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  1. Simple answer. He's a Somaliland agent. That the Somaliland administration is capable of planning and carrying out such a heinous act is not up for debate. What I expect from the more decent people of Somaliland is a strong condemnation of their administration.
  2. Since you are the 'expert' in this, mind explaining the variations in the genetic make-up of Somali-Ethiopians and Somalis from Somalia. A person from Gaashaamo and his cousin in Burco or Cerigabo are different in their DNA? Or one from Af Dheer and his cousin in Af madow? How did one group of the same family on the other side of the border end up different? This is total bullshit.
  3. Xabad, how is a distinction made between Somali-Ethiopians and Somalis from Somalia proper?
  4. Xabad that is very true. I think it has something to do with their Orthodox faith. They rarely brush. The Habeshas who prescribe to other forms of Christianity like Catholicism or Protestantism are different.
  5. How do you make the distinction between Somali Ethiopians and the other Somalis? They are in different columns in the table. Almost every Somali clan can be found in Ethiopia. Sxb this is just fake and it doesn't make sense at all.
  6. You really want Al-Shabab defeated? Cut off their financial flow. A lot of business people are forced to make payments to Al-Shabab through intimidation and threats. Even some government and NGO workers pay a fraction of their salary to Al-Shabab. This is common knowledge. How do you stop that and guarantee the safety of these contributors and their families? Tough..
  7. <cite> @xabad said:</cite> Abdiweli was a NISA agent ?! Yet he is smuggling a bomb laden laptop on board a civilian plan. So demonic and irresponsible. Truly no one can be trusted in Mogadishu. My theory as to why Al Shabaab succeeds time and again is it appeals to the deep anarchism-nimada iyo nihilism-nimida natural u ah Zoomaalida. That is why it will never run out off collaborators, sympathizers and supporters. You bet he was excitedly pacing the aisles waiting for news of the flight, so he could jump up and down upon confirmation he had helped take part in blowing from the sky women and children. He may not even be wadaad xagjir ah himself, the point is they revel in destruction and violence. You have a good understanding of the people. Sometimes I wonder if completely replacing them with a different set of qowmiyad is the only salvation...or perhaps altering our genetic make-up by flooding the country with a different group, like the docile Oromo for instance. There is an all-round utter and complete failure. Ummada soomaaliyeed qumaati bey u fashilmeen.
  8. My goodness! Look at those malnourished urchins running around in "protest". Maybe this Arab tycoon would have helped feed these villagers?
  9. <cite> @xabad said:</cite> Armaaba round 2 loo bahanyahay sxb, seeing how the usual culprits have returned the kibir and edeb daro that was snuffed out. A corrective bitch-slap is needed once in a while for wayward saqajaan to set them straight. You are a very sick man.
  10. <cite> @xabad said:</cite> 90's was serious bitch slapping time for the likes of Tilamook. Referring to the massacre of innocent Somalis (mostly women and children), looting of Somali property earned and built by hardworking Somalis from all regions of Somalia and the raping of Somali mothers and daughters as "bitchslapping" is extremely unfortunate.
  11. Galbeedi, you and the others, especially those who refer to their fellow Somali brothers as "Hutus" need to visit Mogadishu. It will change your perspective on a host of issues once you set foot in that city. The Somali people at the airport and the city of Mogadishu are the friendliest Somalis I have ever met. I'm saying this as a person who is not from Southern Somalia. Some people are stuck in the 90s. SMH!
  12. <cite> @galbeedi said:</cite> A Somali businessman, who lives in the oil country , recently went home and came back this week. He is a well grounded businessman who cares much about Somalia in general and wishes permanent stability for all. He is not known to harbour any clannish attitude and usually does not speak in hyperbole manner. As our friend Alpha said the other day, I am a political junkie who tries to follow the ball and tries to collect info for those who may have observed things differently. A politician, high paid NGO expatriates and local Damjadiid boys who flourish in the chaos theory, would not have a good judgement of what is going on, so I seek to speak to the lone observers who compare and collect real information which usually contrasts the conventional wisdom. By now we all know business is booming in Mogadishu, whether it is looted money transformed as sky scrappers, private security contractors working with NGO's or other developments implements by the good Turks and others. Enough with the adjectives , let us listen this reliable eye witness: 1- Who is in charge of the entry points. He says when I landed in Hargeisa airport, my passport was checked by a Somali officer, and after few minutes I proceeded to my business in the town. The same goes scenario takes place in Galkacayo. Again a Somali officers checks my document and all is well. He was in Gaalkacyo just after the political war instigated by the Galmudug and Puntland politicians. I asked the mood in Gaalkacayo and he said " almost everyone is armed, people are walking with their guns in the public squares, yet you do not feel afraid". As he explained, it does look like a Republican state were citizens are allowed to carry weapons in public. In other words these guns are great equalizers, where all are armed, yet no one dares to disturb the peace expect when politicians like C/kariin Damjadiid of Galmudug and Gaas tries to make the news. One of the advantages of, local non affiliated public, having guns is that no Al-shabaab or unknown assailant will try to stage a murder. If an Al-shabab commits a terror act ,he could be quickly apprehended by the locals. Of course the usual " aano Qabiil " and revenge killings of Gaalkacayo happens time to time. In Mogadishu, he said " when you land at the airport, a Ugandan officer will check your passport. having them stationed in the airport perimeter is one thing , but to check your document while a Somali officer is there only symbolically , while doing nothing , really surprised me". Having travelled from Hargeisa , Gaalkacayo and Mogadishu, for him this, was the first indication of a false Somali government that couldn't do basic things. . I didn't read passed this. I understand people type all sorts of bullshit bias talking about qabiil and developments in their region et cetera but this? This blatant lie?! I have used Aden Adde airport exactly 10 times in the last 8 months alone. Yes 10 times! I have used both the old terminal and the newly built one and no SINGLE TIME was a Ugandan checking my passport when I arrive at the airport. In fact I remember the first time I arrived it was a lady who took my fingerprinting and eye scan and I remember feeling so good just being able to talk Somali inside an airport to a Somali hijabi lady and the only thing foreign about that encounter was the 50 USD fee I paid. It's different when you are leaving Mogadishu. Ugandan soldiers are stationed outside the airport at the perimeter and they check the passport and ticket, not far from them are Somali soldiers who also do the same. In fact you can't bypass the Somalis, they check you first. It's different when you are used to them and they don't bother, you just say salaam and go passed them but the Ugandans are very professional and irrespective of how many times they have seen you, they will still have to check everything again. Once you reach the actual terminal entrance and inside the airport, it's all Somalis sxb. I know most of the immigration guys personally. There are many Ugandan soldiers inside the airport compound. I have also seen Djibouti soldiers but there's no interaction at all. They check you outside of the airport when you are leaving and that's it!
  13. <cite> @Haatu said:</cite> Yeah you're right. My Somali was poor before. Crash course? I simply spent time in NFD. I learnt from the people. Spending time in NFD made you quote sayidka and taught you Somali? Yaan been la isku sheegin sxb! Have you ever seen NFD person talking about gabay in your whole life? Ilaahayba uguma talo galin dadkaas gabay iyo waxaad ka sheekeyneyso :-D
  14. I can hardly tell you guys apart, especially the mudug folks. Stop it already waryaa, dadkan waa abtiyadaa iyo walaalahaa :-)
  15. <cite> @Asad Ahmed said:</cite> ciidan need his head checked in mental ayslum,his cuqdad for koonfur is amazing,i can image his frustration,i hope he gets what he wants peacefully with out insulting my south people. Cidan is quite conservative in his views. You should go to Hargeisa and I swear people actually believe that Southerners are subhuman. The narrative in the North is just unbelievable, followed closely by Puntland. The latter though have mastered the art of political correctness...but the belief is not very different.