ good vocals.
  16. this is somali trash.......a waste of tax payers money!!...u gotta understand that welfare produces this kinda of pple!! she so ignorant...its a freaking shame.
  17. maskiin...they look like so innoncent kids!! walaaxowla.......,middle finger wants to kill these innocent kids and pride them as alshyteheads since hes losing power these days...!! wat a fing moron.!! I dont understand whats making so wannabe somali clan leaders another dufus idi amin killers. Plz some one post middle fingers cell # so we can call him to stop this bs!! Hes killing kids.!!!!
  18. well my family lived in usa and i went to school from 4th grade to high school in Singapore. I use to leave home Jan 5th and come Dec 10th every year. As far Europe is concerning, visited Berlin, London and Holland. Africa, only somalia, i.e, Hargesia (stfup..its in somalia) berbera, shiekh, boosaaso, jowhar, & xamar. central america, been every country there except El Salvador. South America, been to Argentina only. Only thing...i never been back to any of those cities that i have been before. Its gotta be the nomad in my blood!! Is there a cure for it!! i dont think so.
  19. Xaaji Xunjuf;923495 wrote: you cannot restrict a big foot from garisa from kismayo , looooooool! thats is funny!!........big foot!! How is big foot gonna be able to walk around juba river area with them big feet.... its all diiqo!! He gonna get stuck in the mud!! lol I am going ship some tow trucks to kismayo to pull big foot from the mud...!! It aint gonna be cheap..big foot better have some cash for sure!!
  20. this land is my land, this land is your land, and this land is for all cant never never belong to whatever single tribe!! Ha noolatow somalido. Amin
  21. un plz dont do this! I know cash is the king for yall.........but plz, stop trying to kill more innocent somalis. They dont dont deserve that. thnx
  22. i likes mine dark & not chunky...! yeey. for the life of me i cant deal with africans who bleach. Thats really really missed up!!
  23. naaaaaaa! ama big time wadaad nowadays!! no moo tale chasin 4 me. So yaanan ku cowryin!!
  24. up! u got nothing to loose but all to gain. Just backup your device before upg n hookup your device to Itunes to do the upg..