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  1. He de phat boi on the course. i know thats him, homie loves bling bling watches!!
  2. I dont know why my qabil hates me.........but they just run away from me since i have discovered qabil antibiotic medicine. Its called dont ever donate any money to them. When they call u asking for me, tell them to get a freaking job mofo!! lol My clan had a big meeting in Seattle couple of months ago!! Guess wat..they didnt invite me........all i can say is, here is the bird for yall by flipping them. I wouldnt attend that kinda of shyte any way. I dont believe in that bs!.........wat? dead pple are not gonna determine my life. Its my life n ama life it the best way that i can!!
  3. beantown is the most herostratic place in America!! I feel sorry for the pple there what the events they went thru lately...its a horrific tragedy I wash yall pple good vibes. I am sure things will be more +ve in the near future for beantown folks. Peace!!
  4. yeah...its legit only for cia!! but not for somali pple.!! since no somali pple voted to elected them. Do u have any idea when was the last time that somali pple voted to elect their govt!! I doubt u do! it was 1968!!
  5. Silly-land...i dont know what is gonna happen there! But the day that i land there with my M16...shyte is gonna hit the fan!!! bac bac bac lol U watch.
  6. 2 types of mofos will do shyte like this!! Rednicks or Al Qaeda.
  7. Yo i need an old version of this program that worked with xp.........u got any idea where i can find? thnx
  8. So homie u live in the usa...n u get some vids from your clan peeps back there in the jungle, u believe it right away (coz u hate them) n u post it!!! That sucks!! Where is the proof! I kinda hate pple who just believe anything they see in propaganda vids. Come on we r in the 21 century now.......shyte can be in put on vids by 10 yr old kid!! me the money. Then i can agree with yr bs!
  9. STep I never liked ice cream...I am more of a coffee drinker.
  10. I wanna get free internet there!! kol. lol
  11. A leader must have something outstanding to be remembered about! With Maggie-mad-cow-shyte-diva! its zilich!! Can anyone tell me anything good that this lady contribute to humanity? she basically, your daily douche bag conservative phalatican!! She might rip! but history is her last judge!! We r all judged by our good deeds on planet Earth!! It may be different in Uranus.... never been there, so i aint got no clue.... Ce la vie.
  12. Husband watches free games on tv...wife takes all the money and goes to a shopping mall!!
  13. This yr i didnt do no April fools pranks....i got busy....yo...this vids made crack up!! real. Last yr, i call my boss and told hime the office building was on fire!! He came to the office with his pajamas drive like crazy!! He still made at me! i just flip the mofo.
  14. i like sol folks...they remaind me of the good ole somali folks that i met in somalia when I went back there in the late 80s. Keep up the +ve vibes nomads, we all need that....mac salaama.
  15. The term incognito browsing encompasses a wide array of precautions that Web surfers can take to ensure that their activity on the Web cannot be traced. Motives for incognito browsing are plenty, with both privacy and safety at the forefront of many Internet users' minds. Whatever the inspiration for browsing privately may be, the bottom line is that many people want to avoid leaving tracks behind specially at work or at family home. So depending on your browser, check it out: Chrome (my fav) click on tools and select Incognito mode......u done. IE: click on tools and select InPrivate Browsing mode. ( u shouldnt be using this browser...its big uuf thing) Safari: Incognito browsing with Safari can be accomplished by entering Private Browsing mode via the Action menu. Opera: Opera 10.6 allows you to enable incognito browsing in your choice of a new tab or new window. Depending on your preference, the private tab or window can be accessed via the browser's Tabs and Windows menu or through a keyboard shortcut. Iphone n Ipad The default Safari browser on the iPhone and iPod touch does not offer a built-in feature for incognito browsing. However, there are several alternative browsers available via the App Store which do offer this added level of privacy on both devices. PrivateWeb for the iPhone and iPod touch is a Web browser that deletes your cache, cookies, and browsing history each time you exit the application. Based on the same core components as Safari, PrivateWeb offers a basic yet incognito browsing experience on yourportable device
  16. dude cant sing!! ladies look shitty with the diana creme........but the real flag that looks like the sky with a white star is awesome!!
  17. This director who I maintain his systems, invited me to his movie shooting....but to me, its 2 boring to watch a movie shoot. I remember long time ago, on way from school, i ran into a Mel Gibson movie that they were shooting. The whole street was full of women....!!lol. I was like dang!!! i was pissed since i couldnt cross the street to go home.
  18. i havent seen a movie in about 10yrs.....but i would definitely like to see a somali they exist?
  19. more info about this product: Facebook has unveiled a new product, Facebook Home, at an event everyone knew would have something to do with phones and apps and operating systems. "We're not building a phone and we're not building an operating system," CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Thursday. "But we're also building something that's a whole lot deeper than just another app." Um, OK. Thanks for clarifying that, Zuck. In all seriousness, though, here's the breakdown on Home, a feature Facebook hopes will make it part of everything you do on your phone. What is it? As described by Zuckerberg and others, Home is a "family of apps" that essentially push Facebook content front and center on your Android phone. Once the phone "wakes up," the home screen and lock screen are replaced with something called "Cover Feed." Images and posts from friends will appear as the new screen's background. Users can flip through and interact with them -- "like" an update, or post a comment -- immediately without having to open a specific Facebook app. One touch takes the user to their apps, or back to the last app they were using. Home's other big feature was called "Chat Heads," which is a basically a tool that combines Facebook Messenger with the phone's regular SMS text-message tool. Messages pop up regardless of what the user is doing at the time, along with the sender's profile picture, enclosed in a little circle. The user can decide whether to open the message (without leaving the app or other screen they're on), dismiss it or save it for later with a single touch. When and where can I get it? Home will be available in the Google Play mobile store on April 12 for at least some Android phones. Users will be able to choose whether to install it permanently, or for a one-off trial session. At release, it will only be optimized for Samsung's Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II and the HTC One line of phones. It will run on the Galaxy S 4 and the HTC One when those phones are released, with other phones being added in the coming months. Facebook said a version for tablets will be released "within several months." How about my iPhone? Your wait might be quite a bit longer. Or, you know, forever. During the event, Zuckerberg repeatedly talked about how Google's open Android system was the perfect place to build Home. It's not unusual for mobile-device makers, most notably Amazon with its Kindle Fire tablets, to tweak the system to suit their own needs. Apple, on the other hand, has a very closed operating system, giving its developers far less leeway in exchange for what the company says is a smoother, better-developed user experience. Creating something like Home for Apple's iOS system would require an almost unprecedented partnership between the companies. "Anything that happens with Apple is going to happen with partnership," Zuckerberg said. "Google's Android is open so we don't have to work with them." Still, Facebook isn't ruling out the possibility, at least not officially. "This is a first step and we're continuing to iterate," a Facebook spokeswoman said in response to iPhone questions. "We chose to start building on Android because we could build a more deeply integrated mobile experience. We'll continue to test and iterate on the Facebook experience across all platforms. " What happened to the Facebook phone I was hearing about? Well, there's not one. While rumors to that effect have swirled for a couple of years, Facebook has always maintained it wasn't "making" a phone. That remains technically true. But at Wednesday's event, HTC unveiled the HTC First, an AT&T exclusive Android phone that will be released the same day Facebook Home goes live. The phone will have Home pre-loaded as the default version of its operating system. So it's the closest thing to a Facebook phone for now. Unveiled by CEO Peter Chou, the First will be a mid-range phone that looks vaguely like an iPhone 5, with a 4.3-inch screen and dual-core Snapdragon processor. It will sell for $99 in the United States. Folks looking for a high-end HTC phone may be more inclined to wait for the HTC One, which launches on April 19. What are folks saying? "Jokes aside, I think Home is a very smart thing for Facebook to do. At least for now. Really is a blanket over Android. Need to play with it." -- MG Siegler, columnist, TechCrunch "Wonder when Twitter and others will introduce their own "super apps" that take over lock screen, home page.... ." -- Stephen Levy, senior writer, Wired "It's nice-looking enough, for what it is. But what it is is an assumption that users want to use Facebook to filter everything they do with their smartphones ... . Putting friends first isn't a bad concept for the smartphone experience. But Facebook thinks that friends = Facebook and Facebook = friends. If this were ever true, it isn't now."
  20. haatu...u sound like a rufiyaan!! why are u judging pple? r u god!! if u dont agree with some one, just go the other way! but dont be a drama queen and vomit over all of the place! We know nobody is perfect since we are all human! But its not good to just focus on some one....if u disagree with them just, hit the road!!
  21. how come every one is wearing eye glasses........aint there caano geel available there!! they good for the eyes! wth.
  22. my neighborhood, there are about 8 xalimos all married to reverts. And expect for one, they came from other states and settled in la with their husbands. They dont mix with the somali community but i usually run into them at the supper markets or starbucks. Everytime that i see them with their husband, they introduce me to them with their reverted name....hey yo this my husband Khalid!!! lol... I like that...all of sudden, i hear the husband's friend calling him...yo mike, do u want tall or Grande!! lol.
  23. in la, the last somali couple wedding took place the nite when lady Diana was killed in the car accident in Paris!! lol.. I remember that nite i was participating in this wedding & having a good time with xaliimoos for the first time in my life. So, i have seen alot of this mix-marriage shyte 2...but one thing that i notice it about, is this! Educated xaliimos marriages last longer, while trash xaliimos dont!! Infact t-xaliimos marry, jail convicts and low lifes, which in turn, them homies really screw them xaliimos in a really bad ways. So in a way...America is all about education since, as an immigrant we land in the worst neighborhoods, our less educated sistas/brothas end up in a bad predicaments. All my marriages took place out side of la!! Its not a good idea to get married in la........why......most famous news that you hear about la, is what?? Divorces!! right. Its not a good karma.
  24. Abtigiis;887332 wrote: Sadly, it is now becoming clear that President Hassan is pushing a dangerous clan agenda in Kismayo. He is calling IGAD headquarters claiming a colonel of X clan has stopped his mission to Jubba. This is shameful. A president talking about clans to foreign countries, but at the same time talking about sovereignty. It is clear he is beholden to HAG ideology and is using Gabbal's revolution clan as a 'condom'. This is not going to work. In the coming hours, press releases will be made by Axmed Madoobe and Faroole and it looks another civil war is on the offing. Even Iley is going to be mobilized. I mean if Abdi Aynte and the kids of Abdiqasim can put clan agenda before the nations unity, let us see who will lose somalia if it ceases to exist. The only way to stop somalia from disintegrating is to urgently impeach President Hassan. Lemme re-play this song 1 more time that i am listen to currently..i.e., welcome to the jungle (link ) !! Its making more sense now after reading Abti's shyte!! LOOL. Abti...dont be a hater and take this from a pure dc!! walaahi. Coz, now you r acting like a kkk/nazi clanish bos!! for real. me, i hate this mofo to...but what i hate worst is, when one somali clan migrates from another region of somaliweeyen land, invades another region and commits a holocaust...that aint kol for sure. It stinks to hi-heaven. AND THAT'S BASICALLY WHATS HAPPENING IN KISMAYO NOW!! A CLAN FROM WESTERN SOMALIWEEYN INVADING ANOTHER REGION DUE TO GREED AND POWER BUILDING!! What i dont understand why our Social Science-grade sistas/homies, always ugu naageeyaan for whoever is paying them some change! That aint kol. Basically, yall selling your soul to the devil. If i remember correctly Abti, about six months ago, you was for somaliweeyn unity. However, now i see that you got hooked up with this murders and know u releasing nothing but hot air from both sides! ce la vie. Plz pple, stay with the big pic & never sell your soul to the devil. Its aduunyo and we here only for a limited time. Just, do +ve things that dadku aye ku xusaan...plz